Sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship memes

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Mask’s Relationship

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship memes

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are the epicenter, but they are not the only ones. Before Usagi and Mamoru, there was another relationship that. (For the proper reading experience, run the music from here or here while reading this page.) Sailor Moon is the first anime adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi's . Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, Serena and Darien, Usagi and Mamoru .. Sailor Moon Quotes, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon Fan Art, Sailor. Sailor Moon.

Steve Kramer as Wiseman. He had previously voiced Wisemon in Digimon Fusiona very similar character clearly inspired by Wiseman. Luna and Artemis constantly rip on the antics of their charges throughout the series. Rei, did you cut class to go home to change? My uniform's in the bag. Yes, and I'm a purple cockatoo. This also starts to clue Usagi in to Uranus' identity as Uranus holds her the same way Haruka does earlier in the episode.

Even the villains get in on this action. Minako is the one who manages to pull the intention of this off most successfully, though. Even though she was flanderized to an enormous degree, that only happens in her civilian form. As Sailor Venus, she's always a badass. At least it appears to be flanderization. But when one looks at the Codename Sailor V manga, it's very apparently her canon characterization.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship memes

Episode 89, which played out clips from the first two series, and also teased the third, with voiceovers from the main characters. The anime was, at one point, quite keen on the idea on giving the girls at least the main five battle-ravaged costumes, especially during the final fight with Pharoah 90 in the S season.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's Relationship

Mars gets a turn with everyone, and that's just in the first season. Chibi-Usa is on the receiving end of this from Usagi on multiple occasions. She's usually earned it. In the first season we find out that Minako lived in London for a while. A few seasons later she's shown as the one most fluent in English.

Season 4 finale provides one on epic scale. Nehellenia gloats that the Golden Crystal that could defeat her was powerless because humans stopped having good dreams Cue all of that season's Victims Of The Weektargeted specifically because each of them had a good dream, recharging it.

While it's likely intentional that all of the Sailor Senshi were conveniently reborn in the same city in the same time period, it gets downright bizarre when every single mystical talisman or soul gem the bad guys need to acquire is there too. To be fair, most of the villain targets in the anime are still directly related to the Senshi somehow: Most of the Contrived Coincidence comes from only two seasons: Notably, in the manga, the villains targets are almost always the Senshi themselves or something directly related to them, subverting this trope.

Subverted in one episode where Rei goes Wrong Genre Savvy and tries to deliberately engineer this to meet Mamoru. She ends up falling flat on her face and he steps on her head.

Happens at least once per season: Sailor Moon S starts very formulatic and filled with hearts and butterflies before going straight to soul-stealing, murder and apocalypse plotlines. Sailor Moon SuperS is pretty much filled with childish plotlines the entire season, only to go back to the series' default dark themes by the very end of the season. And Sailor Moon Stars is a Darker and Edgier season itself, going back and forth between the usual silliness of the series and themes of war and annihilation.

The season's final episodes definitely take the cake. What the Negaverse is never actually gets explained in the show itself, though it would appear to be an alternate dimension full of evil creatures invading Earth. Naturally, Sailor Moon Abridged lampshades this twice Serena: Wait, these Russian aliens are from the Negaverse? Well, they're evil, so Queen Beryl was right about Earth?

Who the [bleep] is Queen Beryl? The anime's sense of humor is a good deal wackier than the manga's. While the manga wasn't without its lighthearted moments, their overall tone was more down-to-earth in comparison to the anime's more exaggerated and slapstick funny moments. Department of Redundancy Department: The third season was called Sailor Moon S, standing for "Super". The fourth season was Sailor Moon SuperS. Haruna in episode 57, "After-School Trouble: Haruna gives them extra English lessons to do for punishment or in the DIC dub, an essay to write about "why school is important to me"but Natsumi takes the opportunity to try to Murder the Hypotenuse and steal Usagi's energy.

Usagi tries to go on a diet but fails in an early episode that involves the villains taking energy from girls who are obsessed with getting thin. Notably, this is not done for An Aesop in the Japanese script - it's mined for pure comedy at the need for women to stay skinny.

In America, they had to make a "Sailor Moon Says" about how eating disorders and crash diets are a bad thing. In Episode 62, the entire team except for Sailor Mercury are completely helpless against a perfectly ordinary Monster of the Week so that Sailor Mercury can realize that she's needed and come save the team. The usual sexist implications aren't present; instead, it's to deliver the Aesop that Ami should stay with the Sailor Senshi instead of leaving to fulfill her dream. An early Series 1 episode featured Shingo's friend Mika, a doll maker, getting selected by Nephrite as his victim of the day and possessing her with a doll that later turned into a doll-themed Monster of the Week.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship memes

Para Para also uses dolls for some of her schemes and attacks. Do Not Adjust Your Set: Galaxia does this right before the final battle against her in Sailor Stars.

