Sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter 3: Sportacus Reveals His Feelings, a lazytown fanfic | FanFiction

sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

I've been reading old thread about Lazytown because my dd's are obsessed atm. Talking of relationships that make you feel uneasy (or not) - Stephanie and . how Spotacus seems slightly more concerned when Stephanie is in trouble as. "I'm leaving LazyTown for a few days but I haven't made up my mind whether or not I'm coming back. Either way Stephanie and Amanda will. create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships .

Stingy was surprised at her reaction and didn't know what to do. I'm sorry we fought this morning.

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Promise we won't do it again? Second, where did all of your stuff go? You are going to have to help me with that. They needed them more than I did. All I need to be happy is you. Then her boyfriend pulled her close and kissed her. Stephanie, Amanda, Sportacus, and Joshua were sitting outside waiting for Robbie. The ex-villain had promised to be there shortly but that was about thirty minutes ago. Finally, Stephanie suggested that her husband grab the grill and they would get dinner started.

Sportacus ran to his airship and climbed the ladder. He rarely used the great dirigible anymore except for storage. It's kind of too bad really.

sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

I miss zooming around in it. Maybe once Joshua is older I'll use it again, the above-average hero thought to himself.

sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

I don't want our relationship to get the way of your dreams. Besides you're only eighteen.

Relationship Problems Chapter 6, a lazytown fanfic | FanFiction

I don't have to go to a big school to get a good education. I can go to LazyTown Community College. I just want to be by your side forever. Is that so wrong? Can't college take a back seat to our happiness? Sportacus had no answer for her and she ran away from him and the graduation party. She ran and ran until she was completely out of breath.

Usually she would've hidden in the tree house but it wasn't rebuild after its destruction.

sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

Instead she curled up on the nearest park bench and cried. Back at the party, Amanda saw her new friend run away from Sportacus. She decided to discreetly slip away and find out where Stephanie went. It would be up to Sportacus to explain Stephanie's absence. Amanda walked toward the Mayor's house, figuring that maybe Stephanie just went to get something. It was then she saw her friend balled up on a park bench. Quickly, Amanda went to Stephanie's side and tried to comfort her friend.

Stephanie mumbled something through her sobs. Sportacus moved closer to Stephanie and put his arm around her. Sportagirl is watching from a distance and she just smiled. Sportacus backflipped over them. Sportacus sighed than took the basketball and threw into the hoop.

Sportacus started doing some cool sport moves with the basketball. Stephanie watched him in wonder. Wait hold on here I can't be thinking because he's way too old for me. Sportacus looked over at Stephanie and smiled at her. Stephanie felt her checks go flushed with heat. Sportacus laughed a little. Stephanie smiled back at Sportacus.

sportacus and stephanie relationship problems

Sportacus pulled Stephanie up into his lap and wrapped his arms around to keep her warm. Sportagirl walked over them. Sportacus smiled at his twin sister. Sportagirl sat down next to them. Sportagirl smiled and nodded her head. A few minutes Sportagirl looked at Stephanie to she had fallen asleep with arms wrapped around Sportacus. Sportacus looked down and seen Stephanie sleepily soundly in his arms.

Sportacus got to his feet without waking Stephanie and carried her back her uncle's house. The house is silent when Sportacus kicked the door open with his foot.