Sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

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sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

Here we have a list of quotes Haruka and Michiru say in the series. Some which also Haruka: Yes, but our relationship is just more than that Haruka: But Uranus: Enchanted by the New Age, here I am, Sailor Uranus, acting gorgeous! Neptune: In Neptune: We can't let you have the crystalized heart! Usagi: Michiru!. "Guarded by Uranus, planet of the skies. I'm the soldier of flight, Sailor Uranus!" — Sailor Uranus's stock introduction Sailor Uranus is one of the four Outer. Uranus ~ Tenoh Haruka / Sailor Uranus; Neptune ~ Kaioh Michiru / Sailor Michiru's relationship (need to rewrite; lost the original); Words ~ Quotes from the .

While most of the explanations are intended to put people at ease, they more often than not serve a double purpose of making you yourself feel less comfortable in your own skin.

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Sailor Moon did provide a window into that, but it also really confused me. Even with the English overdubs, they are undeniably involved in a way that most cousins hopefully aren't. It's so, so much weirder for Neptune and Uranus to be perceived as cousins than it is for them to be gay, especially given the nature of their portrayal on screen. Despite the characters themselves being high school freshmen, the voice actors for Neptune and Uranus are said to have been instructed to play the characters like a married couple, and that element is there from the very beginning.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

Coincidentally, Sailor Moon was airing around the same time as Xena: It was a different time, but not so different and not so long ago. Most of us have seen two girls dance together though who weren't necessarily lovers or even dating.

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Sailor Moon S ep. Look at both the hands do best friends hold hands like that? Are you starting to get convinced?

It was a bit small and blurry at first, so I had to sharpen it and increase the size.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

As you can see, Sailor Uranus is running along with Neptune, who is going gaga over her. Notice the little heart over Neptune's head. Notice how they're both looking into each other's eyes and how Uranus' body is pressed against Neptune's. Uranus also has her hands around Neptune's chest, an area that women do not allow to be touched by anyone other than the people they care about the most.

Among the senshi, Michiru is laying on Haruka's naked breast, touching her chest. Haruka has her arm wrapped around Michiru. Please realize that no matter how close, friends do not touch each other when nude. Sailor Moon Artbook 3 And there you have it. Despite this overwhelming evidence, there will always be some who will try to deny that Haruka and Michiru are lovers.

How can a pretty girl who won't hurt a fly It is not imaginary! I can see it clearly!

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

I am Japan's first ever junior racer, Haruka Tenno! Neither the memory of my previous life nor the end of the world is my business!

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If it has to be done, why don't you do it? I don't want you snooping around about me anymore!

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

Stop talking that way! I don't want to do it either!

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I have a dream to be a violinist! I just can't keep on doing stupid things like saving the world from ruins! It has returned to human form. I almost killed it No, I'm sure I'll kill it next time.

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Then, why did you protect me? If you hurt your hands, you can't be a violinist! I didn't snoop around just because you're a soldier. Before I knew that you were the one I was watching you from nearby when you were racing for the first time.

I always wanted to ride in your car along the coastline just once You never asked any favors of anyone. You are always faithful to your feelings.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quotes

I'm always running away I know more about you than you do I don't want you to take the same way as I took.