Tarun tejpal and kapil sibal relationship

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tarun tejpal and kapil sibal relationship

In fresh communications leak, Tarun Tejpal explains why he did it withdraw that straight away - no relationship of mine has anything at all, ever, .. Moneylife» Ram Jethmalani's stake in Tehelka is double that of Kapil Sibal. The court asked Kapil Sibal whether his application for discharge has been rejected by the high court. Sibal replied in affirmative and urged the. Ex union minister Kapil Sibal who had won twice from Chandni Chowk It is being said that both believe that their personal relation will not at all be Salman Khurshid returned to court and represented Tarun Tejpal, former.

Nov 22, Tejpal was on Thursday accused of trivialising allegations against him of the sex crime committed during the magazine's THiNK festival in Goa earlier this month even as Goa Police planned to begin an enquiry into the incident. The state police have sought CCTV footage from the five-star hotel where the assault allegedly took place, according to reports.

tarun tejpal and kapil sibal relationship

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar has already ordered a probe. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said the Indian media is on trial in this case as no legal action has been initiated against Tejpal "for what amounts to rape under the amended laws".

You own Tehelka; no, I don't. Sushma, Sibal slug it out in the Tejpal tug-of-war - India News

Is this what is happening in this case? Just because the assailant has connections in Congress party, the nation is deprived of the sage advise of P Chidambram, the caustic comments of Kapil Sibal and the exaggerated tweets of Manish Tiwari," Jaitley said. He discovered Hitler there. What a pity that he could not discover a serial rapist in Goa. Additionally, we will all wait if the outrage in the media is proportionate to the offence.

Or will journalistic pressures be brought on the young journalist to conceal the truth?

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Tejpal was behind the sting in in which then BJP President Bangaru Laxman was caught on camera accepting a bribe. We all wait to see if the young lady testifies to the truth or not," Jaitley said. Insisting that the Tejpal case is in a different league altogether, the BJP leader posed several questions. Were any pressures brought on the victim not to lodge a complaint? This is easily the worst moment of my life - something ostensibly playful gone so horribly wrong, damaging all that I hold dear in life, from people to principles.

I ask you to forgive and forget it. I will meet your mom and apologise to her too - and XXXX if you so wish. I also want you to keep working at Tehelka as you always have, reporting to Shoma as you do. Both Tehelka and Shoma have never let you down. My punishment has already been upon me, and will probably last till my last day.

tarun tejpal and kapil sibal relationship

I wanted to discuss the first story I had written about a rape survivor with you. XXXX called me to your office, I walked in and you were lying on the couch with the lights off.

Kapil Sibal denies links with Tarun Tejpal, Tehelka

I asked you if you wanted me to turn the lights on, and you refused. You continued to lie on the couch. I wish again, that you remembered the professional reason I had met you that evening, instead of the storm and the thunderclouds.

I invoked every single person and principle that was important to us — your daughter, your wife, Shoma, my fatherthe fact that you were my employer, to make you stop.

You refused to listen.

tarun tejpal and kapil sibal relationship

In fact, you went ahead and decided to molest me again on the following night. It is this — not being able to take no for an answer. What a complete absence of understanding of a parent-child relationship. What an absence of understanding of what Tehelka stands for.