Skipper and marlene relationship test

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skipper and marlene relationship test

Madagascar-plush-talking-king-julien-and-skipper-bnwt of nature, so played along with a new "test": be nice to someone he never had before (Mort). . meeting once Marlene disappeared (Kowalski's examination of whether or not Julien . The relationship is sometimes known as "Skulien" and " Jipper". Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Skipper, Marlene - Chapters: 12 - Words: 28, . "I wasn't just a test subject for you? . Now instead of friends hiding a secret from one another, they were in a relationship. I need to test it on you. In Marlene's habitat she was writing in her diary. It read: This relationship with Skipper and I are going great!.

But it is finally revealed in the episode 'Needle Point', that Skipper is Trypanophobic scared of needles ; although he shamefully admitted this, he did express gratefullness in the end when his friends and teammates told him that they still didn't think any less of him.

Thoughfulness and Sensitivity Edit Despite his hardened, outer exterior; Skipper still cares deeply for his friends and teammates, even though he doesn't show it much throuought the series. One demonstration would be in the episode 'When the Chips are Down', when Private and Mort suddenly go missing, causing the penguins and the lemurs to be thrown into a chaotic 'Search and Rescue'. In the end, when they finally find them, Skipper is first to react: Reprimanding him all the while through a fit of 'not-yet-spilt-tears'; warning him to never scare him like that ever again, to which Private responds with just as much joy as he returns the hug.

Another example would be in the episode 'S. K ; that was close to the point of detonation, and the only way to be free from it was to release 'sodium chloride' salt onto its locking mechanism. In other words; they had to cry onto the lock.

Because of his normally 'stone-like' attitude, Skipper instead urged Julien to cry, to which the lemur tried to no avail, stating that "he couldn't just fake it. Out of desperation, Skipper quickly advised Julien to think of times with dear friends, suggesting memories that included both him and himself as a way to get him to cry. In the end, after a short reminiscence, Skipper finally realizes how much time that he had wasted with Julien, in result shedding a single tear, deactivating the locking mechanism and releasing both him and Julien from the S.

Mannerisms Edit Skipper is portrayed as a 50's style male chauvinist, believing women are weak and need protecting, demonstrating this in the episode 'Haunted Habitat'. He is also rather Xenophobic in a sense, with the opinion that any species other than avian especially mammals is inferior.

It has also been revealed and demonstrated in the episode 'Truth Ache', that he has a fragile ego when Private possessed by the Truth Serum answers Kowalski's question about Skipper's Monk Fish Surprise, stating that it "tasted like elephant sweat, but no one admits this to spare Skipper's fragile ego. Instead, he thinks of her as smart and quick-witted in way, which is revealed in the episodes 'Haunted Habitat' and 'Otter Things Have Happened'.

Hearing you are in any pain harms my heart as badly as it can being. I would doing anything just to seeing your smile once more. Don't you trusting me? I hope now I'm not making him think that I don't, because I really do.

If I told him the truth about why I'm keeping us in hiding, I feel that he would call me unwilling to be honest with everyone and be public about who I love. I'd absolutely love to be open and tell everyone about my experiences with him, but just the thought of getting separated by the penguins and put through another test from that 'Love-U-Later' device just sounds idiotically disturbing. I honestly have no intention in staying with Fred.

Although that was a long time ago, I still have that idea in mind. There are obviously plenty of other methods that they would try endlessly to change my love on Julien. They'd call me confused, or, desperate. Julien is the best thing that I have in my life now, and I'd rather pick him that my entire life.

At least responding with something. Does it hurting to talk? Do you not wanting to talk to me? Just tell me one thing dat' you would wanting and I shall doesing' it. Kissing is something that happens every day, really. We're a nightly couple. Whilst being secretive, we also keep it so in the way that we only meet in the night. If we meet during the day, I try the best that I can to not show I love Julien.

