Rin and yukio relationship advice

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rin and yukio relationship advice

Dating the Okumura brothers would include: Rin: Being a young exorcist with . Rin making a comment on how he doesn't need dating advice from a clown. Rin Okumura Exorcist Rank- Exwire Demon Level- Unknown Called- Rin Relationship with Satoru- Brothers one of his triplets. Rin is Satoru's brother and they. Is this all just a big misunderstanding or are they truly dating? Pairing: Mephisto x Amaimon and Yukio x Rin . "Hey, thanks for the advice.

And it was his fault for going too far with teasing his younger brother; he would have to claim responsibility. The green haired demon leaped out from his brother's open window and landed on various landings before going towards the front gate of True Cross.

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Now his brother would had thrown a fit and threaten him if it was a busy day but since it was practically summer vacation he was more lenient.

He landed outside of the gate, startling a few people. There was his otouto as well as his blond interest. His aniue told him that she was attending True Cross Academy full time, the same year as the older twin. Stubborn otouto glared at him; Amaimon sensed his brother's hostility rising as he gripped his sword holder.

rin and yukio relationship advice

His fiancee only glanced at him, curiosity and weariness behind her green forest eyes. I apologize about last time; I am Amaimon the Earth King. The demon king thought it was cute that she was modest. He wondered how long would it last after they finalized their vows. He was sort of glad that Rin stepped into their conversation. Surely a half demon who didn't understand the concept of his powers killing him, the seventh prince?

He was annoyed that his brother used him again but at least aniue let him come back under the rouse of a hamster as punishment for acting out. What the hell are you talking about? His fingers were itching to hit Rin but it would be pointless, his brother would laugh and beat his ass for acting out and he wouldn't look good in front of his fiancee.

He had already messed up the start so he had to at least work towards making his way back into her good graces. Rin growled and scuffed his foot. Amaimon leaned outside the doorway as Rin argued with his brother in his office.

He was already tired from waking earlier than usual, taking exams all day, and then finding out that the Earth King was still alive and just as annoying as usual. Mephisto sighed, fanning himself with a Japanese Touhou fan of Scarlet.

His cravat was slightly undone along with his blazer and his hat sat next to him. I thought it was impossible! Among the Eight Demon Kings, he is the seventh in strength. Amaimon has vast control over the land, such as being able to create earthquakes. He is eccentric and hates being laughed at or ignored. Unlike his father and elder brother Mephisto Pheles, Amaimon initially had little interest in Rin, instead wishing to tour Japan upon arrival, but quickly became obsessed with his younger half-brother after fighting him.

Amaimon mentions he has a cousin who has an interest in the occult and even goes on to say that he would be happy if he brought him a human eye. After Rin defeats Amaimon in the anime, he turns into a green hamster for the rest of the episodes, running in a hamster wheel located in Mephisto's office.

He retains his ability to speak to Mephisto. In the manga, Mephisto Pheles stopped Rin and Amaimon from fighting when Rin went berserk; he is later kept in another dimension, skewred in place by Mephisto until Amaimon's desire to kill Rin cools.

He has an obsession with sweets, as he is seen with a lollipop in his mouth most of the time.

rin and yukio relationship advice

He is sly and skillfully manipulates others to achieve his still-unknown goals. He can take control of demons and use their abilities. He seems to be interested in Yukio's development due to him being a son of Satan, and even attempted to convince him to kill Rin. He became younger by gaining Karura's power. When Rin awakes his demonic powers inherited from his father, Satan takes control of Rin's guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, in order to encounter and use his son to destroy Assiah. However, Fujimoto's suicide causes him to lose contact with Rin.

He really seemed to care about Rin and Yukio's mother; it was their shared dream to make world where demons and humans lived together in harmony. He meets her spirit at the end of the anime, where she comforts him on his failure by explaining their sons are the first step. He attacks Rin after AstarothKing of Rot takes over his body. Astaroth was exorcised by Shiro Fujimoto and Reiji hasn't been seen since. Reiji was a delinquent gang leader and likes troubling others.

Due to his evilness he was further possessed by Astaroth, the King of Rot. He is very sadistic. In contrast with his delinquent personality, Reiji comes from a rather rich family. Later on, it is revealed that he too attends True Cross Academy as a student.

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She is four or so when we are introduced to her and about nine years old when we see her after the whole nine-tailed fox mess.

She is Izumo Kamiki's little sister. After an incident when her mother got possessed by a nine-tailed fox demon, she and Izumo were taken to an Illuminati headquarters.

They were told they were there for their "protection" and that the Illuminati was "taking care of their mother". One day Izumo awoke without her sister without beside her as usual. An Illuminati agent named Maria Yoshida said that she had found out they were going to use Tsukumo for experiments, so the night before, Maria had taken Tsukumo to be adopted.

