Sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

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sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

Pre-Game Character Analysis: Jake Muller & Sherry Birkin The strange sort of symbiotic relationship is also mirrored in that, in this case, it is. Relationship: Sherry Birkin/Jake Muller Sherry didn't feel much better and settled beside him, tucking her right hand away so that Jake. Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller Resident Evil Game, Birkin. Visit .. Get the best tips and how to have strong marriage/relationship here: (Best Boyfriend Letter).

In fact, everything Jake wears throughout the main campaign could have been pulled directly from some magical closet of clothes-that-will-make-me-want-to-make-out. And the WAY he wears them, good god. Sass me again, Muller! To that end, he is tracked down by one Agent Sherry Birkin, who has her own virus-conferred special healing powers thanks to the events of Resident Evil 2.

Please to observe this cutscene, which takes place shortly after they meet and subsequently fight through a couple of armies of killer mutants and giant monstrosities: The suggestive convo happens on the second round of hiding from the monster in the dumpster. If you push your luck and do it again in hopes of hearing more dialogue, be prepared to witness a traumatizing death scene.

At the time the game takes place, Jake is supposed to be 20 years old and also supposed to be a highly trained and experienced stone cold killer mercenary who is unfazed at confronting Bio Organic Weapon monsters. Do I think fresh-out-of-their-teens dudes as sexually appealing as Jake Muller exist in real life? Remember to wash your hands and floss your teeth! Jake opened the door to their hotel room and all but fell through it.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

Jake reached the couch and threw himself onto it, legs stretched out, arms hanging over the back, and his head reclined. His eyes were closed but he still scowled. She managed a wry smile.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

The world was safe once again, thanks to the efforts of the DSO and their newly minted member, Jake Muller. Eventually, Jake groaned, rolling his head with a pop that made Sherry wince.

He levered himself upright and glared at the carpet for a long moment, fatigue clear in his drooping eyelids and utter lethargy. He glanced at Sherry. When he straightened he glanced down at Sherry, eyebrow arched when she made no move to follow.

Jake & Sherry - Figure 8

I still have to report to headquarters. His gray eyes flicked to her and then away, staring straight ahead.

Resident Evil 6, Jake and Sherry... possible new romance in RE games?

Sherry waited until she heard the faint click of his door shutting before she sighed, shoulders slumping. Her pointer and index finger were at a slightly twisted, disturbing angle.

From there it was the usual overwhelming odds and life-or-death battles that all their missions seemed to disintegrate into. Jake did so much for her, and he always fought so hard, she would feel to guilty to burden him with something so minor. And it was rare for Jake to so much as get winded in battle; he had to be feeling a hundred times worse than her. Sherry looked at her poor, twisted fingers. Sherry knew what she had to do and she took a deep steadying breath.

A small sound escaped her, the beginnings of a scream, but she smothered it ruthlessly, hunching over her hand where she held it cradled to her chest. Waves of pain nearly overwhelmed her and she squeezed her eyes shut against the burn, giving a shuddering, shaky heave of breath.

She gave a shaky smile.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

They were swollen, a bright, angry red. She glanced at him surreptitiously through her lashes, but he was completely focused on her injury.

His mouth was set in a firm line, but even though he was angry, there was no denying how attractive a look determined was on him.

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Neither spoke as he splinted her fingers, a rough-looking but efficient job. Life as a mercenary surely taught him necessary first aid, seldom as the need may have been. Sherry held her fingers close to her face, was able to move them minutely but couldn't bend them at all.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice

It was a good job, if not a little tight. Unsure what to do, Sherry settled for projecting as much honest appreciation as she could.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship advice