Swap meet and rules

10 Rules of Swap Meet Etiquette

swap meet and rules

Yuma Swap Meet is a unique place to visit and great place to operate a business. Yuma Swap Meet has rules and regulations to make this better flea market. Seller Rules: People selling their own personal merchandise less than 3 times a year need only purchase a valid selling ticket. Any person selling more than 3. Organizing a swap meet can be as simple or as complicated as you want to Maeve Naughton's approach is simple in that she has no rules.

Rules — Spring Valley Swap Meet

Application Cards Application Cards will only be handed out when space is available between January 1 and September 30 each year. These cards are available in the Swap Meet office during regular business hours. Your request is valid for six months only. Approved vendors will be notified.

swap meet and rules

Approved vendors will be notified and an appointment will be scheduled to finalize monthly status. Vendors who wish to sell food should complete a Food Application Card. Approved vendors will be notified and the appropriate permits will be requested.

Additional Information Tarps All canopies and tarps must have pound weights on all vertical poles. Trash Boxes and cartons should be emptied and then folded before dumping.

Swap Meet Rules

You are responsible for your own trash. Space Limit There is a four-space limit per vendor per selling date. Space Size Selling spaces are 9 feet wide by 18 feet deep. Vehicle parking space included.

swap meet and rules

Subleasing Spaces may not be subleased. Subleasing — selling or giving your space to another person.

Swap Meet Rules | Coastal Swap Meet

An assignment, transfer, or sale shall be deemed to include, without limitation: A License reserves the Space indicated on its face only until 7: No vehicle may enter or leave the Swap Meet grounds after shoppers have been admitted into the grounds at 7: Seller may not sell merchandise, solicit business, or distribute flyers anywhere at the Swap Meet or on the Premises other than from within a Space.

All canopies erected in a space used by Seller must be properly constructed and anchored; specifically, each corner pole must have a cement block weight with a thumbscrew completely enabled.


Seller may not bring to, store on, or sell, trade, or transfer at, the Premises or the Swap Meet, any gasoline, petroleum, explosives, guns, ammunition, stun guns, cross-bows, mace, mace-like products, pepper spray, martial art weaponry, fireworks, drug paraphernalia or, pornographic or counterfeit merchandise, or other dangerous or obviously harmful items. No persons, except officers of the law, or licensed and on-duty security guards, may wear or possess firearms on the Premises. At the end of each day, the space must be left clean by the vendor and all trash and debris are to be taken with them or placed in approved trash containers.

Rules & Regulations

Subsequent violations may result in the revocation of all selling privileges. Music with vulgar or offensive language is strictly prohibited. The use of yelling, screaming, bullhorns, or public address P.

LIABILITY Upon purchase of a space or reservation, the vendor assumes all liability resulting from any incident evolving from, or caused by them, their employees, their merchandise or displays, their vehicle, or any other item within their control or possession.

swap meet and rules

The vendor further agrees that they must fully indemnify the Sunnyside Swap Meet from any claim resulting from any such incident. Therefore, it is required that all vendors driving onto the Swap Meet property must have valid automobile insurance as required by law and we recommend that each vendor obtain a general liability insurance policy for protection against such claims.

swap meet and rules

Vendors may face space and reservation cancellation, suspension or permanent expulsion from the Swap Meet for one or more of the following reasons: