Saladin and richard relationship questions

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saladin and richard relationship questions

Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism. Saladin was an unusual man who tried to win the "hearts and minds" of . I believe Saladin showed kindness to Richard the Lionheart not. Saladin (/–) was a Muslim military and political leader unable to defeat the armies led by England's King Richard I (the Lionheart), those contemporaries close to him, there were no questions: Saladin had.

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The Muslim troops broke into a frenzy,slaughtering the pigs in the city and throwing the bodies of the dead Crusaders among those of the killed swine. Richard acted immediately,despite his French and German allies refusing to help. Loading 55knights, several hundred men-at-arms and 2, Pisan and Genoese crossbowmen onto seven ships, he sailed to Jaffa. When he arrived on August 1, at first sight it indeed appeared the city had fallen.

Richard and Saladin: Warriors of the Third Crusade

This was all the encouragement Richard needed. He jumped into the surf with battle-ax in hand and shield slung over his shoulder.

The power of his example was awe-inspiring, and the rest of the outnumbered Crusader force followed instantly. Richard hacked his way to the city gates as the Muslim troops panicked at the onslaught. The Muslims were soon overwhelmed, and those who survived fled and kept running for five miles. Now their dead were thrown among the slaughtered swine while the Crusaders received decent burials.

Saladin called for reinforcements to concentrate at Jaffa, and by August 5 his host totaled 20, light and heavy cavalry. He placed his knights and men-at-arms in a single line, with each man kneeling on one knee and thrusting the butt of his spear or lance into the sand to present a hedge of steel.

Between and behind these men he placed his crossbowmen in pairs, one to fire and one to reload, so as to achieve the highest rate of fire. Richard counter charged with 15 mounted knights. No enemy was safe within his reach, and twice he rescued knights who had become overwhelmed.

The battle then paused, but Richard was now on foot after his only warhorse had been killed. During the pause, Muslim soldiers had slipped back into the city, and the troops Richard had left inside frantically retreated to their ships. He then rode to the ships and shamed the men whohad fled and sent them back into the fight before rejoining his battle line for the next wave of attacks.

Richard the Lionheart - VS - Salahuddin the Merciful - Pir Saqib Shaami

Again Richard charged into the mass of Muslim cavalry, leaving a circle of dead around him. He penetrated so deeply that those in his battle line lost sight of him. Both sides fought at the Battle of Arsur in September Richard won but he delayed his attack on Jerusalem as he knew that his army needed to rest. Also Richard knew that even if he continued on and captured Jerusalem, he would not have enough soldiers to hold on to it.

saladin and richard relationship questions

He spent the winter of to in Jaffa where his army regained its strength. Richard marched towards Jerusalem in June Draw several small images or cartoons to represent the problems that the crusaders faced on their march south along the coast. Give two reasons for why Richard hesitated to attack Jerusalem. However, by now even Richard the Lionheart was suffering. He had a fever and appealed to his enemy Saladin to send him fresh water and fresh fruit. Saladin did just this - sending frozen snow to the Crusaders to be used as water and fresh fruit.

Also in a later battle, when Saladin saw that Richards horse had been killed, Saladin sent him a new horse! Why would Saladin do this? There are several reasons. First, Saladin was a strict Muslim.

One of the main beliefs of Islam is that Muslims should help those in need. Secondly, Saladin admired Richards, fighting skills, courage and bravery. The Muslim writer Baha described Richard as " Which do you think is the most likely reason for why Saladin, helped his enemy King Richard I, when Richard was in desperate need of help?

What Saladin's men found, was that Richard only had 2, fit soldiers and 50 fit knights to use in battle.

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With such a small force, Richard could not hope to take Jerusalem even though he got near enough to see the Holy City. Go to this interactive site and work you way through the battles of the Third Crusade: If you can not answer the following question from your own research, go on to question 6.

After Richard had abandoned his attack on Jerusalem and returned to the north, why did he later rush his best knights south by boat to the port of Jaffa? Although Richard failed to retake Jerusalem, he organised a truce with Saladin - pilgrims from the west would once again be allowed to visit Jerusalem without being troubled by the Muslims. Neither Richard or Saladin particularly liked the truce but both sides were worn out and in OctoberRichard sailed for western Europe never to return to the Holy Land.

What were the results of the Third Crusade?

saladin and richard relationship questions