Subhadra and draupadi relationship marketing

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subhadra and draupadi relationship marketing

Abhimanyu's marriage with Balarama's daughter Sashirekha or Vatsala is a unique story. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna and Subhadra falls in love with her. . Ghatothkacha's action brings to mind his father's guises as Draupadi on the eve of .. palace with his Maya and that is the MAYA BAZAAR- The market of Illusion!. Draupadi begged of Krishna to help her out of this impending problem. he was more in love with Subhadra (Krishna's sister) than anybody else. .. the wifes he had,their love was forbidden,their love story is best in the history. . Meera Nanda: The God Market; Michael Madhusudan Dutt: Meghnadbadh. Pancha Pandavas jointly marrying Draupadi led to many speculations. maiden is worth a hundred vows and a thousand commitments in any divine market. Arjuna too as soon as he saw the princess Subhadra, the cynosure of the festival, brothers -in- law tied by spiritual as well as mundane bonds of blood relation.

Karna sighed as he walked down the steps to the platform. This caste thingy was never going to leave his life. He could well imagine the look on her face when told of his birth. He picked up the bow from the platform and ran his fingers on the string abstractedly, pondering whether to go through the humiliation or turn his back and go home.

Casting another glance at Draupadi above him, and of Surya deva beyond her, he sighed again. Might as well give it a shot. Karna looked at the brahman standing beside him and sighed for the umpteenth time that evening. All he wanted to do was go home, have a nice hot meal and have Draupadi as his wife.

Karna argued with the gods. Meanwhile, he watched Arjuna and Draupadi exchange garlands and walk away, Draupadi throwing him a half-frustrated, half-apologetic look.

He was sure to get a nice meal at Hastinapur… He caught sight of Yudhishthira and thought of Savitra. Was she all right? At least I have a right to ask that question, he thought as he strode up to the king who was heading towards the forest.

Balarama is Abhimanyu’s Father-In-Law: A Study In Folk Mahabharata by Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

Turning, he saw Karna, who had tethered his horse and was walking towards them. Since all of you are alive, I am assuming that she is too, and well. Karna sighed and closed his eyes. He knew now that these Pandavas would be the death of him. That one line was calculated to give away her feelings for Karna and she knew that he knew that very well. Draupadi looked curiously at the king. Karna seemed so protective and caring towards his friend- an emotion that caused her heart to twang a tiny bit.

She wanted someone like that, who thought her the beginning and end of his world. It seemed that she had missed out on something crucial here. Of course, Arjuna would be all that and more, still….

subhadra and draupadi relationship marketing

Karna threw a withering look at Draupadi, and a questioning one at Yudhishthira. The latter nodded slightly, smiling. Karna nodded too, then sharply turned his head at a sound behind him. A tinkle of bells. He glanced at Yudhishthira, whose smile had widened. Now Karna smiled; all eyes turned west as a shadow wafted among the trees towards the clearing.

Savitra stayed on the ground, laughing up at her annoyed friend. Her gaze wandered around and fell on a wondering Draupadi. She scrambled up in a hurry. My name is Savitra. All eyes turned to him.

subhadra and draupadi relationship marketing

Your entire family is messed up, starting with you. She waved to Yudhishthira while Karna gave Draupadi one last longing glance and a slight smile. She shivered a little but no one noticed except Yudhishthira who threw her a keen glance.

She looked into his eyes and he read her expressions correctly. An understanding gleam shone in his eyes as he looked between her, Arjuna and the vanishing Karna. But what could he do or say that would change matters? The swayamvara was over and Draupadi had agreed to marry Arjuna.

Draupadi sighed softly as she too realised that there was nothing to be done. The group made their way home, to mata Kunti. Srila Vyasa deva sighed. They had been through all this before. You get to choose whether you wish to do your other duties or not. The Pandavas will have to respect your choices.

I choose only the rituals part. Nothing further than that. This was a strange arrangement. The marriage ceremonies were over. Draupadi was officially the wife of the Pandavas. As they neared Hastinapur, Yudhi quaked inwardly. What on earth was Savitra going to say. He needed a chance to get her alone and explain things. He tried to pacify them the best he could but finally gave up. He was more upset at the way Savitra behaved: Draupadi sat in her suite and looked meditatively out of the window.

Her first year was with Yudhishthira, who had given her permission to spend it with anyone she wanted as he was going to marry Savitra. But Draupadi now had a problem. And her problem lay in the form of a tall, sun-drenched warrior whose eyes lit with fiery hate every time he looked at her.

She walked to the balcony and clenched her fingers round the balustrade. Her misty eyes cleared as her gaze shifted towards the gardens and alighted on an orange blur wafting through the greenery.

She stared for a few minutes and then rushed out of her room. Karna was pacing the tranquil gardens of the palace, his hands behind his back, his eyes stormy.

He clenched his teeth to prevent himself from yelling in frustration. She had married the Pandavas, all five of them! Not to mention her insulting his birth. He did, and he was having a hard time concealing his emotions. He turned round an ornamental structure and stopped, his gaze falling on two petite feet, alta painted in intricate designs over the toes and ankles. He looked up, surprised; his eyes filled with familiar wrath and he unchivalrously turned his back on the figure.

Draupadi sighed at his childish behaviour and stepped forward. Karna pursed his lips and slowly turned to face her. He lifted his brows in a mute question, not bothering to greet her.


Karna deliberately looked round him. This is a Blog on Mythology, both Indian and World and especially the analysis of the myths. In effect, the interpretation of the inherent Symbolism. She plucked it to have it. No sooner had she done this, Krishna came from somewhere and stopped her from eating it.

According to Krishna, the ripe fruit was supposed to be the fruit with which a sage was supposed to break his twelve-year fast. Not finding the fruit at its place, could earn the wrath of the sage, resulting in more trouble for the Pandavas and her.

Draupadi begged of Krishna to help her out of this impending problem. Krishna, then said that the fruit could be put back at its original place, only by someone who holds no secrets. Draupadi had only one option and to confess some guilt. She always had loved and respected Karna, the arch-enemy of the Pandavas. This was a shock to all the husbands, but none said anything. Having confessed, she went and put the fruit back on the branch of the tree and all was well.

Many well known authors and re-tellers of Mahabharat have explored this angle of Draupadi. All popular versions have mentioned that Draupadi did not love all five husbands equally not possible for anyone to be capable of equitable loveand that she loved and longed for Arjuna more amongst all the brothers. The hidden love of Draupadi for Karna is something that has been explored by many writers.

It is said that even Karna had regretted his behaviour during the disrobing of Draupadi in the Kuru court after she was wagered and lost in the dice-game, and the behaviour was more to avenge his insult during the swayamvar of Draupadi.