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Focus: Anime/Manga Sailor Moon, Since: Apr 5, - [Usagi T./ Serena/Bunny/Sailor Moon, Mamoru C./Darien S./Tuxedo Kamen] Chibiusa T./ Rini/Sailor Chibi (Mini) Moon, Inner Senshi/Inner Scouts - Complete have trouble conceiving early in their marriage, Ikuko prays to the full moon for a baby and is. Rini being a six years old told Serena who her mother is. now if you read my story mama on Sailor Moon fanfic then you must be Both Rini and Serena came to terms about their mother and future daughter relationship. Set towards the end of S. The relevant pairing is Serena/Darien, but the focus is equally on the relationship between Serena and Rini.

Yaten looked over his shoulder and saw the sad look that covered Seiya's face. Seiya looked at his friend with wide eyes. That would kill her. Chibi Usa doesn't deserve to have her life screwed up all because another man loves her mother. They were shocked that Seiya said that. They knew about Chibi Usa but she had told them a secret. One they couldn't share with Seiya or Usagi until the time was right. For now I will be grateful that I can be near her and protect her. Yes, he would take that no matter what.

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As long as he could protect her then he could love her from a far. Seiya let out a small sigh as he looked at the two men that he considered his brothers. All three men stood up but she raised her hand to stop them. Seiya, there is something we must talk about. I know you have questions why you cannot transform into Sailor Star Fighter.

Seiya nodded as they all sat down. Flashback to the final battle "You did well Usagi. Usagi looked around and saw all her friends no sisters in a circle around her.

Chibi Usa had a pair of wings like her mother so without a moment passing, she flew over to her and hugged her. Everyone could hear and see the pride in Chibi Usa's tone and face. I'm so glad you're okay. I'll be waiting for you in the future. I love you both. Usagi felt her body give way but not before she felt Mamoru's arms around her. She smiled lightly at her prince before she gave into the darkness.

The Starlights all wiped away any tears that had fallen during the sweet reunion between Usagi and her friends. Star Healer and Star Maker looked at their friend when they heard Fighter gasp. They had all demanded she stay with Darien and then when that did not work they begged her for them and Chibi-Usa to still marry Darien even though she loved another and Usagi had. Leading an unhappy life she had done it for them. Her marriage was not one of love but of cold and bitter truths that were never said but always known.

For they both knew they did not love each other as a husband and wife should. For the King too did not love his Queen like he should but he unlike her never objected to their union. While the Queen and King cared for one another it was not the same and in time the relationship became bitter and hurtful and everyone in the palace knew it and could feel it and were affected by it. When Usagi had frozen theearth she spend so much time alone and that time had made her distant and cold and less happy.

When they had awaken she was everything they once believed a Queen should be. Regal, she was poise and spoke with a leaders tone. But then with all that she was formal too only calling them by their planets name and only answering to Queen Serenity or some title of her Queen status like "Your Highness" or "My Queen" through she did not punish them or anyone who did not do this but instead she refused to answer or even pay them any mind If called any informal names like "Usagi" "Kitten" "Meatball Head".

So though they had no more enemies, and it was peaceful and calm as well as being a Utopia and everything they were told it would be.

In her schoolbag was another paper stabbed with glaring red corrections and a fail mark. Serena was not entirely sure who she feared facing with it most. Her mother would be furious. Facing Amy, whose gentle eyes would widen with the worry that it was her own failure, would perhaps be worth.

She knew Amy had really tried to help study, but there was so much else in her life going on. Did schoolwork really matter all that much in the wider scheme of things?

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It wasn't as though her own fate wasn't fully mapped out for her. The arguments against studying seemed rational enough, until she actually held the condemning paper in her hands. Of course, she had been through all this with Luna earlier, resulting in a fight that had sent the talking cat flying to Amy's house for comfort. They were probably discussing her underachievement right now. Not that she cared what that stupid, bossy cat thought. Or that even though Luna was supposed to be her own special companion, she seemed to love Amy more.

The easy tears welled in Serena's eyes yet again. She knew the others thought of her as a cry-baby. Well - so what. Sometimes she deserved the refuge of tears. She had already gone to Darien with her failed paper, fully expecting to sob in his arms and be consoled with heart meltingly sweet caresses and deep kisses.

She had cherished high hopes that this would be one of the times he forgot his nobility in love for her, let his mouth open against hers and cradle her in his arms as if she was the most precious being in all the universe. She had felt so… exhausted, so dirty, for what seemed liked endless ages.

The battle against the heart snatchers, the defection of the outer scouts, her own guilt about the fact that a wide area of her city destroyed despite her, all the messy intertwined duty, fear and compassion that wound about her thoughts of Hotaru and left her unable to choose the correct path… It was all too much to bear alone.

It was all Serena's own fault, she knew.

Amara was right about that. It seemed that no matter how hard she fought, no matter how much she tried to trust in her own heart, she still could not get things quite right. The sudden fierce, protective support of her own scouts couldn't cleanse her soul from the knowledge of the dead she had failed to save.

She was only fifteen years old. Not intellectually gifted, not very brave, not even particularly pretty. Why did it all come down to her, every single time? She neither understood nor wanted this burden of guilt.

It was bad enough that she was expected to study all the time without adding the fate of the universe to her burdens. But if Darien kissed her, treated her with desire and tenderness, it would be different. She would feel better, she knew. That mysterious being inside of her, the Moon Princess, never shone so brightly and purely than when Darien's tongue slipped against hers in heat and wetness, his breath in her lungs and his arms wrapped around her.

Everything melted together, was right… She could taste her own eternity in his mouth. She had gone to him full of longing and quiet desperation. And instead of kissing her, Darien had… made her a mug of hot chocolate and offered to go through the questions with her. He had all but patted her on her golden head. He would have treated Rini's problems with more adult respect than he showed those of his own girlfriend and future bride.

Sometimes Serena wondered if their past and future together were delusions.

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How could she be a princess, a queen, rule by the side of such an intelligent and strong man? Obviously, she was too airheaded for someone like Darien.

You should be careful, Serena. Raye's voice in her head, with the peculiar mixture of loving concern and acidic malice than only Raye could achieve. That tone of voice that tore Serena between wanting to embrace her and to take handfuls of that blackberry purple hair between her fists and yank until the shrine maiden screamed for mercy.

Raye might conceivably only want to help, but she could shatter Serena's self-confidence into a million pieces without even trying. Darien's way out of your league intellectually.

You don't want him to get bored, do you? Serena kicked her door open and threw her schoolbag on her bed, the hateful paper still inside.

She knew Darien was… careful with her, lately. She knew that in his mind her youth cancelled out the cloudy memories of being with her hundreds of years ago, and despite her frustration, she loved him for it.

Sometimes it seemed like all the boys she knew were sluts or would-be sluts. Her own boyfriend, despite sharing the hazy memories of passion in another life that she found confusing her emotions, was willing to wait for her. Darien was determined to protect their virginity for them both until she was old enough, even as he'd saved himself for a girl who only appeared in his dreams. He had put his faith in forever. And she was lucky. She was really lucky to have a boyfriend who cared about her welfare so much.

How many boys his age were virgins by choice? She knew from listening to her friends that other boys would grope and promise and eternally push against their limits.