Rikku and gippal relationship marketing

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rikku and gippal relationship marketing

It's not just required for Rikku to jump down to that one hidden ledge she wonders just a little too enthusiastically, jeopardizing her relationship with Yuna and Paine. Although Gippal kind of loses points for not letting the fiends burn . unsatisfied audience isn't a result of his poor planning or marketing. as the ideal couple, with no scruples or marks on their perfect relationship. .. Though Rikku and Gippal had yet to mention it to each other, it was . those marvelous buildings, the market streets, always clean and full of life. Gippal is an Al Bhed and leader of the Machine Faction in Final Fantasy X Temple with a connection on Bikanel Island where people can excavate the desert. At the temple Gippal meets Yuna, Rikku and Paine who want to go digging at.

Wakka turned around and looked at Yuna, something akin to wonder and shock on his face. What happened to the sweet and timid girl I used to know?

I don't know whether I should blame Tidus or Rikku or both. Wakka, satisfied that she was finally embarrassed, turned back to the road. It was true that she had never been this bold growing up. She had always been the kind, shy one, and everyone had always protected her from any harsh criticism or teasing. Then she had begun training to be the High Summoner, and her life had been nothing but seriousness after that. She hadn't had time for sarcasm or pranks or jokes like the others, and only recently had she begun discovering that part of her.

Of course it was Tidus and Rikku's fault, and the Gullwings, too. They were bringing out a side of her she had never known existed, and she liked it. It was okay to be reckless and make mistakes now; she didn't have to worry about disappointing an entire world.

Now, you are my Yuna. Who I would've been if Sin had never existed, or I didn't decide to follow my father's footsteps. He loved her, believed in her, and would support any decision she made.

That unconditional love was what gave her strength to keep discovering herself. He parked the land machina outside the village and jumped out. Tidus got down first, and then turned to help her. She put her hands on his shoulders and he held her waist. Slowly he let her slide down to the ground, just the way she preferred. Their eyes were locked on each other, unspoken words passing between them. He had taken the beach bag and was already heading into the village. He smiled back and placed his arm around her shoulders.

Together they walked into the village. As they approached Lulu and Wakka's hut, Rikku came running out, much more excited than usual, if that were possible. It was our news to tell! It appeared Rikku had something to say too, so she could still have the pleasure of telling her cousin about the engagement. It was only then that Yuna noticed the look of horror on Rikku's face. Bevelle has been destroyed! The first was to clutch the arm around Tidus' waist even tighter, and the second was to put her other hand on the butt of her pistol.

Though she didn't know which one she clutched for protection and which one for comfort. Rikku was still shouting excitedly, detailing what little she knew, but Yuna's mind seemed to have blanked as the horror sank in.

Bevelle, the most beautiful city in Spira, where she had just spent the past week of her life, it had been … destroyed?! But they had just been there. She and Tidus had just attended a conference meeting there last night, listening to an Al Bhed captain talk about expanding Home.

They had all just been there at the docks last night when the Gullwings picked them up to make a secret departure back to Besaid. All of that was destroyed? How many times had she come close to dying, only to avoid it by barely a margin? And now again, she had just escaped with her life, brushing against death like some passerby, Her mind began dissolving in fear, her thoughts splintering with the terror. When she tried to reach them, they slipped away like water in her hands.

rikku and gippal relationship marketing

Snap out of it! You completely checked out on us. Come on, Paine is on the commsphere, waiting to talk to us. Paine was in Bevelle with us. She was doing some work for Baralai. Oh no, she's been hurt! And that means she…' Tidus gave her another little shake, bringing her out of her reverie.

Yuna gave herself a mental shake. There was no time to let herself be petrified by fright. Paine needed her, it was that simple. She would do anything for her friend, and that included not freaking out. Tidus was still watching her anxiously.

He had grabbed her when her knees had almost given away, and he had watched her little mental vacation. He wasn't going to let her go if she was still shaky. Let's go," Yuna said assertively, trying to ease his concern. To prove she was fine, she pushed pass him and entered Wakka and Lulu's hut ahead of him. Brother and Buddy were already there, sitting stiffly on Lulu's couch and being strangely quiet for once.

They were watching Rikku, who was speaking hysterically into the commsphere she held in front of her. When I told them, Yunie went into shock! How are we going-" Brother jumped up from his spot on the couch, cutting Rikku off. Rikku said you fainted! Bad, bad, not good! I knew he couldn't-" "Brother, Rikku, I'm fine," Yuna interrupted. Brother took a step toward her, his face filled with alarm, but she held up a hand to stop him.

