Staz and fuyumi relationship tips

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staz and fuyumi relationship tips

Blood Lad (ブラッドラッド, Buraddo Raddo) is a manga series created by Yuuki Kodama and serialized in Young Ace. The manga series has been licensed for distribution in English by Yen Press. Blood Lad follows Staz, a vampire from the surreal Demon World, who meets When they take the portal, they learn that Fuyumi needs to drink Staz's blood. Feb 12, Explore ΗѲΠΞΨ's board "Fuyumi X Staz" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about relationship advise Otaku Issues, Anime Meme, Otaku Meme, Animes To Watch, Anime The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes: Photo. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

This is partly because Staz ran away from home and partly because Braz would spend all his time on Staz. She is the jailer of Acropolis and has the power to judge and imprison demons in her own personal dungeon known as Liz's Toy Box.

She uses a collar called an Underdog Choker which restricts the wearer from using magic. He wears glasses and has a barbed tail. In order to obtain stronger parts for his body, he escaped from Franken's lab via spatial magic and began hunting and killing demons with exceptional magical properties in order to harvest their limbs.

Although they have never actually killed a vampire before, they hope that this would elevate their standing at the Acropolis.

staz and fuyumi relationship tips

Shamkid "the leader" who can transform into a cat and can foretell a person's actions after having a piece of their hair; Sam "the veteran" who sports a ponytail and an eyepatch, and wields a katana; Jasmine "the looks"who is dressed as a jiangshispeaks Chinese, and wields a claw weapon; Roy "the brain" who wears a striped shirt, handles navigation for their team airship, and whose special ability includes falling asleep to enable a " chat room " that allows the team to communicate with each other telepathically; and Rando "the brawn" a mummy who was able to capture Fuyumi inside his body.

He had lost the throne when he was killed by Wolf Daddy who crushed his heart, but ten years later, he is brought back to life by Braz using Akim's heart. Kelly has light hair and dark skin, and dresses with a tank top with a zig-zag stripe, a cheetah animal print wrap skirt and black pants.

Burgundy wears a mask, rabbit ears and tail.

staz and fuyumi relationship tips

Their mission is to scour the Demon World territories and grab the best organs to harvest. He has a mohawk hairstyle. In the other room, King Wolf and Braz continue to talk. As Braz is offered to take a swing at the golfball himself, King Wolf mentions how Braz has been doing an excellent job at keeping an eye on the Lower Demon World for him, even saying he managed to "put a kid named Akimu away after he went rampant down there".

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However, something bothers King Wolf about him. He then pulls out a picture of Pantomime, an agent that had suddenly disappeared while working for him. The twist is that the picture is of a non-stitched-together Akimu.

staz and fuyumi relationship tips

Braz seems to find it amusing that King Wolf found out his plan, and does tell him they are in fact the same person. In Franken's temporary Lab, we are shown Pantomime and Franken viewing a new body for Pantomime, and Franken remarks at just how crazy Braz is to be doing this. Braz then tells King Wolf that he has declared war on him.

Yanagi Fuyumi

King Wolf is excited; he didn't think there was a person stupid enough to defy him left. King Wolf knows that Braz does not want the throne for himself, so he questions as to who. Braz does not tell him, but we are shown he plans on it being the host of the new body for pantomime.

As he leaves, Beros escorts him to a room for questioning. However, Braz initiates a plan where he bites a scrape onto his finger, which because of his vampiric magic, instantly begins to regnerate.

staz and fuyumi relationship tips

But because of the collar he is wearing, because his magic is being used, the collar automatically starts ripping him apart. He screams and tells Beros he can't stop it because it's uncontrollable magic, and she takes the collar off of him. With this, he makes his escape, after putting Beros to sleep with a special leaf to make people unconscious for long periods of time.

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Soon after, Goyle finds Beros, and his anger with Braz quickly manifests into his first dispensation, "Angry Spear", dubbed Angra. The nature of this dispensation is to quickly find and destroy the object of Goyle's anger. In the Hydra estate, we are shown that now all 4 of the kids have come in to talk to Nyen.

Nyen does in fact know Staz already, and even about his plan to resurrect Fuyumi.

But to their surprise, she says he's not allowed to without her permission. What happens next is kind of confusing in the anime, so I'll explain it here Nyen's body in reality contains two souls: Originally, they were two sepearate people.

One lives in the demon world, while the other in the human. Unlike the common belief that if you meet this person, you will die, you instead fuse into one body.

staz and fuyumi relationship tips

In addition to this, the new body contains memories of both people. This process was explained to the four children, who had no clue about this. Because of this circumstance, Bell, Knell, and Fuyumi, are technically all siblings together. Additionally, becuase of her relationship to Fuyumi, Staz feels the same way towards Nyen as he did when he wished to suck Fuyumi's blood when she was alive. In the mean time, Goyle ends up catching up with Braz.


After a small mishap, Braz gets away, and calls for Liz' assistance. He then dresses in a fairly comedical disguise, and attempts to hide from Goyle until Liz arrives. This does not work in the end, since Angra is able to sense where Braz is. Braz is soon driven into a dead end, but ends up relieving a bit of Goyle's anger as he tries to tell Goyle that he has done nothing to Beros, and that the blood he saw was his own. As his anger begins to waiver, so does his magic.