Shunsui and nanao relationship questions

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shunsui and nanao relationship questions

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It was embarrassing to be exposed this way in front of this woman, to show such base motivations in this room. The tea set was exquisitely fine, thin and painted with tasteful and exquisite flowers.

It likely cost more than a year of Nanao's salary as a Vice Captain.

shunsui and nanao relationship questions

It's never been my intention to deceive your son for his money. I was as clear and honest with him about my family's needs as I could be. I can't pretend that there is no financial motivation underlying these meetings, but it's not the only reason they are moving forward. Please tell me about those reasons," Midori said, quietly compelling. I'd assumed that the two of you had a personal relationship in advance of the match making.

Given the drastic difference in the social standings of our families, the matchmaker naturally excluded Shunsui as a possibility. Nanao raised her teacup to her lips, stalling, looking for the best wording. He just imposed what he wanted on you and your family? He requested consideration, which I have given him. I have always found him to be a man of good character and now an excellent choice as a potential husband. He is willful, of course. As the leader of the Eighth Division, he needs to be a willful man.

Leading hundreds of soldiers requires a strong guiding force. This was an unfortunate turn for the meeting to take, but she couldn't allow Shunsui to be disparaged for things he hadn't done, not even by his mother. There was silence for a moment, the air tense, before Midori smiled suddenly. Please tell me more about your reasons for considering marriage to my son. I have a list. Do you have this list with you? I don't know how much the list would mean to anyone else.

The reasons are mostly very personal. Nanao hesitated, looking for the right words. He has a generous heart. He's generous in a lot of ways, actually. I know you were concerned by the money that my family needs, but your son has known about it from the beginning, and he's promised me that he'll never use money as leverage over me.

He wants me to be an equal in our relationship. That's very important to me. And I was very surprised that you would be so honest about the financial situation of your family, but I'm glad. I knew already, of course. It was only prudent to obtain some information in advance of this meeting. After all, my son said that you are very important to him," Midori said. She sipped her tea. Midori leaned forward slightly, as if she was about to share a secret.

Nanao's father

But what are his flaws? Nanao drank her tea, seeking a little time. Was this the way these meetings normally went? Nanao didn't think so. Still, she should continue to be honest, that was what Shunsui had recommended and it seemed to be working up to this point. He spends too much time drinking and goofing around.

shunsui and nanao relationship questions

He's chronically late and unconcerned with schedules. But he makes rounds every day at the division to visit with our troops. He knows everyone, and he cares about them, although he doesn't care about papers. He cheers up his subordinates and goes to great lengths for his friends, and he's always reliable if you really need him.

He doesn't care about schedules, but when you're with him, he's never watching the time. He always gives his full attention to you when you talk to him seriously. He's incorrigible in some ways, but—I'd never want him to change. I care about schedules and organization and work, because he needs me to care about them.

Someone has to take care of the things that he doesn't, even if the things that he does take care of are important, too. Actually, I think he's very lucky to have you, Nanao-san. I have genuinely despaired of Shunsui finding a worthy companion to share a future with at times. Her smile resembled Shunsui's more than Nanao had noticed before. I enjoy my work, and I can't imagine leaving the Eighth Division.

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I hope you'll forgive the intrusive question, but this is a matter of some importance for me. I would need to make plans, schedules, lists. I hadn't considered marriage at all until very recently. It's just that I've waited a very, very long time for grandchildren. Given Shunsui's age, Midori had been kept waiting for a very long time. But she'd have to wait a while longer.

I would have children with him, if we both agreed that was what we wanted and it was an appropriate time in our lives for that. But I think that is something we wouldn't do for several years, at least. And I would want to continue to work afterward. He never outgrew that. For a long time I blamed the influence of Captain Yamamoto for the way Shunsui was and for his refusal to become a martial artist, but the truth is, he's always been following his own path, despite the forces pushing him in other directions.

I accepted that eventually, begrudgingly. His willfulness is an inherited trait, you know. If she had a boy with Shunsui, would he be like that?

shunsui and nanao relationship questions

She felt unsteady suddenly and pressed a hand to her stomach to steady herself. There were really a lot of things she'd never thought about before that related to a marriage.

Each experience is unique, and must be focused on, as all things are transient. Shunsui has always grasped the idea of living each experience fully, in the dojo and outside of it. There's a scroll like that one in all of the training rooms at the Eighth. I had training at the Academy, but Shunsui focused personally on my combat skills when I became his Vice Captain.

My son professed no great interest in our family's work, but I do want to know what he may have learned from us and found worth teaching to others. Would you indulge me in a sparring match, please? She was a woman who wore her age the way that Kasumi did, with grace and charm and without denial. She was beautiful to Nanao. I brought a change of clothes, in fact.

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Midori stood and went to the door. It would be a great pleasure to be close to my daughter-in-law. The sparring match was yet to come, but she felt as if she'd already survived a hard test. Sparring couldn't compare to tea with Midori. Shunsui strolled along the paths in his family's gardens, with no particular destination in mind.

