Shiroe and akatsuki relationship quotes

Akatsuki & Shiroe Relations – Comparing anime and light novels

shiroe and akatsuki relationship quotes

Shiroe x Akatsuki all day T_T pls I need this. Today's Quote is going be kinda short, Ill try and update a bit more frequently since we are finally. This Pin was discovered by Cr. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. From left: Nyanta, Akatsuki, Shiroe, Naotsugu, Minori, Tohya, Rundelhaus Code and Isuzu. This is a list of characters in the Japanese novel series Log Horizon written by Mamare Touno. . She has a violent relationship with Naotsugu because of his "open pervertedness" and usually resorts to pre-emptive violence to stop.

The Reveal of Episode 6 Naotsugu and Nyanta haven't joined a guild because they're waiting for Shiroe to come to terms with his dislike of the guild system and start his own.

In the manga, when Shiroe realizes that Tohya and Minori were taken in and exploited by Hamelin rather then a benevolent guild, he charges out of the Crescent Moon guild hall. Akatsuki and Naotsugu start out after him, but Nyanta tells them to leave it to him without even the use of words. By this time, even with Akatsuki and Nyanta having met for several days at best, she has placed enough trust into him that she would leave Shiroe's side and allow Nyanta to take over.

Nyanta's determination is greater here.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship quotes

He did not leave the Nekomanma guild he was in all this time even long after its informal disbanding. He left that guild he was so fond of to join Shiroe's guild because he viewed Shiroe more as a family member than any other players and is now ready to move on from his past. Maryelle's happiness at hearing Shiroe start his own guild.

The fact that Shiroe starts Log Horizon because he wants to improve the situation in Akiba. Shiroe's constant messages to Minori promising her that he's going to free her and Tohya from Hamelin and make sure they get in a nicer guild. In one brief, but potent scene, Shiroe can be seen standing outside Hamelin's guild hall and trying and failing to open their door. There is a distinct impression that even though he already has a plan in motion and despite his status as a Squishy Wizardhe really wants to just go in right now and get Tohya and Minori out of there, regardless of any Hamlin members in his way.

It's probably just a way of showing how stuff works in-universe because the original novel talks about not able to get in but did not have Shiroe trying himself. None the less, good character development there which the anime is usually better in side characters. In Minori's flashback in, you see Tohya happily running and stomping about while she's crying just after the Catastrophe.

The episode itself only hints at it, more fully explained in season 2 but the novel explains that Tohya's real-world body was crippled in an accident. He and his sister may be trapped in the game, but for right now, Tohya can walk again.

They're either very close, planned their offensive beforehand, or both. One of the biggest reasons Shiroe went from "Akiba sucks, wish I could fix it" to "Screw this, time to shake things up" was because Minori and Tohya had been caught in the crossfire. In other words, Shiroe formed Log Horizon and blackmailed the whole city because it messed with two kids he considered himself the guardian of. When it came time for the rescue itself, he wasn't taking any chances.

After buying their guild space and locking the leaders of Hamelin inside, he placed Akatsuki at the guild hall along with borrowed CMA members and Naotsugu at the Cathedral, just in case. Akatasuki follows Shiroe to the Eastal Ball despite Henrietta following with a summer dress. This is the same dress she ran away from in Akikbara.

It may sound Faux Horrificbut it demonstrates that Akasuki isn't merely role playing when she says "A ninja must follow her master. The only thing missing in Minor's group wasn't levels or skills, but friendship. After they take a day to truly meet each other and get to know each other, they wipe out a group of five Burning Death.

Shiroe is feeling weary, depressed and borderline despairing because of the Spirit Theory and the still unknown mystery of the Catastrophe. Then he receives a report from Minori about her group's big success, reminding him that it's enough to make friends and have fun. Feynail decides to head back to Maihama to defend the city in case the Goblins attack in force. When Rayneshia offers to go back with him, he tells her to stay because her grandfather needs her as a support, showing his faith in her.

Keep in mind that despite Rayneshia not being expected to take part in politics at all, her father gave her vital information, and his words inspire Rayneshia to take action. Her actions end up saving not only the League, but the Round Table as well, as they successfully rally the Adventurers to help defeat the invading monsters. Episode 19 Rudy polishes the mage bracers his party acquired in an earlier episode. A twofer-Isuzu's constant worry over him considering he's a Lander subject to perma-death and Rudy brushing it off.

He's an adventurer, you know, and he has teammates and civilians to protect. To save time, we'll start with "Any scene with both Rudy and Isuzu in it. She never asked for help and just because of that Shiroe drops everything he's doing and races towards her, since that was the first time.

Episode 21 is chock full of this: Isuzu asking to join Log Horizon and glee upon hearing that she can. She doesn't say it but everyone knows it's because she wants to continue working with Rudy. Rayneshia is feeling nervous because of her sudden assignment as Eastal ambassador to Akibara, and Crusty picks up on this while they're dancing. He says the job comes with "three meals and a nap" and that no one will expect her to go to fancy balls or stuffy tea parties.

The adorable neet perks right up after hearing that. Serara wants to dance with Nyanta but is too bashful to say, so he asks her instead.