As much as I'd love to, I'm always around the penguins when we come in contact with one-another, so I have to hide it. But Julien still gives me the looks during the day, which is quite difficult to hide the love for getting. If I weren't so afraid to tell the world, I know I'd run over and kiss him each time he looks at me. It proves to me that he does love me, but the only problem is that it makes me think that I don't love him as much as he loves me.

I've missed you from all of today. I've had a lot on your mind, you're right. I don't want to ruin our night together with it. I-" "Ruining my night? Marlene, you are da' only thing making my night perfect. But I does not want to talk about things on your mind at da' moment.

I wanting to taking you out to enjoying da' night, Marlene. We can talking as we walking. Outside of the zoo, I used to go feral and attack quite everything. It reminds me to who I showed it upon, too. It brings out my inner emotions. Rage from things from so long ago, strong love that wants to be expressed very strongly, or even extreme sadness that would result in depressive actions that would be inflicting self harm.

I figured it as 'The Wild,' and it being completely free, where I wouldn't have to follow the rules any more, and go by 'Jungle law. Stories about how Madagascar would be the place where I could roam free to do as I please. Here in New York, though, there are those buildings surrounding the park. People who walk in the park. I could get caught and put to sleep, or, hurt by someone. Run over by a car, or, something as such.

It really not as wild as I thought it be, basically. So I can't just do as I please out there. I have to be just as careful as in the zoo. I hoping you are to be knowing that. I was just thinking about going out. About how I'm very thankful that you taught me how to go out without going insane.

There's really no way I can repay you for it. Out of da' zoo was not some crazy woman. It was being a beautiful girl who was to be letting out her inner thoughts. I knowing dat' you are a thinker, Marlene. I just do not wanting you to thinking too much. Just relaxing and being happy. I am here with you as well.

skipper and marlene relationship test

I will always being here. Dere' is nothing that can making me leave, Marlene, and dat' is because I am being too connected to you.

But dat' is being something I wanting. Every second dat' I can with you. It's definitely hard to tell him we have to do this secret style. I attempt at trying to think about it, but I feel my body getting pulled up and Julien's face coming straight in front of mine to a smile.

I am being here so we can be together, instead of you being alone and hiding in your head. We are to having a date, yes? Now let us going. You needing some air, my love. It will calming you down and making you relax. I will being happy for you as well. I'll try to be happy and stop thinking so much. At least while I'm with you.

Honestly, he doesn't try very hard at trying to get something he wants, at least timely. But, he does use his speech to make someone agree to him. Somehow he bends his sentence to make me want to listen to anything he says. Usually he doesn't tell me what to do. But, lately, he's been having to ask me to do a few things that he wants so I can relax.

It's just that the farther we progress in our relationship and the more we fall in love, the more likely someone will find out and separate us. Sometimes, during the day, when I'm by myself, I think quietly about him and I.

skipper and marlene relationship test

Was it a mistake? I hate to think that, but I realize, too, that the larger my love for him augments, the more likely I'll have my heart break if I were to lose him. He tells me to enjoy the time we get, and he doesn't question why I ask we keep it this way. Awkwardly enough, during the day, he's been a lot quieter, too. At least for the last week or two. He's been moving his parties to during the day when the humans come by so that he can make plenty of time for me during the night. But those parties he moved to earlier in the day have begun to cease, for some unusual reason, of which I haven't come together with yet.

I haven't bothered attempting to go near Julien during the day, though, because I don't want to get caught and questioned. I love him and enjoy being in his embrace, but there are times that I don't want to be near him at all, because that moment that someone notices us in love, I know my heart will be crushed the second after.

The thought races through my head every day, and once I fall asleep after the dates with Julien, I can get nightmares about it. About Julien and I being separated for quite some time. Especially the one last night. I have absolutely no idea where I am, and I just don't feel safe. One minute I was with Julien and we were on a date, and the next I wake up and I'm in this cage.

What the hell is going on? Why am I like this? Where is my king? The air is cold, the ground around me is wet, and it's almost completely dark, with the only light as a bright white circle on my position in the cage.

