Shannon brown and chris relationship quotes

Monica On Falling For Shannon Brown: 'He Told Me The Day We Met I Would Be His Wife' - xoNecole

shannon brown and chris relationship quotes

Shannon Brown (born November 29, ) is an American professional basketball player. .. Brown has a son, named Shannon Christopher Brown and a daughter Since , Brown has been in a relationship with R&B singer Monica. Chris Brown has proven he can ball, so his resemblance to Shannon Brown is a resemblance from every angle. From Delonte West looking like. Ever since hottie L.A. Laker Shannon Brown became Monica's love interest in her recent video for "Love All Over Me", Mo and Shannon have.

Inhe was named Illinois Mr.

Shannon Brown Caught in Another Cheating Scandal

Basketball [1] and a McDonald's All-American. Considered a five-star recruit by Rivals.

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Brown was drafted in the first round with the 25th pick of the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Appearing in only 23 games 5 starts in his debut seasonhe showed promise, scoring in double figures twice 10 points vs.

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New York on November 29 and 14 vs. In his sole game as a Thunderbird, Brown scored 14 points with four rebounds and six assists. Towards the end of the season, Brown experienced an upswing of playtime. In the 5 final games of the season, Brown played for an average of With those minutes, he averaged 7. In the opening game in the first round match up against the Jazz, Brown played 22 minutes.

He had 9 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal. Man always did say she was a hood rat.

Shannon Brown's Top 10 Dunks Of His Career

I thought he just did not care for her. Maybe that was photoshopped, too.

shannon brown and chris relationship quotes

Not to excuse him at all but what if it happened like Jodi and Rodney and C called the house, happened to get S and was all "s this S, can't find a team, got my girl taking care of you, ole keep ya eyes open when you kiss azz niggah" A. Millz-CT Yup, you lose 'em how you got 'em. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck But her children with Rocko are always front and center. Let Your Soul Glow I think people are smart to keep that business in house. Yeah, we the general public, may want to know, but it's not our right to know.

Keep your business to yourself. Carrington Won't be the most popular opinion in terms of agreement, but hey, I've never really put much thought into what you think about what I think anyway.

With that said, If you're married to a something millionaire MALE and women throw themselves at him regularly, the general expectation should be that at some point - he's stepping out. So, if you agree to marry a man in that situation, knowing what it's going to be like, cuss him out, put him out, make him regret it - and let his ass back in.

Is It A Wrap??? Shannon Brown Says This About The Dirty Dog Divorce Rumors With Wife Monica

A young brother is gonna make it do what it do. Was it one of those " I wish these kids were yours too" or a " I'll pray for you, read this bible verse" type letter. So is the little boy never around or y'all not taking pictures of him?

shannon brown and chris relationship quotes

Why continue to leave him out?