She was adopted right away because of her young age. Five years later it is revealed that Maria had not been lying to Izumo, Tsukumo had been adopted by Nemu Takaras' aunt and uncle. Tsukumo was safe from the Illuminati because she had been taken in by people protected by the True Cross Order. When Izumo approached her sister for the first time in five years, her sister did not remember her, unfortunately.

Her personality was somewhat like Rin's, rebelling against her father's wishes by living in the forest. Despite being an Exorcist, she regarded demons, such as the Goblins and the Snowmen, as her friends. She believed they were curious about life in Assiah and only acted evil because they resented being ostracised by humans.

She first encountered Satan on a mission investigating spontaneous combustion. Unlike her companions, Yuri was able to resist being incinerated by Satan's flames. She took pity on him and allowed him to possess her to experience life in Assiah. Not long after, their children Rin and Yukio were conceived.

Her own father ordered her to be burned alive after she refused to abort her unborn children.

rin and yukio relationship advice

She was saved by Satan and fled back to the woods and gave birth before passing away. Many have claimed that the twins strongly resemble their mother. He is a black cat with two tails which is considered to be sacred in ancient Japan who possesses the abilities of change from a small cat into a nekomataa giant demon cat with immense strength and power, and the demon telepathy, which allow him to mentally communicate with other demons, including Rin.

In ancient times, Kuro used to be the guardian deity of some local silk farmers, until be forgotten by people as the times changed, going berserk, but Fujimoto tamed him and made him his familiar. He soon gained a new role as one of the guardians of the True Cross Academy. After learning of Shiro's death, Kuro lost control and begin attacking the academy, until Rin calm him down, becoming his familiar in the process.

He is Yuri Egin's father and Rin and Yukio's grandfather. He holds a deep hatred against Satan and demons for ruining his life.

In the anime only arc, Ernst gave the order to have his daughter, Yuri Egin, executed when he found out that she was pregnant with the children of Satan, indicating that his hatred is unbound by family love. His hatred only grew after the blue night, when he was possessed by Satan, who was trying to save Yuri. Following Yuri's escape,he orders her and her children to be hunted down and destroyed, and believed that they were all killed.

He also is against the Grigori's decision to allow Mephisto to belong in the Order, going along with his dislike for demons. After discovering his grandsons are actually alive and working as exorcists, He recruits Yukio since he believes that he is purely human, whereas Rin has awakened his demonic abilities as a part of his plan to wipe out all demons. As such, he hates Rin, and even attempts to kill him to open the Gehenna Gate using his blood.

He is killed when a vengeful Satan sucks him through the Gehenna Gate he opened. He seems to be sealed in a shrine for an unknown reason. He is looked after by Rin during the festival. Amaimon looked away and flushed at his thoughts. Don't think like that around him! Amaimon's cheeks grew redder when his brother placed his fingers under his chin to get a better view of Amaimon's face.

Mephisto placed his hand across his brother's forehead.

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Amaimon crouched down in the hall and put his face in his hands and pulled his knees to his chest. I need to get over Mephisto. He'll never love me. Amaimon sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

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He wanted to cry right now, but that would be showing weakness and he never showed weakness. Instead, he rubbed his face to distract himself from crying. He sighed again and that's when he heard footsteps coming from down the hall.

Amaimon panicked and hid inside the janitor's closet. He waited until the footsteps disappeared and he heard a door open before he came out of the closet. When he stepped out, he saw that Mephisto's door was open just a crack and Amaimon wondered who Mephisto would be seeing.

Curious, he walked over to the door and looked in through the crack to see that the person Mephisto was seeing was Rin?! What's he doing here? Amaimon put his ear to the door and listened to their conversation.

rin and yukio relationship advice

It was a little hard to hear them though. Are you sure you love…me? Rin and Mephisto…are a couple. He just sat there thinking over what he just heard. It seemed a little crazy, but why would Rin and Mephisto be talking about love unless they loved each other? Amaimon could feel the tears building in the corners of his eyes and he closed them to keep the tears at bay.

He just wanted to be left alone forever now. If Mephisto didn't love him then, he wasn't sure what he would do. However, he was shocked when a voice sounded right beside him. We stood and immediately took off down the hall. He could hear Rin following him so; he went out the front door and looked around for a second.

He found a small alley and ducked into it. It was dark and had a foul odor, but he had to get away from Rin.

rin and yukio relationship advice

He ran to the back and crouched back down. Rin had first stolen his crush and now he had seen him when he was weak. Amaimon couldn't stop crying either.

He was disgusted with himself for showing so much feebleness. He was supposed to have a crush on Mephisto not absolutely go head over heels for him! Amaimon looked up to see Rin in front of him. He saw his perfectly round face with no blemishes. His black hair was cut beautifully and he had bright blue orbs.