Am I going to get killed? Why am I the one getting kidnapped? Or, am I in a hostage situation? I try and shake the cage so I can break free, but it doesn't budge. The cage itself must be glued, or, latched to the ground, because there's no evidence of shaking or movement in any form. I'm actually trapped here, and there's absolutely no way I can get out. I don't know what's going on, or, why I am the one here, but I know that if it were me in here, there would definitely be a reason.

Julien will save you. Just get a grip, girl. It shakes around in my head and it feels like I'm getting possessed by that sentence alone. I bring my paw to my face and as I feel liquid I bring it back into view. I look at my paw and see marks of tears, drool, blood, and. I don't want to even think about how that got there.

What the hell happened to me? Why am I here? I know I'm not a whore, so why is this here on my face? What the hell happened? I've got a boyfriend! I hear a disturbing laugh around me and it rests in the dark where I cannot see the whereabouts of where it came from; Even if it sounded like multiple voices. Along with that laugh, my voice changes to a fearful one and the tears begin to drag against my cheeks. Wuh-why are you doing this to me? W-what did I do to deserve this?

Like I already know, but it's like I'm lying to myself. Like I'm trying to prove I deserve punishment for something I've done. My voice shows fear, sadness, and anger in an awkward combination now. I don't know what I did, let me go! I don't deserve this harm! I can't go through California again. Please dear God, don't do this to me. Skipper didn't like it and attempted to separate you both. But you just had to kill him. Went pretty insane as well.

You're so much different than that pathetic bitch you were at home. Que exige una pena, perra. You went too far, and you will respect me as your master, because you're nothing more than a slave who is in need of a beating. Just look at yourself, too. I'm going to have fun with you. Just like I planned at home. Except now you can't escape.

I know who he is, but I just can't give him a name. I don't want to. This can't be real, no. I couldn't have killed anyone; Especially not Julien! The one that I love! Are you being okay? We are being out of da' zoo. No one can hear us. I hate to seeing you crying. You are thinking too much and it is very unhealthy, and I just wanting you to being okay. Your king is here and he loves you and will never dying. No matter what he will doing what he can to making you happy, because he loves you.

I don't know why they keep haunting me, but it was the worst one I could have. I don't want to talk about it. I am starting to questioning if you do not trusting me with your thoughts.

You trust me with your love, but do you trusting me with your feelings? I am being your lover, da' person dat' is to be coming to seeing you every day. I want to knowing if you trust me, Marlene. I love you no matter what, but I can not letting dis' going on any longer. You needing to decide. Either stop thinking and enjoying your time with me, or telling your king everything in your mind.

It is getting tiring and it is to be worrying your king during the day. He does not wanting you hurt. I wanting you to making up your mind. I only getting like dis' because I love you and wanting you safe.

To enjoying our love instead of fearing or thinking too much. I understanding it was a nightmare, but you have to trusting me at some time. It is getting too scary for me, and I do not wanting your sadness or fear to going too far. It is good to releasing your thoughts, Marlene. I wanting to making tonight very special for you, Marlene.

I'll enjoy our date like you ask. But I just need a little to come up with exactly how I'm going to do it. I don't want you to be mad at me. You are being too perfect to being mad at. I was only being worried, because you have been. I know dat' I have too. Here and dere' you have to lie about some things but when it is coming to da' seriousness like our love, I will never lie.

He does care for me quite a lot. The only time he gets a little bone-chilling with me, which is very rare, is when he cares the most. He doesn't yell at me at all, either. He just speaks with a good tone to prove he is serious and wants what he wants. He isn't being selfish. He's caring about my safety and happiness. Trying to make my head stop crowding these strange emotions; even if he doesn't know of them exactly. He truly loves me and only wants me to be in love, and not feel any pain or distractions that could come to our love.

