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robin and raven relationship

And all of it, all of it pales in comparison to the relationship between Robin and Raven. To me they seem to have more in common - stoic, overly. 15 ROBIN AND STARFIRE . 9 BEAST BOY AND RAVEN gist of their relationship seemed to be parasitic, with Raven leeching the optimism. Raven is a member of the Teen Titans and the pentagonist in Teen Titans Go! a young sidekick named Robin took notice of her immense demonic powers. .. The show often depicts a romantic relationship between Raven and Beast Boy.

When it comes to Starfire.

robin and raven relationship

Her natural thick skin also makes her nearly impenetrable to conventional means of damage. Robin did propose to Starfire; however, their ceremony was thwarted by Raven, who was evil at the time. Call it cold feet, but Starfire suggested that they take a break after that. Sadly, a second marriage proposal never followed.

Raven (DC Comics)

Lost and scared on a new foreign planet, Robin became the first person outside of her legal guardian that she could place genuine trust in, and the first person who took the time to understand her. Robin introducing her to the Teen Titans was a pivotal point in Starfire learning to not only trust humans, but learning how to love one. This was exhibited at a point where she believed Robin no longer cared for her, and she lost the ability to fly. In hindsight, this can often work in her favor, as if she frustrated or enraged, her abilities are amplified.

Her attempts to split them up has spanned from forcing her sister into a ceremonial marriage with another alien species, attempting to seduce Robin herself, and just plain murder attempts. Blackfire seems to have no real interest in Robin or the other Titans, but she recognizes that these individuals disable her to oppress her sister as she once had. Her jealousy of her sister is pushed to new heights when she sees how happy Robin makes her. This was the case during the Kingdom Come future timeline, where Robin and Starfire had a daughter together who would go on to become a superhero, just like Mom and Pops.

Starfire is the only one in this relationship that can go airborne and this ability also allows her to travel through the atmosphere and into outer space.

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Good luck trying to keep up with her as well, as she commonly clocks in around the speed of light at the peak of her powers. It can't be the most fun part of getting into an argument with her. The two met when captured by the Terror Titans and forced to fight as gladiators in the Dark Side Club. When released, Aquagirl convinced Static to stay with the Teen Titans and become a member, despite the fact that both had been missing for months and Static informed her that he had a family that was probably really worried about him.

robin and raven relationship

They had believable chemistry and personalized interactions that made their brief relationship have meaning outside of narrative context. And therein lies the problem.

Their puppy love romance was so integral to the plot of one of the most iconic Teen Titans stories of all time that any reference, remake, or reimagining of "The Judas Contract" has to have them front and center.

Through time, a few cartoon shows, an animated movie, and several comic lines, their coupling has suffered from overexposure to the point where it began to feel exploitative and fans became disgusted by the repetition of it all. For starters, they were never officially a couple but treated each other like they were dating.

Ravager was the reformed daughter of Deathstroke, largely jaded with the various goings on of her more innocent teammates on the Titans. Their romance grew over time from just hanging out around Titans Tower to late-night skinny-dipping sessions.

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So why do they make the list? Simply because never in the course of their relationship did anyone so much as say they were together. Then New 52 answered their wish and showed fans the folly of their request.