Supernatural convention meet and greet

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supernatural convention meet and greet

The conventions are a great source to meet, take photos with and listen to and Misha Collins walking by with his meet and greet group – which he usually . and this will definitely not be my last Supernatural convention. For the Supernatural conventions, Jensen and Jared each do a 30 minute meet and greet for 20 people. All other guests do a 45 minute meet. I had come to the LA Supernatural convention, held by Creation, probably . Ten fans who paid extra bucks got a meet and greet with the.

Reserved Seats Reserve your seat in our main theater for the entire event! Gold Package Holders choose their seats while ordering packages on line, ensuring the best views in the house. This seat is yours for the whole three days, free from wandering seat-stealing monsters, no salt circle necessary!

Priority Lines You are among the first rows for all autograph signings included in this package!

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Now you'll spend less time in line, and more time enjoying the show. We call autographs included in this package row by row, so Gold definitely does have its benefits!

Priority Pre-registration Gold gives you priority registration before any other guests! Get first dibs on exclusive merchandise and any remaining autograph or photo op tickets! With Gold you keep the same great seats you enjoyed during the day.

How ‘Supernatural’ and Creation Entertainment are Destroying the Convention Competition

Special Weekend Credentials A special badge and wristband only for Gold package holders! These keepsakes will always remind you of the amazing time we hope we deliver for you!


These panels are always full of special moments, insights and laughs! Just visit the Registration area at the convention for more details. Collectible Credentials Special collectible badge and wristband only for Copper package holders! Click here to view the FAQ and learn everything you need to know to have the best experience!

This is the most economical way to attend all three days. Those are taken in order of when purchased and we announce the numbers to line up generally see scheduled. Photo ops are always in limited supply to insure the best quality images of you with the star s.

See all the guests and events during the daytime, except the special Gold Only panel. You get to participate in our preregistration times, and that is your choice, it is not a necessity.

They appear later in the day for everyone. Available tickets will be on sale at the convention. Here is the best way to attend any single day s of the convention. You get a reserved seat, yours come and go all day, in the main theatre where you will see all the stars and events of the day. Of course you also have access to the vendors room and the Friday Night Karaoke Concert. You also get to pick out your actual seat when you are ordering! This seating does not include the Saturday Night Special Rock Concert which can be purchased separately.

It also does not include autographs or photo ops of course, which if available can be purchased. Here's the most economical way to attend any single day s of the convention.

supernatural convention meet and greet

With the convention virtually sold out at this writing, NOW is the time to make your plans! They know about favorite foods and drinks, and will bring gifts of bottles of liquor so much so that the rules now make you check in your gifts at registration and not to bring them to the photo ops or autograph sessions.

For some of the actors this seems like a rare moment to shine.

I Went To A SUPERNATURAL Convention. It Was Sad.

When Traci Dinwiddie, who has appeared in four episodes of Supernatural, took the stage with a bunch of West African drummers and, without an intro, just started doing a drum circle thing, the audience ate it up. I was kind of mystified - what the fuck is this nonsense, I wondered - but everybody else seemed to have fun. I love doing Monsterpalooza, an annual convention dedicated to monsters and make-up. I regularly attend The Hollywood Show, a bizarre autograph-seekers convention that unites people from B-movies with bit players in Hollywood Golden Age films.

I like the enthusiasm at conventions; sometimes I enjoy it ironically, sometimes it gets me a little energized. I like seeing the celebrities, especially the fading or faded stars - getting a picture with Rip Taylor beats any Hollywood A-list celeb.

The fans were enthusiastic - they giggled and squealed at anything that could have been seen as mildly suggestive from Jensen and Jared, and they even emitted a kind of jealous sigh when Jared ran from the stage to give a little girl a hug. The stars were gracious beyond belief, and they treated the fans with kindness and appreciation.

But everything else was tragic, and it soon became clear that this convention was about one thing and one thing only - taking money from fans.

supernatural convention meet and greet

The convention, which is held in the basement of a Marriott next to LAX, has three areas: If you pay for the dollar Gold Pass you get an assigned seat in that ballroom. Most people were sitting in the assigned seats, so I imagine a lot of those passes were sold. Across the hall from that ballroom was the dealer room; I was excited to get in there, to see what was being sold. The dealer room ended up holding about six tables.