Though, my problems aren't being with Julien, they're the things around us. I'll tell him that soon. I won't lie to him, since I've kept this up for long enough, and even I know it. Though, I'm still very very scared about what he'll say. What will happen after if I say it out loud. I got myself into it already, though, so I can't pull out. At least from him. As my lover, I have to tell him everything. But please, calming down with it a lot.

It is not healthy, and you needing to have a free and happy mind to be thinking in da' happy ways, okay? Thank you for being the person I can always count on and love. I'll certainly enjoy our date, and when It comes to the point where I have to tell you what's been on my mind, I'll be okay. I promise that I will tell you too. With all of my heart. I know that he really wants me happy and I will do so for him because we need to be together right now.

Not letting anything bother us and just be happy that we have each other; even if we are hiding. I know it'll be complete hell for me when I do have to tell him, but hopefully that won't be soon. But it is my fear, and I don't think Julien would be the one to make fun of me. The last one to do that, actually. He doesn't think that anyone is stupid, either.

skipper and marlene relationship test

He says that they're silly, because, hey, they are. It's a much more appropriate word to use and it doesn't seem hateful in any way. It's very possible that he knows exactly what he's doing as well. I loving you very much my beautiful woman. Just giving your king da' allowance, and den' he will be speaking a name dat' da' Sky Spirits have invented to amazing da' world.

From you, it feels so right to hear. I thought it was always casual before, but-" "Nonsense! Coming on, Marlene-" Just hearing him say my name makes me blush and giggle out of excitement. Generally, his voice possesses me, but when it gets to the point of him saying my name, I become completely smitten to him. When I hear it at a time like now when we're completely in love with each other not dealing with the world around us, it makes my heart soar through the sky and invisible tears drip down my eyes.

At times it also puts me into self-thought about how much I love it, and not paying any attention to anything around me but him. Coming out into the park makes it so much better for me that I could just- I feel Julien shake me slightly as we walk.

Dere' are people watching and dose' who could hurting you. I will not let dem' hurt you, but if you go wild, den' I could lose you and you could getting hurt without me there for you.

It is not very safe as you thinking my love. Just relax and looking at me. You needing to calming down. Being in love with him is such a fantastic feeling and feeling our lips touch is a bonus. I'm not even joking when I say I love him. Many would probably assume I am, and probably find it an awkward joke coming from my mouth if I were to say it.

But, it's not a joke.

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It's completely real and I'm in love with my Julien. I know he's being loyal, and even though I'm a crazy bitch in my head, he still loves me and won't ever go. That can be a great thing, and a bad thing, too. Great, because I know I've found 'the one. Seriously, I'm getting extremely worried that soon Julien will want to either break up with me, or go public, and I'm not sure if that's too smart of an option. He pulls back and looks at me with his charming smile.

Every night is usually the same each time we go out. We always leave the zoo, and most always, we take a long stroll around the park. Once we risked going farther out into the city, but I almost got ran over, and Julien swore to me that he'd never put me in such a dangerous position again. But God, was that night fun. I felt almost as free willed as a human. Not that I went feral or anything, but instead, I just felt like I could do what I wanted under normal control, and not be held down by restrictions.

Even though I love preforming for the humans and feel they keep us all under control, sometimes I just branch out and imagine a world that there are no humans. Where, instead, we are the humans. We all walk like them, talk like them, eat, sleep, drink, make decisions, do good, bad, normal, make differences, fall in love. Except dogs, since, well, they for some reason don't speak like we do, and only find each of us an enemy or something to chew on.

Really not the most dangerous creatures out there, but they are what make up the zoo animal replacements. Or, what is a daydream? I'd been thinking about that type of lifestyle, and Julien wanted me and we were together and did what pretty much a human family looks like. In this world, we were still us, but we were able to be together, and by that I mean have some offspring. It didn't last long enough for me to know what the kid would look like, but I was told that I in fact was pregnant with Julien's child, and I was going to be a mommy.