He'd spent most of the morning with his mother and Nanao, and then he'd been unceremoniously booted so that the two women could go to the dojo for some private conversation. He'd tried to intervene, but Nanao had given him a look that made it clear his rescue was not welcome.

shunsui and nanao relationship questions

After that he'd checked in with various workers and tenants he remembered, and then begun to wander the gardens, as it was well into the afternoon and he hadn't seen his mother or Nanao for hours. He leaned over the rail of a small bridge over the river that bisected his family's land, looking down at the fish. The sound of Nanao's platform sandals drew him, and he looked up to see her crossing to the bridge in her blue kimono with a landscape featuring a river patterning the silk. It was an incredibly detailed, delicate scene, and he knew it must be silk from the Ise estate.

Her hair was damp and her cheeks bright. Did you spar with my mother? Did you know you have private baths in the main house and a separate bathhouse? I didn't win our sparring match, but I didn't embarrass myself, either, so there's that. His heart jumped like a young boy's would have. He wondered if she would always move him this way.

She was pleased with what she called my 'ruthless cleverness,' though. She was pleased by that. But what else did you talk about? I'm sure you must have spoken about more than martial arts in the dojo and the bath.

The scent was roses, probably from soaps made on the estate. She gave him a level look. You really should have told me that your mother married her teacher. I was anticipating a barrage of questions on our age difference and the power dynamic of our work and personal relationship, but she asked nothing like that.

I imagine her own situation made her more understanding of these things. I'm sorry, I was under the impression it wasn't something my parents wanted to discuss with people. It's not a secret, but it's not something they bring up much, either. I knew that she would. We have many points of agreement on many things.

This mentality, both knew very well, is what got people killed in times of war, and Retsu was nothing if not immensely intelligent, so she had no choice but to agree. The Soutaichou could not be weak on account of her. Centuries ago, when Shunsui and Juushiro were just exiting the academy and introducing themselves to the Gotei 13, an organization which Retsu had been a captain in for only slightly longer, the information was so tightly under wraps that one hint and curiosity had prompted Yamamoto's two most favored students to go poking around, and inevitably discover it.

It was decided then, that it was not so important to hide the fact, and was determined as an unsaid law that the four of them would simply not speak of it. In plain sight, no one had discovered the secret since.

Unohana adjusted the kido she was preforming to sedate Nanao as she ended her treatment, and wondered absently that had Yamamoto not been so adamant of her being the fourth's captain, he would certainly have known by now that he had a granddaughter. No other captain would dare hide such information - not even Shunsui and Juushiro. It was a bit twisted she knew, to put her daughter through the same thing she herself had been subjected to.

shunsui and nanao relationship questions

Unohana had worked diligently and in secret to get the very young girl into the academy, out of the academy and into the only division who's captain she trusted more than any other based on old chivalrous habits about women and battle, and a decidedly poor attitude toward work to make sure Nanao did very little in the way of combat. She worked even harder to insure Nanao knew nothing of her parents and Yamamoto knew nothing of her.

It was an unfortunate stroke of success on Nanao's part that she'd worked her way up to vice-captaincy, and had been completely unforeseeable to Unohana. She was sure at the time when the young girl had been admitted and Yadomaru Lisa had been fukutaichou that Shunsui would never purpose the test be administered to her, even in adulthood, and had half hoped Nanao might fail it when he eventually did, though she couldn't help feeling proud that she hadn't.

Nanao was capable and there was no denying this. Unohana was relieved then, that Shunsui's wounded heart over Lisa's fate had kept the now Fukutaichou Nanao mostly doing administrative work, though all three were well aware it was a waste of her skill. What Retsu hadn't accounted for when this became the new norm was the closeness the heads of a division tended to share.

To discover later that Shunsui had fallen hopelessly in love with Nanao had been an unforeseeable circumstance, as Retsu assumed Nanao would be forever too young for him; and how could Kyoraku Shunsui ever abandon his womanizing ways to pursue someone as straight-laced and so unbelievably different than himself as Nanao was?

The saving grace to this was that Nanao didn't know he was serious and was also unwilling to sacrifice her heart to him.

Unohana wondered if it would last, but ultimately decided that given the current situation, it didn't much matter anymore. He'd brought her in this morning with an insanely high temperature, flaring reiatsu and an unexplainable black-out. She wanted badly to brush her hair back and plant a kiss on her forehead, but knew not to and so didn't.

It made her heart ache silently. Unohana smiled serenely at him, doing very well at masking the underlining sadness, and took several steps toward the door. Shunsui let it be, and turned to his Nanao, who was pale and shaking, and still looked so very, very beautiful. She was a strong women. He was not surprised she would be fine. Perhaps she'd simply over worked herself. Retsu had been shocked and scared to learn Nanao was spiritually inclined when she had received the letter from her caregiver in the Rukongai a little over a hundred years ago.

The place was in a bad district, but she had all the faith in the world in the family she'd left her daughter to, when hollows began attacking them because of Nanao, Retsu knew she couldn't subject her friends to that, and more on her mind, she couldn't let Nanao be hurt.