Rochester and jane eyre relationship

rochester and jane eyre relationship

The relationship between Jane Eyre and Edward Fairfax Rochester plays a major part in the novel of Jane Eyre, as Rochester turns out to be the love of Jane's. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Mr. Edward Rochester is up to during Jane Eyre. Luckily, we've got you covered. Free Essay: The Relationship between Jane Eyre and Rochester Each of us carries within us the seed of a unique plant. When circumstances conspire to.

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rochester and jane eyre relationship

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rochester and jane eyre relationship

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How To Introduce an Author: We've all seen them -- awkward, long-winded, irrelevant. But Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester couldn't be more different regarding their financial situations and social backgrounds.

rochester and jane eyre relationship

What is more, there is a big difference in their age and also in their intentions. For these reasons I wish to challenge the assumption that this is a genuine romance.

My aim is to point out how the profession and status of a governess at that time looked like to illustrate the class differences between Jane and Rochester and the social conventions of the Victorian era concerning courtship and marriage. Moreover, I want to distinguish between different concepts of love.

In the next step, I want to sketch short pictures of the two characters, Jane and Rochester, concerning their attitudes towards life and relationships with the aim of exposing the difference in their social backgrounds and motives. But the main focus of my term paper lies in the analysis of the love story between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester. By reference to different scenes, I will demonstrate how severe the differences between these two characters actually are.

  • The Love Story in Jane Eyre - A Genuine Romance?

Eventually, I will try to give an answer to the question whether the love story between Jane and Rochester can be considered a 'genuine romance', that is whether it can be read as a love story based on equally free decisions. The Victorian Era 2.

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Although she was hired as a status symbol by new middle-class families to teach their children, a governess was in fact little more than a domestic, working long hours for almost no money. Jane is painfully aware of her poor circumstances and the tremendous improvement a situation as a governess would be over her position at Lowood, a step that doubles her salary and raises her social rank considerably.

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Jane also knows that her new position makes her very dependent on Mr. Rochester, but that she also has the choice to leave Thornfield whenever she likes and advertise again. Parents often regarded their girls as expensive, because they could not work in a profession due to social conventions and could thus not contribute to the family wealth. It was therefore often the aim of the father to dispose of the girls into marriage as soon as possible.

Mr. Rochester is a Creep: A List

Young women were financially secured when they found gentlemen that would pay for their living. Women were thus very dependent on men and also often married older men who were not averse to marry young women. At first, there is love for mere passion, just to answer the temptation. A second type of love affair is marriage with the purpose to achieve better living conditions concerning money and social status. Last but not least, there is eternal love.

That is when two lovers truly love each other with all their heart. These concepts are important to remember when analysing the love relationship between two characters.

Afraid that she will never find a place she can call home, Jane feels the need to belong somewhere. This desire finds balance in her equally intense need for autonomy and freedom. Jane is virtuous and reasonable but also very emotional which shows in her thoughts and even more in her art.

During her years at Lowood, Jane acquires the manners, sophistication, and education of an aristocrat while staying poor and lonely. As a governess she finds a position at Thornfield. Jane learns the meaning of class differences as soon as she notices her rising feelings for her employer, Edward Rochester. Though in manners and countenance, they are socially equal, she is also his servant, and thus she cannot believe that he could ever fall in love with her.

Her intention to find a husband is most notably her desire to find a 'kindred spirit' and a home, which she believes to find in Rochester and Thornfield Hall.

rochester and jane eyre relationship

Uncommon for the Victorian era, Jane seeks a relationship in which both partners do respect and treat each other as equals. He has a stern manner and is not particularly handsome. In addition, Rochester shuns Thornfield as a place, where he will never be happy, especially without an appropriate partner. He was tricked into marrying a lunatic to secure a dowry of He imprisoned his wife, Bertha Mason, and holds her a secret to preserve his reputation.