Though, the real fantasy of the dream was when Julien and I were alone, in bed, and making love. Although I couldn't feel it, I knew I was having fun and was getting a lot of love. I watch Julien's paw lift up and point over to something by a tree, and I look. Maybe we can being together longer and making tonight being tasty with da' snacks? And, won't we get caught or in trouble?

skipper and marlene relationship test

It's funny because it's not the first time we've seen a picnic out at midnight. Except, this is the first time that it's actually been empty, and, surprisingly, there aren't any signs of humans nearby.

Why in the world would there not be any humans here? Did they purposely leave the food out for us to eat? Or, is there even any in there? I'm just happy to be with my boyfriend. We sit down on the blanket which is next to a fairly large tree and Julien quickly goes for the basket after helping me sit down.

skipper and marlene relationship test

I watch him in curiosity. I appreciate getting something rather than nothing, but I do agree that it could be a lot better. I mean, compared to the penguins. I don't want to think about them right now. That's what makes me more interested to go to Madagascar. To taste a mango, and see just what is there. He gazes in and smiles wide. And dere' is being some of da' tasty juice in here, too! Most of it is gone, and there's only really enough drink in there to probably make you slightly drunk, at the very least.

I gently pull the basket to me and see a lot of trash from things already eaten, so I was right when assuming the good stuff was already gone. I had not known. I had seen den' some times in Madagascar from dose' humans holding it as da' snack, but I am not being able to read, so.

English isn't his first language, but he is great at it in speaking, for someone who I would say is new to the language. But, as I am the same, I can't read, either, so I don't make a big deal out of it.

Not like I should, anyways. I'm not actually sure what they are. But they seem kind of nasty so I don't really think you should try 'em. Or, maybe the humans from before ate some and spit 'em out. But really, this basket is disgusting. I mean, the trash can is right over there, they could have gotten up and thrown it away. Humans will be humans. I meaning, I am being aloud to eating mangoes and bananas and oranges and plenty of da' other fruits, and all you getting is fish.

I do not wanting to being greedy. Especially not to the one I love most. I look at it with a little disgust because it seems like it's been sitting there for some time, and I feel as though there may be worms or bugs in it. And humans think we like that in our food. Are you not hungry? If only I could making it better for us. I wanting dis' date to being nice and lovely for us.

But I know I'm having a good time. You are being perfect, because no one is being as gorgeous, spectacular, or even interesting as you. Certainly not myself, either. I blush a bit and grab the pretzel bag, which luckily doesn't seem bad, as it's been sealed from anything getting into it. He takes it from my paw lightly and gently pushes me to lay down, and opens it.

Just relaxing and letting your king feed you. I am being your servant, wanting you to enjoying some meal. I sometimes get this weird idea that I'll get really fat and not look good for him any more, and he'd leave me. Of course, I know that that isn't true, and we've talked about that already and he told me I could be the ugliest person in the world and he would still love me.

Honestly, I find that a little untrue because what he saw in me in the beginning was my looks, but that sort of is how most relationships work. Even if you love someone's personality, you really do fall for them for looks.

It's a natural thing. Then again, maybe not, since we're two completely different species fallen in love, but God, the Sky Spirits, or something up there must have made it so that we want to be together.

Or, I'm just desperate for love. Though, I really don't think it's that option because I know for a fact I do love Julien. And it's not some sort of fairy tale thing or anything like that, it's just regularly normal, and I fell in love like you're supposed to. Slowly, and happily, instead of just jumping into the relationship. Of course, I hadn't really realized I'd love him until the time I went crazy, but that's not the point. He gently pets my belly as he feeds me and I blush and proceed to eat more.

Sometimes I don't get to think to myself when I'm with Julien, and most of the time, I prefer that, because my head feels much clearer and like I don't have to deal with so many problems flowing around inside. But, sometimes I like to think to myself, too, because it isn't too good to just be blank and only react to something. Instead, it's probably better if I instead do something with my mind. What was I talking about? I look to the side and watch Julien hold the bottle of liquor in his paw and I'm not too sure about the thought.

