Shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

I am single and that’s annoying: Shamita Shetty

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

Shamita Shetty On Love, Marriage & Being Single She prefers to play the waiting game and follow sister Shilpa Shetty. I'd much rather sit at home or then express my creativity in other ways, and so it was that I decided to. Actor Shamita Shetty says that marriage is sacred for her and she won't Even when her sister, actor Shilpa Shetty, 42, is already a mother to a. Actress Shamita Shetty speaks about her upcoming web series and her long break. Viral and Trending · Health and Wellbeing · Sex and Relationship With her sister Shilpa Shetty's sky high career chart on its own course, Shamita She has always given me the right advice and having her has never.

A noisy place takes away the romance - Shamita Shetty The gorgeous Shamita Shetty seems to know exactly how to take care of her 'to-die-for' bod. The bachelorette has, perhaps, learnt it from her sis, the beautiful Shilpa Shetty. The Shetty sirens just have it in their genes!

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Shamita reveals her fitness secrets, exclusively for the ShaadiTimes readers. The mantra Eating right and healthy food. I don't believe in dieting. I believe in eating food in right quantity and quality.

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But I must confess I am a chocoholic. I love eating sweets. But at the same time I balance it by working out and taking care of my diet- not too much oily and fried stuff.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

I also include more protein in my diet. I believe that we can keep one day in a week to eat the food we love and the rest six days one must keep a check on what we eat. Advertisement The power of yoga I have not been working out lately because I am not keeping too well.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

But I used to workout six times a week - three days for weight training and three days for cardio. Now I have started practising yoga as well. Once you do a lot of weight training it makes you a bit stiff and yoga makes you flexible. Yoga also helps you mentally.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

It calms you down. From what I wear to who I am dating, I make her a part of everything as I have faith in her judgment. But when this came along, I had already made up my mind and told her about it. She was happy because she knew that I wanted to get back to acting. Do you think comparisons with your sister worked against you? I do know one thing — while success has a lot to do with hard work, luck also plays an important role.

I look at having a sister, who was already established in the industry, in a positive way. Having her backing always helped.

38 and single but Shamita Shetty won't settle for just anyone, here's why

When Shilpa came into the industry, she had to learn from her own mistakes. I, on the other hand, luckily could see and learn from those. What is the kind of cinema you want to be part of? I would like to do something like crossover films.

I understand the industry has changed today — there is an influx of new talent.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship tips

I know they may not come to me to play the lead role. There is so much inside me that I have not been able to explore. I was very close to my Dad as I grew up with him more than mom as she was travelling with my sister. Nothing prepares you for something like that in life.