Shiroe reassuring Akatsuki that a ninja was very helpful during the last battle with the Goblin King and just what he needed to focus on saving Rudy. Then their dance at the end. Touya's pep talk at the end of the episode. Episode 23 Minori working with Shiroe after the previous episode's bout of Love Hurts ; regardless of rivals, she still admires him. He sits down on the couch and she scoots closer but there's still a gap. Season Two In the closing sequence, one scene shows Raynesia and some of her friends around AkatsukiRaynesia sat beside her legs.

Akatsuki's Imagine Spot is her enjoying a massive pile of red bean buns with said friends, and Akatsuki's even licking her lips with a huge grin at the very thought of it, and even drooling, mouth hanging open, a short time later.

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There's only two times in the entire end sequence she seems happy. That one sequence and when Shiroe walks in and wakes her up.

The sheer amount of Ship Tease here reaches to W. Maryelle tells Henrietta that she and Naotsugu agreed on this together, just so she could check in on them and see how they're doing, though Naotsugu in particular.

They chat every night at 9: Henrietta's response is a smile and some playful teasing at her friend's expense. Willaim agrees to help Shiroe immediately. He's so casual about it, it's like a "we're friends. The reason doesn't matter" thing. Episode Three Willaim has another one when he reflects on the recent past. After the move north, he lost members due to the weather and death-trauma and his own insistence on tough raids.

By implication, that ones that remained are personally loyal to him. Adventurers[ edit ] The adventurers are the combat oriented human role-players in Elder Tale. Before the events of the Apocalypse they would explore the land while completing quests and battling monsters and so level up.

However, after finding themselves trapped inside the Elder Tale game as their in-game avatars, the players must now find a way to survive in a lawless world.

In contrast to the natives, adventurers that are killed respawn at the cathedral of the nearest city they have personally explored. However each revival takes away a portion of their memories in the form of experience points. Akihabara[ edit ] Akihabara is the largest player city on the Japanese server, known as Yamato, and is the server's analogue to the real world's Tokyo. The guild masters of the eleven major guilds of Akihabara form the Round Table Alliance, which governs the city's affairs.

He is the founder and guild master of Log Horizon. His main class is Enchanter. Rather than fighting on the front lines, he casts powerful support spells to aid his allies.

His secondary class is Scribe, which allows him to accurately draw maps of the places he has visited and later allows him to develop new spells which can fundamentally change the natural laws of the world. A socially awkward engineering graduate student who has been playing Elder Tale for almost eight years, Shiroe was the strategist of the long-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party, an informal non-guild group of elite players who completed high level group quests known as Raids.

Shiroe had strong reservations about joining guilds until, in the aftermath of the Apocalypse and the ensuing despair, he decided to create a place for himself and his friends, leading to the establishment of Log Horizon. Shiroe organizes Akiba's Round Table council after executing a highly complex plan to seize control of the Guild Building in Akiba, giving him control over the players' and guilds' assets, as well as allowing him to imprison criminal guilds in their headquarters by denying them access to the building.

His main class is "Guardian", allowing him to use heavy armor and weapons along with powerful defense spells to protect him and his companions as well as various trap spells to deal intense damage, while his secondary class is "Border Patrol". He calls himself an "open pervert", claiming that unlike some men he doesn't hide his perverted nature from others and is very proud of that fact. He has a tendency to get on Akatsuki's bad side with his perverted comments and a running gag is their confrontations usually ending with him getting a knee to the face, before she asks Shiroe for permission to do so.

In the real world, he worked as a salaryman. Her secondary class is "Tracker", which enhances her assassin skills with stealth and detecting abilities.

She was initially acquainted with Shiroe after having partied with him to complete quests prior to the Apocalypse, albeit using a male avatar.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship quotes

With Shiroe's help she changes her avatar's gender to avoid complications. Despite appearing to be a pre-teen, she is a college student like Shiroe. After Shiroe helps her, she starts referring to him as her "Lord" and joins his party, claiming that it is out of gratitude but it is later shown that she is infatuated with him. She has a violent relationship with Naotsugu because of his "open pervertedness" and usually resorts to pre-emptive violence to stop his perverted comments before they can be spoken.

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His subclass is chef, which allows him to make delicious foods using ingredients, which is quite a reprieve from the tasteless pre-made food that is offered in Elder Tale, and ends up being an important plot point.

Before the Apocalypse he was part of a guild called "The Cat Food Guild", which was composed solely of cat people. It disbanded after their house caved in due to bad weather. His class is "Samurai", a tank class capable of using heavy armor and weaponry and casting special spells to increase his performance that must be used with caution due to their long cooldown time, as well as using techniques that, while flashy, do little damage and are solely meant to pull the attention of enemies away from his allies.

When Tohya and his sister first met Shiroe, Tohya immediately started pestering him with questions on how to gain skills. He views Shiroe as a role model due to not only his strength and knowledge, but also his cool and kind personality.

While Minori is shy and gentle, Tohya is very brash but it is clear he greatly cares for his sister.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship quotes

When Tohya and his sister were trapped in the unethical guild Hamelin, he often wondered what Shiroe would do in that situation. After they were rescued by Shiroe and his friends, Tohya joins Log Horizon with his sister and now tries to emulate Shiroe when faced with challenges.

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In the real world, Tohya was struck by a car in an accident which left him near dead. He was able to recover, however the accident left his lower body completely paralyzed. He greatly enjoys being able to use his legs again in the world of Log Horizon.