This is fitting because her base is the Ginga TV station, which her minions claim they work for when they use their disguises. Sailor Uranus's backstory amounts to this. Dropped a Bridge on Him: The anime isn't much better than the manga: Princess Kakyuu gets about 2 episodes worth of screen time before she gets killed. She gets better after the final battle due to Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon S, Mimete teleports herself into cyberspace, makes a big intro, and announces that being in the computer increases her power tenfold.

Just as you're expecting an epic battle, Tellu walks in and pulls the plug, effectively 'deleting' Mimete. The final three members of the Witches 5 all go out like this - Tellu gets killed fighting with her own plant the very next episode, Viluy gets essentially eaten alive by her own nano-machines in her ONLY episode, and Cyprine and Ptilol kill themselves in their only fight with the Senshi by being tricked into shooting each other.

In comparison, Eudial and Mimete had several episode arcs to themselves before meeting their untimely deaths. On at least one Earth, though, Chibiusa has a sister. Parallel Sailor Moon was a short story set in an alt Sailor-verse where the Scouts have already grown up and had kids. The protagonist is Kousagi Tsukino, the second child of Usagi and Mamoru.

She outranks the other girls the way her mother outranked their parents. As soon as Mamoru saw Sailor Moon, he sensed a connection with her. When she's in danger, Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask to defend her.

He attacks her enemies with roses studded with razor-sharp thorns. Poor Mamoru actually has no idea this is going on. As we eventually learn, all he knows is that he gets painful headaches and loses track of time for a while. Tuxedo Mask apparently has no idea why he's driven to protect Sailor Moon, he just knows that me must.

Eventually Mamoru learned the truth about his past incarnations and gained control over his transformations. Even given that, dressing in formal clothes and fighting with roses seems an odd choice for defending Sailor Moon. But Tuxedo Mask's creator had her reasons. In the standard pattern of the first season, the scouts engage the monster of the episode.

Things go badly, then Tuxedo Mask intervenes to save them. The rescue shoe is frequently on the other foot. Tuxedo Mask gets kidnapped more than any of the other characters, ending up helpless and, in a couple of cases, brainwashed. That leaves it up to Sailor Moon and the Scouts to save the masked man she loves from the latest threat.

Sometimes that means saving Tuxedo Mask from himself: Instead it was the director, Kunuhiko Ikuhara, who changed Rei because of Tomizawa. In several instances, the past relationship causes friction between Rei and Usagi. Usagi brings up the relationship as a reason not to trust Rei with Mamoru.

Though Rei did a good thing, and was only following her heart, her past relationship with Mamoru causes her more trouble than it did good. Usagi even distrusts Rei enough to sneak into her home dressed as a ninja. All of this is just to ensure that she's not doing anything with Mamoru, her house-guest. They are both much, much younger than him. Both Rei and Usagi are about fourteen when they meet Mamoru, while Mamoru himself is seventeen.

This means the middle school Rei dated a college-aged man. At the height of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, they are sixteen and nineteen, which is less strange, but still quite a big age difference. These are the only women Mamoru has shown any interest in, even though they are much younger than him.

The show does little to acknowledge the strange age gaps, but does have Usagi hide her relationship from her parents initially. She's dating a college boy, after all. Usagi is reluctant, but Mamoru goes to stay at the shrine. Mamoru takes a break from a college report to take a bath. Mamoru quickly jumps into the bath to cover himself and Rei runs from the bathroom, but the damage is done.

Later, Usagi finds out about the situation. She's jealously livid, even though Rei insists she didn't want to see Tuxedo Mask like this. It's a strange episode, to say the least.

He'd been around the Sailor Scouts because of Usagi's crush on him and their snarky banter, but he hadn't been put in the spotlight. Once Rei starts pursuing him, viewers get an official name for the tall, dreamy college boy: She's the one that integrates him into their circle of friends and marks him as an important cast member.

Mamoru was clueless, since he never retained his Tuxedo Mask memories, but the other Sailor Scouts also rebuffed her. No one was suspicious about Mamoru disappearing and returning when Tuxedo Mask wasn't around. Despite their resistance, Rei was still sure Mamoru was Tuxedo Mask. Only time would tell that she was entirely correct in her assumption.