I remember watching some movies or hearing some stories about a bottle being able to be broken, and then cut someone's throat. I mean, it's wrong that I would ever assume Julien would do that. But, my worries about things get to me, and how do I know he isn't involved with the penguins? Wait, what am I talking about? Why would I ever assume that? That doesn't even make any sense!

I wishing I could giving you something like grapes. Dese' pretzels are being very salty, from what I am knowing. I'm kind of thirsty, now that I think about it. Not really sure why. Julien nods and opens up the bottle and I look down it and see that there really isn't much left. Maybe a sip or two, at the most. I would really enjoying to being with you for da' very long time.

I am sorry dat' dis' food is not being grand, and I wishing I could making it better so we both could dining on a nice dinner. I hadn't meant that I want the date to end. But maybe just go home, and see if I have anything there? He is a manly man, but disappointing me really isn't something he wants to do, in fact, is so harmful to him that it makes him really really sad.

I kiss his cheek and he smiles a little. Let us going before we getting caught. Nothing here is being important anyways, except you. Dis' is a failure of a royal meal, but I knowing I will learning better of it. I promising tonight will still being meaningful to you and me. But, hey, why not just make it last before it's all gone?

I lift it up and gesture to the little bit at the bottom.


I wanting to being able to tasting a little with you and knowing what it tasting like, since it has been very very long since I have had some. I blush deeply and let him do this as I slowly lean back and he kisses me more and grabs the drink from my paw and pours it onto our tongues so we kiss each other as we have the taste of it. It tastes salty and weird, but like I could continue to drink more, but before I know it it's already empty.

Julien continues to gaze me in the eyes and play with my tongue as I unconsciously spread my legs a little and feel that urge in my body for him building. But we've never done it before, and I don't know if he'd be okay with it. Before it's too late, I quickly pull away and hug him, trying hard to not let my body want him and force it, and instincts wanting me to go feral again. Julien notices and he quickly nods and lifts me into his arms, dropping the drink to drop onto the grass and lightly crack.

He nuzzles me and smiles as he starts to carry me home. I felt it getting really. I don't know, like I was going to go wild. It's been happening extremely often lately.

I don't know if it's just the hunger for sexual pleasure, or the need for him to make love to me and make me his mate. I'm sick and tired of all of this hiding, and I honestly need this to stop. Not my relationship, hell no. I'm talking about this hiding. I want it to end so badly but I'm just so scared to be taken away from Julien. I don't want to ever leave him. I don't know what I'd do without him.

I mean, I know I somehow survive in the day, but that's because I know he'll be at my rescue each night, and be with me forever. Of course, not exactly forever because each day we have to be so apart and hiding from each other, but I mean that I know he loves me, and I know I love him. He really is everything in a man I'd ever want. I really don't feel like any girl is as lucky as I am.

I promising, we are going to your home and we will being together until just before da' sunrise. And we will having tomorrow, and every night after. It will not changing anything, but it has. Was it out of love for him? Or fear about getting caught? I'm only so afraid of getting caught because we'll get separated! Wait, I think I've already told myself this a thousand times. But, how have I not been caught yet? Or, have I already been caught and the penguins are gaming with me?

Did I already think this earlier tonight? But, I do know that Julien said "When we are home. Or, is he saying our house? I'm confused, because it really does sound like he intended it like that, but I don't know if he forgot the "your" or if he means he wants to live with me. Why am I freaking out so much about it? It's supposed to be a good thing! I mean, of course, there's a riskier chance that him and I would get caught, so it's not the best thing.

He wipes my tears that still fall. No one is being around so dey' must be of sleeping. I do not wanting anyone awake, because I wanting to being in private when we are to be talking. I'm really nervous about what he wants to talk about. Is he going to break up with me? I really really hope not. But, maybe I've been so secretive about my thoughts and feeling and he's had enough and maybe he doesn't love me anymore.

C'mon Marlene, stop acting like this. You just need to calm down, and not assume the worst like you usually do. Now maybe I'm getting a little too down now, but I shouldn't.