Rosalie and bella relationship counseling

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rosalie and bella relationship counseling

Jasper and Rosalie Hale Twilight Rosalie Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, The hahahaha love this free counseling lol emmet:) The Cullen, Edward Cullen . Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz Ultimate twilight power couple // Emmett and Rose!. the relationship between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward . to their marriage counselor about how they don't have sex anymore. Posts about Therapist/Counselorella written by TwiFanfictionRecs. Summary: Raised closely together since they were five, Bella and Edward fight like siblings until they make a discovery that sends . Summary: Eight years of marriage.

rosalie and bella relationship counseling

She kept blabbing and I tuned her out to check out the scenery. I probably would spend a lot of time with Emmett's brother. His brother was dating my best friend and Jasper was also Emmett's best friend, so I would be the six of us. We got to the airport and got all of our luggage out…I don't know how since we had about three full sized suitcases for each of us. We got on our flight.

For some strange reason I felt like this summer was going to be fun, interesting and A LOT different. Epov This bus stinks! It had been an hour on this piece of crap that was most likely going ot brake down in two miles, and it smelled like a public bathroom!

You'd think with the full hour we've been here, we would have gotten used to the smell…but NO! It was his fault! You didn't say that it would smell like ass!

I thought it would give us a better camp experience! This is our last year, and your first and this time I wanted to do it the good old poor people way. We grew up in a fucking mansion! We could have gotten a private jet!

But this is my brother and I am pissed! I can't believe he's making a joke out of this. Then I heard buzzing. I looked at my phone. He picked it out of his pocket and looked at the ID. His face lit up into a huge smile. I haven't met her. I've seen pictures and I have to say she is beautiful, but not my type. She had long blonde hair, natural looking tan, tall and skinny and blue eyes.

I like brunettes better. I could hear both sides of the conversation because Emmett had his volume so high. Did you get there yet? Rosalie wore the pants in their relationship, and I'm pretty sure if she was at Camp Cooper alone waiting for Emmett she would be livid. Emmett glared at me and I laughed. And it goes slow, we might be there about an hour or so after you do.

He seemed a little bit surprised at first but then he laughed and tightened his grip around me. I could help it though I had to start laughing too. I realized that I still had my face plastered to his chest and pulled away.

rosalie and bella relationship counseling

My cheeks felt hot as I really began to grasp what I had just done. I mean, I knew I was running late but was it really that bad? Don't worry your fine. I was just a little worried about you so I drove over but then I could tell through Charlie that you were on the phone so I decided to wait here.

I couldn't believe that he'd come over here just to stand and wait in the rain for me. He was either crazy or just in love with me, maybe a little bit of both. He might be crazy and in love with me but there was still more to it. The Cullen's as a whole were always keeping secrets from me and it drove insane.

They always had something planned amongst themselves and Edward always seemed to be the messenger. He just stood there with a perfect poker face looking at me.

He was getting a kick out of it but I was getting frustrated. All I wanted was a straight out answer but no. I have to beg for it. I may have gotten to Charlie with that voice but not Edward. He'd seen real anger. Hell, he'd experienced real anger.

The degree of anger he could conger up was so out of my league. I knew that if I kept with it he'd give in soon enough. He let out a little groan followed by a deep breath. This obviously wouldn't be one of those secrets that were bent on making me smile, no; it was going to be bad I could fell it. I was deathly afraid of what it was he was keeping from and as badly as I wanted to know, but now I was beginning to think I'd rather be surprised. It's just like any other day.

You know it too, why are you so worried about this one? Alice spent every moment she could with me planning for my wedding. I was beginning to think she was working harder on it than she had her own.

It wouldn't surprise me actually if someone told me that. Actually, I doubt it would even strike me as odd. That was just Alice's way. I was her 'little human dream Barbie' and it was like a nightmare. She wanted me to do everything I dreaded, shopping, dress up, wedding planning…the list goes on for days.