I don't plan to break apart. Though she had just been condemning her position just less than an hour ago, Yuna knew, as a summoner, it was her unofficial duty to comfort her people in times of distress.

Yuna took the commesphere from Rikku and turned up the volume. Paine was as close to tears as Yuna had ever seen her. Her shoulders slumped; she looked completely defeated and exhausted.

It will be okay. Just tell me what happened," Yuna said soothingly. They came over the city, flying low, but-but not putting down landing gear. They were this strange color, not like anything I've ever seen. They- there was … something that fell from them.

rikku and gippal relationship marketing

Several somethings, but we were so far away we didn't even know if they were real…" Paine was babbling, or at least very close to it. Her words came out in a jumble and Yuna had to sort through them to understand what she was saying. She had never seen Paine like this. B-but, almost as soon as they were gone, the explosions started, All large fireballs on the buildings and all over the city.

Then the buildings started crumbling, falling over. It was like watching sandcastles being washed away. And when we got closer, we heard … the screaming…" Paine disappeared from the viewscreen. Overcome with emotion, she couldn't speak anymore. In the background there was some muttering, then Baralai appeared onscreen.

His face was just as dusty and ragged as Paine's had been. The commespheres have been malfunctioning all afternoon. Only an hour ago were we finally able to get word out to the anyone else about what happened. We spent the entire afternoon pulling people out of the rubble and tending to their injuries. We've run out of potions and everything is completely in ruins. It's nothing but a pile of stones. The Cloister of Trials, the chamber of the Fayth, all the documents, all that history, all the teachings It switched back to Paine's face again.

We've managed to round up a few survivors and made camp at the docks; it's the only place that is not in danger of being buried by falling rubble. They all have blank eyes, … and they won't answer when you talk to them.

A lot more are still in there, searching for their loved ones and friends. It's not safe for them to be there, all the buildings keep collapsing, but they refuse to leave.

She grabbed the commesphere from Yuna. The disaster had worn out her patience this afternoon; she was in no mood to deal with Rikku's hysterics. Where was he when the explosions went off?! Before we left, we saw him speaking with another Youth League captain about weapons. Where did you guys go? You said you saw the bombs go off, but were too far away.

Rikku stood motionless as she processed this. Her breathing was becoming harsher, her face turning red as her temper rose. She began yelling obscenely in Al Bhed at Paine.

She gently pulled the commsphere away from her, afraid she might throw and break it into smithereens. Yuna handed it off to Tidus as she pulled the fuming Rikku into her arms. It took a second, but then Rikku clutched desperately at Yuna. The girl broke down into tears. Yuna lightly hushed her. He's got to be okay. They'll find him soon. And we will be there by tomorrow to help everyone. Everything is going to be fine. Right now, her cousin didn't need to add to her distress.

Though Rikku and Gippal had yet to mention it to each other, it was obvious to everyone else how crazy they were about each other. Yuna couldn't imagine how Rikku felt right now, being told the one she loved might be gone forever … 'On second thought, maybe I do know what's she's going through. Just the memory of that anguish made her turn around and look at Tidus, just to reassure herself he was still alive, and still here.

Tidus was speaking into the commsphere. Hang in there, Paine. The cavalry is on its way. We can be there by noon tomorrow. Oh, thank the Fayth, the commspheres are finally reaching Besaid," came Nooj's reply on the sphere. From what I'm hearing, there hasn't been a working commsphere anywhere in Spira.

I haven't even been able to get a signal. Somehow whatever happened in Bevelle affected the commsphere signals. The poor man was so glad to finally reach me, he Paine told me what happened.

I thought you were going to remain in Bevelle and keep negotiating with the New Yevon. She said she had been cooped up in that hotel room in Bevelle for a week and needed to get out. Apparently, she finished all her Bevelle shopping in the first two days we were there.

I thought we could use a break, one quick day trip to Luca before tomorrow's meetings, but I never should have left! You're lucky you got out of there when you did. You or LeBlanc probably wouldn't be alive if you hadn't. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think shopping just saved your life, man. The thought of all his new friends, scared and helpless in Bevelle, made him want to jump on the Celsius and fly there himself. Nooj watched Tidus, both men regarding each other in silence.

