Smallville wonder woman and batman relationship

Wonder Woman Joins Smallville Season 11 - IGN

smallville wonder woman and batman relationship

IGN: Batman's appearance in the Smallville Universe is obviously long-awaited Batman and Nightwing's run-in digs up a connection to his parents' mean there could be plans to introduce Wonder Woman down the line?. He was definitely there: Smallville 10x15 Chloe & Clark Ending It's just that he only Batman, but Nightwing(Barbara Gordon in this version), Wonder Woman, the role and relationship of Bruce Wayne/Batman for the purposes of the show. Wonder Women, Batman Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman Comic, Superman Drawing .. Superman Man of Steel Lois Lane Romance Jim Lee DC Comics.

Did it require any rewriting other than dialogue?

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Do you feel any pressure — more than normal, I guess — to deliver the goods? Is he already operating as Batman when Clark meets him or will we see him take up the mantle after the fact? You will most certainly meet a Batman who is knee-deep in his career within the first 10 pages of the arc. In Season 10, we saw Clark finally begin to use the knowledge he gained over the course of the entire series to help deal with certain situations. So Bruce is going to carry around as much with him as possible.

In terms of Nightwing, what role will she play in the story as a whole? Is she mostly a supporting character for Batman or will we get to see her interact with the established characters at length? Does the introduction of Batman indicate that one of his rogues might make their way to Metropolis? Are there any plans to explore that relationship, be it hero-to-hero or billionaire-to-billionaire? Bruce in no way takes Ollie seriously. Are you angling to make Batman a more permanent fixture in the Smallville Universe in the way that Green Arrow has become one?

smallville wonder woman and batman relationship

Lots of things to do! With the Smallville comics having more freedom to introduce the other major players of the DCU, does this mean there could be plans to introduce Wonder Woman down the line? Make the trinity complete? Last time we talkedyou were still adjusting to the digital format of this book. He told Clark his name is Bart and receive his powers from an accident involving a huge flash of light. Bart and Clark bonded quickly, Bart is excited to find somebody else with superpowers and Clark is happy to find somebody with powers, who was not first infected with meteor rock.

Upon meeting Chloe he develops a crush and does a lot of unsuccessful flirting. Despite these friendships, Bart is still stealing for a man named Hanison. When he steals an ancient Russian manuscript from Lex Luther it almost gets Bart killed.

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After his rescue, he and the rest of the Green Arrows team continue the mission to stop Lex from building an army of super soldiers. Impulse was vital in the search for Clark when he went missing, instrumental in helping Chloe bring Oliver back from the brink to become the Green Arrow once again, and was a key player in the battle against Doomsday.

He has also been present for many of the tragedies the league has faced. Legion Of Superheroes Episode The Legion of Superheroes quickly succeed and send the Persuader back to the future.

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With the device destroyed the Legion believes the only way to stop Brainiac is to kill the host, thus killing Chloe.

Clark will not stand for the taking of a life and unable to convince them otherwise goes off to handle the situation alone.

Wonder Woman Joins Smallville Season 11

Using their powers the Legion are able to subdue Brainiac but before they can kill Chloe, Clark arrives and intervenes. In the end they see the hero that in their time not only inspired earth but the entire galaxy. Before returning to the 31st century they leave Clark a Legion Ring so he can travel to the future if the need should ever arise. They slightly modify it, by disabling the flying function.

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Doomsday Rokk Krinn is an alien from another planet who has the ability to control metal objects through magnetic manipulation.

He is the leader of the Legion team that goes back in time to save Clark and help destroy Brainiac. Rokk is very serious in his leadership and is willing to make the hard decisions to succeed but after working with Clark he develops a moral code more in line with his idol, Superman. He returns one more time alone to warn Clark that because they saved Chloe, in the new timeline Clark Kent dies when he fights Doomsday.

He offers to transport Doomsday to the future so the Legion can fight him. Clark refuses stating it is his responsibility and he will face it even if that means his death.

smallville wonder woman and batman relationship

Calum Worthy Episode Legion Garth Ranzz is an alien from the planet Winath. He has the power to control electricity and is a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Alexz Johnson Episode Legion An alien from another planet, who has the power of telepathy, she appears to be the most compassionate of the Legion and is able to help other understand what is motivating people to act a certain way.