Tatiana and alexander ending relationship

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tatiana and alexander ending relationship

When Dasha confronts Tatia about her and Alexander Tatiana says don't you . I was comforted with Dasha's admission that their sexual relationship ended in. Alexander completely clutches the reins of Tatiana's life. that she will be what she wants him to be— which at the end of the day boils down I was reading a story about a woman trapped in an unhealthy relationship, and a. The Bronze Horseman is a romance novel written by Paullina Simons and the first book in the The relationship between Tatiana and Alexander develops against the backdrop of the Siege of Leningrad and in the face of many difficulties .

In no way do I think of myself as a prude about sex in novels. In fact, I sometimes quite enjoy it, though some sex scenes are giggle and snort-inducing, because of the absurd descriptions. A little goes a long way with sex in novels, I think. If you played a drinking game by the number of orgasms had in this book, you would die of alcohol poisoning before you finished. Keep in mind that they have a young child, and, for much of his toddler years, they have just one bedroom.

So they have sex with their sleeping child several feet away myriad times. I get that their circumstances are difficult, but have someone take care of your kid for a couple hours or something. Her flat stomach glistens, her breasts are heaving.

tatiana and alexander ending relationship

He is looking up at her. She is golden delicious. Also about her tiny waist. These are just two examples of many. Alexander underwent a lot of torture, and would no doubt be fucked up as a result. While a husband treating a wife this way might have been deemed normal or acceptable at the time, that does not make Alexander any less of an abusive monster.

He bitches at her about her job constantly, accusing her of letting him and their son Anthony down by being away from home so much, even though Tatiana does fucking everything.

Rather than thanking his lucky stars that he married a damn goddess, Alexander accuses her of not caring enough and of having an affair with a coworker. After they have fights, about her job or about the fact that she has yet to become pregnant with a second child, even though fifteen or so years have passed from the birth of their first, Alexander seduces her into doing whatever he wants.

Tatiana tells him she does not want him to go see the strippers, and after a heated discussion, he promises to leave before the strippers and be home by 1 AM.

He stumbles in drunk and smelling like cheap perfume at 5 AM. Tatiana goes out to the hen party at some club the next night, as she threatened to do if he went to see the strippers. She tells him not to touch her right now, and he does. Then, later, things get worse. Alexander, convinced his wife is having an affair with a doctor at the hospital, because he saw the doctor make her laugh no jokeand because she works Friday nights, he starts going out with a different asshole friend.

A married woman with huge breasts hits on him, and he ends up playing with her breasts and getting a subpar blowjob in her car, then making plans to meet up for the real deal later that week.

Penetration or not, this is adultery, and Alexander is a rat bastard who deserves to die alone. When she says this, he hits her, several times in the face, leaving her bruised and bleeding. Just wait, though, it gets worse.

The this in that sentence is adultery. She lets him stay, and you know what his punishment is for cheating on his wife and then abusing her when she has the audacity to be mad at him about it? He finally gets more children she was actually going to tell him she was pregnant again the night he went to fuck that other woman and she quits her job at the hospital to raise them. I hardly have the words to type this next section.

When Alexander who is stationed several kilometers outside of Leningrad finds out that Tatiana came back, he breaks a chair with his bare hands hands that were injured by a second degree burn a month ago, mind youthen begs for a few days off to go to Leningrad.

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The scene where it describes him leaving to go find her literally reads like the prologue to a homicide. I was filled with absolute dread and loathing, as well as pity for Tatiana. As I should have been. Tatiana is able to coax him into a better mood by, you guessed it, sex.

tatiana and alexander ending relationship

However, the next morning, the yelling that ensues literally shook me to the core. I was terrified for this woman because this man was filled with such unspent rage that I really thought he was going to crush her skull. Alexander starts packing her things so that she can leave again, so that he can send her somewhere safer, which she protests, and the conversation gets heated.

Then, Alexander tells her this: He threatens to hit her. This scene is intense. This scene made me cry, this scene caused my blood to run cold, this scene made me feel such pity for a character that up to this point I remained pretty indifferent about. After Tatiana says that she would come back if he dragged her away, he throws a backpack full of supplies at her head.

Then punches the wall beside her head. At this point, it describes Tatiana as trembling, and rightfully so. This is coercion and a fear tactic for her to do what he wants. Then he yells at her some more: What will it take for you to listen to me, just once, just fucking once, what will it take for you to do as I say? This is something he did even before they were together!!

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From the VERY beginning of their relationship, he was threatening and coercing her into doing things his way, otherwise she would risk consequences like being shamed by her family, or him threatening not to return to her. But then, he grabs her by the arms and pins her to the wall. A physical act of aggression, intended to terrorize her into submitting.

Having your husband yell at you to listen to him while he pins you to a wall??? So aggressively that the wife is afraid to LOOK at him in fear of angering him further?? This is absolute, abusive garbage.

Alexander also screams at the roommate to shut up and go away, and this interaction only seems to propel his violence further. After he slams the door on the roommate, Tatiana backs away from him with her hands up—the saddest image of all, really. She tries to cover her face, but he rips her hands away and shouts at her not to do that, shaking her as he grabs her by the cheeks.

A kindergartener would be able to pick up on how inexcusable this is for a husband to do to a wife, not even mentioning that it is extremely undeserved. They were having a conversation!! All of this is because Tatiana said she wants to be in the same city as him! A city in which she is provided enough food triple what her rations were when she escaped the city a year agoshe has enough money to survive in, where she has a job, and is decreasing in air raids and Nazi terrorism.

Tatiana yells at him to stop hurting her while shoving his hands away, but he only grabs her harder. It says that she just gently lays her hands on top of his, and although his grip softens, it seems to be because she has stopped fighting him and is instead pleading with him.

But only because she broke first. And instead of apologizing for his outburst, all he does is beg her not to stay.

The Bronze Horseman: A Misogynistic Mess

And what does she do? She apologizes to HIM. There was no indication in the text that this outburst, that this scene is unhealthy or in any way a wrong thing for a husband to do to a wife. Every single piece of dialogue of theirs, at this point, is just outrageous and toxic.

Even in rough times such as living in the Soviet Union, this is so, so extreme and concerning. I sped through the last pages of this book just to be done with it. A great sacrifice, I guess, but pretty shitty and mentally scarring. The bottom line is that this book normalizes and promotes these unhealthy interactions between a husband and a wife.

Alexander faced no consequences for his actions in this book. This violence and this abuse is sold as angst and romance. And I loathed every goddamn second of it.