To a man, Nooj could see Tidus understood, and he acknowledged that Tidus was right, this was no time to lose his cool. Too much damage had already been done, and even more had been lost this day. Tidus turned his back to Rikku and Yuna and softly whispered that they hadn't. Wakka suddenly held up another commsphere. Find out who it is," said Lulu from her chair in the corner of the room.

She adjusted the sleeping Vidina in her arms and settled back to silently listening. Wakka turned on the sphere. Out came a loud string of Al Bhed commands and curses.

We can't understand you," Wakka tried to shout over him to no avail. He put the sphere on mute. He's been trying to reach you ever since I called him earlier and told him what happened," Nooj replied. So are Rikku, Brother, and Buddy. They flew us here last night. So you're all safe? She was stroking Rikku's back as the girl still had her face buried in her neck. Yuna was quietly observing everything that was being said from over Rikku's shoulder.

She was impressed with how he was taking control of the situation. This was a side to him she had never seen before, except when strategically battling. But then again, he never could stand it when everyone just stood around and nothing got done.

He liked having the problems solved. I can't say the same for Bevelle, though," he told Cid. We sent two ships off fast as we could. They should be arrivin' at Bevelle's docks within a few hours. We're almost ready to go with the second shift, more properly supplied this time. We should be there by mid-mornin'.

Just then, Rikku's face lifted off Yuna's shoulder as her mind finally registered her father's voice. Drao lyh'd veht res! Drao tuh'd ghuf frana ra ec! Ra lyh'd pa tayt, Vydran, ra zicd lyh'd pa! They don't know where he is!

He can't be dead, Father, he just can't be! Fryd yna oui dymgehk ypuid? What are you talking about? She fell to her knees, her head bent as noisy tears fell down her face. The sphere, cupped in both her hands, had launched into another litany of Al Bhed curses. Ain't Afraid to Die by Cassandra reviews Finally coming to grips with Spike's death, the Bebop crew are back to bounty hunting but Spike's sudden reappearance and a botched bounty force Faye to reconsider the life she leads especially when she is targeted by someone from her past.

She soon finds herself not only intrigued by Pam's attractive older brother, but in over her head with him in a role-playing scheme. Rated M for later chapters. Could her landlord just happen to be the man of her dreams? People in love do crazy things. The only thing they're stupid for is falling in love.

Spike survived but it was Faye who left, when he returned.

Months pass and when Faye comes in sight again, she's changed. What's happened and what kind of trouble is she in now? Will the remaining Beboppers get involved?

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Rikku and Gippal

Jin has a new profession, Mugen's reputation precedes him and Fuu tells it like it is. Even if she doesn't always know what it is herself. A home that isn't hers. A trust that grows, and a love that emerges Final Fantasy X-2 - Rated: T for Mugen's mouth and slight sexual situations.

But as a fugitive princess and redhead ex-Turk discover, there are those who would do anything to disrupt this tentative peace. T - English - Angst - Chapters: Will a deformed man's desire for revenge destroy the future of a young couple? Or were all three fated to begin this dark journey and face the evils of the past? A story of the struggle between hatred and love, vengeance and redemption. However, nobody bats an eye to this.

But when Fuu is kidnapped, she realizes the plan laid out for her could end up killing her unless she finds a way out. In fact, with a love like this, who needs enemies? Especially the feeling she got whenever she saw his rugged face, even if it was on the news as they handcuffed him.

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When her parents marriage is thrown into turmoil she struggles to understand the increasing coldness, why it happened and how to deal with the rollercoaster of life itself. Spike is back on the Bebop and the Lions Syndicate is out for his head. They will do anything to get him even if it means dealing with the loud mouth Faye.

FxS Cowboy Bebop - Rated: Various ratings and genres, some elements of SpikexJulia and JetxFaye. Without warning, her dad's face split into a tremendous grin, and he pulled her into a hug, laughing gently. I never had stability when I was a kid, and I wanted it so badly for you.

And when you were born…" he smiled at her, stroking her hair, and Bayla leant against his hand automatically. I know sort of how you feel at the moment, but you'll be fine once you get there.

Rikku and Gippal - Just The Girl

We've given you all we can, and now its time to take that with you. If she lost it, he'd lose it, and mom would come home to find them flooding the house with their tears. I've had a great childhood, and I love you so much, but…I feel like I'm a chocobo in a china store, and I can't stretch my wings any further in case I knock something over.