Edward was still staring down at my face. I'm sure I looked dreadful, and I felt it too. I really didn't want to plan today, I wanted some time with Edward, by ourselves. Ever since my announcement to Charlie he and I had only gotten to really be alone at night.

I knew it drove Edward crazy but I was now 'calling it a night' at about 6 pm so he and I could get some quality time together. Charlie just turned a blind eye towards the whole Edward thing. My engagement had made him realize that he couldn't run Edward off now he just ignored him out of spite.

I looked down at the silver machine in confusion and just shook my head. Edward let out a low chuckle. He couldn't really move that fast could he? They should have thought of people like me! Where's the compassion for the girl marrying into the family of vampires?

You don't have as much to worry about today though.

rosalie and bella relationship counseling

Edward was laughing at me again but I could have cared less. I just wanted to know whether or not I was stuck alone with Alice. His dark eyes twinkled in amusement and the corners of his lips curved up.

I look at his hand skeptically before tentatively meeting his hand with mine. I whisper a small thanks and turn my attention back on the teacher lecturing in the front of the classroom. My "family" has moved once again to a new town, in a new state. And by "family" I mean me and my father Charlie. My parents split when I was at the tender age of eight. I was an ugly divorce that involved a lot of fighting, a lot of anger, and a lot of police. I made a vow to myself that I would never get a divorce, ever.

It was silly and probably unrealistic, but I held onto this goal. Since then my father had to chart us all around the country looking for stable jobs; which brought us to the gloomy town of Forks, Washington. I was enrolled in a new school, Forks High. I tap my pencil on my notebook; it was a nervous habit. I was shy and awkward so as a result I was never able to make any long term friendships. I was tall, lanky, clumsy and overall unattractive.

Nobody glanced in my general direction.

The man sitting next to me pointed at the now stilled pencil with that same ridiculous smile. You have no idea how much that annoys me. Something was wrong here.

No one ever willingly talked to me. He must want something that I'm not willing to give. Since you're the new girl here everyone knows your name anyway. Do you mind if I call you Bella? Isabella just seems so," he wrinkles his nose and scrunches his thick eyebrows in deep thought.

A gesture that could be described as cute.

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I allow myself a small smile at his antics. Over the next few months Jacob was relentless in pursuing my attention. He always found excuses to talk to me every class. He never cared if he got in trouble or was sent to detention.

Jacob also made a point in getting me involved with his group of friends; Seth, Leah, Paul, and Sam. They welcomed me into there already established group with ease.

For once in my life I felt wanted, I felt loved. I began to come out of my awkward shell. Leah and I headed to Seattle at least twice a month to shop for new clothes and get our hair and makeup done.


I felt so much better about myself. I still remember walking out of a dressing room in a skin tight black dress and Leah almost spit out her frappe.

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Oh god did he notice. He swooned over me, always ready to make me feel even better about myself. So of course when he asked me out I immediately said yes. It was bliss, pure bliss being with Jacob. I fell in love him. We married two years later on my twentieth birthday. I never thought I could have been happier than I was right then. Since your promotion at the company you've been working these crazy hours.

I've missed this," he gestures moving his hands in the empty space between us. There was truth in his words but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of being right. What are you getting? Or at least at the moment. I want a piece of you steak too. We lapse into a peaceful silence while I sip my wine. The waiter comes around and we place our orders. I'd rather just sit here and have a nice dinner.

What else am I suppose to ask you about. He knows perfectly well why I work so late into the night six days a week. Someone had to pay for the house, the cars, the bills, and the occasional stupid thing Jacob buys.

rosalie and bella relationship counseling

He is a reckless spender, with hobbies that change as the seasons past. Jacob had a hard time finding stable work because he dropped out of high school and refused to go to college. So of course that left me to bust my ass to earn a two person income.

He notices the change in mood and wisely decides to drop the topic. The company suffers when I'm missing for even a day. Filled with a bunch of idiots I swear," I add under my breath. I see Jacob scrunch his eyebrows. I know this look well: I sigh lightly while running my hands through my mahogany locks. I make an offhand comment to cut it soon.