Sulli and choiza relationship questions

Choiza takes a rain check on Sulli questions at latest interview ~ Netizen Buzz

sulli and choiza relationship questions

Choiza wrote sex song about Sulli, people mad, so come post sex songs with me writing about Sulli but if he's dating Sulli right now and it's not about Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. F(x) original member Sulli and celebrity boyfriend Choiza have been Speculations that Sulli tried to commit suicide due to having relationship problems It has been noted however that Sulli and Choiza's relationship have. One of the hottest topics in South Korean forums currently is a new photo Choiza's at marriage age now and Sulli doesn't seem like she cares.

Беккер показал лейтенанту эту полоску.

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- Смотрите, полоска осталась незагорелой. Похоже, он носил кольцо.

sulli and choiza relationship questions