And going to Bikanel…it just feels right. I can't explain it. I just hope you understand, and understand that I'm grateful. You did loads of good for Spira," she protested, but he silenced her. Sadly, you've got my nonconformist streak, and I just know the sort of trouble you could get into without guidance. I'll have failed as a parent if you do anything stupid. She stood up and left her father on the bed, walking over to the door and taking her things off the hooks there.

Beside Deka's coats, Bayla took down her plastic sheet raincoat, her favourite hooded jumper, and the beautifully made Zandal coat Elodie had given her last year. It was her favourite outdoor coat that she wore when they went to Djose — a considerably cooler clime than she was used to here in Besaid. It was knitted from dyed sheep's wool, in two tones of blue; a beautiful deep shade like the sky after the red seeped down the horizon after the setting sun, and the other the bright blue of the sky.

The pattern resembled waves around the arms, and had intricate fish jumping in pairs on the front, with a large motif of the glyph representing peace in Stroma, as well as dyed chocobo feathers woven cunningly into the braids that hung down over the chest from the swirly patterned hood.

The zip was placed just so, making it hidden from view altogether so that it looked like a traditional jumper when zipped up. She looked up in time to se her dad pull a face.

Take a jacket with you," he advised. As she folded the coat away, he stood up and pulled her back to the bed where they remained standing, and he pulled the thing from his pocket she had noticed earlier. And I want you to have it now.

I don't need any," He smiled. When he raised his hand, an exquisite necklace dangled from his fingers. Gently, he took her hand away from her mouth and deposited it in her palm so she could have a closer look.

It was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, you name it and this necklace probably embodied that word. A very fine silver chain connected to the two wing tips of a starling bird made from silver, which was covered in tiny semi-precious stones and mother of pearl to make it look so life like she almost expected it to fly from her hand, but it sat there sparkling in the sunlight and cool against her skin from its stay in the box for so long.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Lord Braska had this made for his wife before they were married. Your mother inherited it after she died, and now its yours. Bayla's father held her at arms length for a moment, before cupping her face with his hands, and she felt the tears bubble up again, but she kept them at bay.

She had to close her eyes because his smile would tear down what little defences she had left. I see so much of her in you, every time I look at you. Bayla went back to sorting her possessions, and this time she took everything she wanted to keep but couldn't take with her in a chest. After scrabbling round of the key between the sheets and her mattress, she locked the chest and shoved it under the bed. Deka would make sure nothing happened to it.

XOXOX Raelyn shivered as he walked into the underground room behind the Chief's son, staring at the flaming torches in metal brackets that reminded him of witch hunts and painful death by fire, rather than the more cheery campfire scenario of his childhood that seemed so far away.

He scuttled in the man's shadow, trying not to attract attention from the huge men that wore odd sort of helmets with wrought metal masks over them that obscured the face, neck and shoulders. He'd heard terrible rumours about what was under those masks, and he was sure the reality would be ten times more frightening if he really found out firsthand.

rikku and gippal relationship marketing

After the mission in Bevelle, Raelyn had been promoted, and he had been thrilled at first because he thought he would get more pay and a better care package. But instead, he was forbidden to see his old teammates, and had to do Tamaki's bidding, and swan round after him with these guys breathing down his neck.

They reached a door right at the end of the long, wide corridor, and Tamaki snapped his fingers. Raelyn ran forward to open it for him, remembering painfully the last time he had not done this. His ribs twinge painfully in a relatively soft echo of the agony he had endured. Raelyn hated this room too; all manner of nasty looking implements against the closest wall, while the one behind the huge mahogany desk where their Chief sat had lots of shelves holding jars with pickled animals in them.

The other walls, thankfully, were covered in books — although that was little comfort when you read the titles. Raelyn, like most people, spoke a little bit of the common Zandal language known as Allphah,and it didn't take a linguistic genius to understand the gist of those headings. He was slender and tall, with grey-flecked hair and the most curious — bright red eyes. Raelyn knew a few people whose eyes were a sort of burgundy colour, or dark brown with a tint of red around the iris, but he'd never met someone with eyes as red as that before.

Tamaki perched himself on the edge of the desk like a child misbehaving in school, and swung one of his legs back and forth, smiling benignly. I have made myself known to the good Lady Yuna. The Pilanel will be ushering in a new age of astrology.

rikku and gippal relationship marketing

But does it have to do with us? With the Division," Raelyn held his breath; this was vitally important, he could feel it.

rikku and gippal relationship marketing

Do you know the full of it? It would summon pyreflies and all manner of nasty things if I spoke in Zandal," he took a green leather bound tome from a shelf, flicked through the pages, and began reciting.

The Day Dreamer alone may unlock this gate and the path to the stairwell, and shall lead the way to the chamber within. Only they may remove the Chalice of Life from its podium and call forth the powers to render their enemies asunder. And who or what is the day dreamer? I have a few likely candidates," he put the book down and went back to his desk.

Of course, only one of them is in the end. Not in Spira, at least. These are the Dreams of the Fayth from over the ages, and a handful of people who either lost their memory from the toxin, or ran away from home and created new identities for themselves. They had lost their power twenty-two years ago, who cared about Yevon and the summoners?

They had no sway over people anymore. He had no family! Didn't he mean Zanarkand? Raelyn was getting more and more lost, and ever more uneasy. The Chief sat down in his chair and folded his hands in his lap like an old Yevon priest.

But he didn't," "Clearly, I saw this man in Luca. He's a blitzer," Tamaki shot Raelyn a sudden look that made the blood drain from his face, before looking back to his father while the poor man tried to recover. What is the nature of their relationship? A high-ranking woman like her, it may have been political. Or a ploy," he added as an after thought. While life fades away to the beyond, the hearts of those left behind beat for their loss.

I believe Lady Yuna was most distressed when she discovered this for herself. And, as she fought so valiantly to defend Spira once more against the Colossus, they granted her a wish — like a genie, if you will.

Raelyn sure as hell didn't. It was a reward of sorts for her hard work, and he returned to the land of the living with flesh and blood and powerful emotions. I doubt he understands any of this. As you saw in this file, he was adopted by a Zandal Shaman to give him a background that was written in New Yevon's census over twenty years ago.

According to these papers," he shuffled them around his desk and handed a copy to his son. Raelyn didn't know enough to understand the meanings of those names, but he understood the significance all right. To be fully recognised as an adult, every Zandal was given a task they had to complete, and this proved their worth as a person, and gave them to right to the ceremonial tattoos that they wore on their skin.

It was often how adopted people entered the tribes, since in the eyes of the Lunar Spirits; all were equal with the same fighting chance. At least, that was Raelyn's understanding. In Spiran culture, it was still a case of some being more equal than others.

Jechetsson honours his father, of course. They do like to complicate things, don't they? But yes, the Shaman who adopted him made Sir Tidus her oath brother and chose his given name. I may have seen her as well," "Her use name is Elodie, but her adult name is J-airai. The Shaman hide their other names well, so all I know is her first, but she is a Stroma as well. That is how she managed to twist the census questions in her favour and claim he was born on the land of her ancestors.

Unless it's his name — sun on the waves. And you saw yourself his physical appearance; it is a play on words, as the Zandal like to be cryptic like that. No, he is influenced by the moon. Men are dominated by the Sun Energy," "Ah, but he has been warped. His perceived love of his woman bent his Chi energy.

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And it is only at the lunar midnight that the gate can be opened, so it logically follows that this man has a dominant Moon Energy. Perhaps the daydream refers to one of them. I believe Sir Tidus has two daughters," "Yes, but they are young. They have not the physical strength for the task.

Now, a blitzball player! Why, he has extraordinary strength and physical endurance. He heard footsteps towards the wall hanging with weapons, and the ring of steel on steel. He gulped and chanced a glance up, and his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when he saw the simple, beautiful, deadly blade in the Chief's hand. The man began walking round the room in silence, and Tamaki stilled as he watched. Raelyn felt all the hairs on his body stand to attention as one, and he began to tremble despite himself.

It was a psychological trick I guessed, but all the same he found that his breathing was difficult — the air just wouldn't get past his lips to his lungs easily, and he struggled to maintain control of his panic.

I'm terribly sorry, my boy. Tamaki sprang up so fast he reeled backwards to avoid the collision, and something seemed to slide into his back with relative ease, even before the Chief's son grabbed his shoulder to keep him still. Raelyn took a sharp breath, looking straight ahead, acutely aware of how he could feel something lodged inside his ribcage, and of how his heart rate seemed to have spiralled out of control.