Relationship goals football and cheerleader clip

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relationship goals football and cheerleader clip

High school cheerleader, 19, jailed for having sex with underage girl speaks out about her new relationship with a much OLDER woman. See more ideas about Poster ideas, Football season and Football cheer. Promposal, Poster Ideas, Couple Pictures, Married Couple Photos, Couple Photos. Wanda Holloway's ultimate goal was for her daughter to become a cheerleader. . But like many people from Channelview, the couple never made the break. .. To them, the ideal boy plays football and his girlfriend twirls a baton on the field or long skinny legs and her thick, coarse hair barely restrained by two hair clips .

Get the stats on E! Ariel Anderson is the younger sister of Kierra Douglas. While Ariel claims that she is currently single, she has been linked to several football players in the past.

Ariel teaches classes at the dance studio she shares with Kierra, but is looking for a larger role in the business. Niche Caldwell and Wide Receiver, Andre Caldwell, have been together since college and have two children together. Niche is a model and an interior designer, who admittedly will judge your house the moment she walks in. Kierra has a Business Degree and owns two businesses in Atlanta: Kaylin is a model as well as a former cheerleader for two professional sports teams, and she has previously won the coveted title of Miss Georgia and placed in the Top 15 in the Miss USA pageant.

Kaylin loves to have a good time and never takes herself too seriously! Kesha Norman has been with C. Mosley, Defensive Tackle and an year football veteran, for 4 years. The couple has a two-year-old daughter together but have struggled with infidelity issues in the past. Kesha is a stay-at-home mom, who also manages 12 rental properties and a trucking company that they own. She was pretty much queen of the school.

relationship goals football and cheerleader clip

However, after she's nearly killed before the prom and having to be saved by Gentarou, Miu ends up having a Heel Realizationquits the cheerleader squad, breaks up with Shun and joins the Kamen Rider Club. As president, of course. Old habits die hard. The Villain of the Week in one Leverage episode is a former cheerleader; however, their client is the coach of a cheerleading squad who is very concerned about the welfare of her team, all of whom appear to be normal kids doing something they love.

Kate from Lizzie McGuire was the captain of the cheerleading squad and led a group of nasty bitches, including her Girl Posse of stupid girls. She victimized Lizzie as much as possible, singing a "U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi, you ugly" cheer to her in front of the whole school.

In the "Lois Strikes Back" episode of Malcolm in the Middlefour cheerleaders pull an evil prank on Reese by pretending that he has a secret admirer and then drop off a pig at his front door, sending Reese into a depression. In an early episode of Married Very unusually cheerleading is portrayed as extremely uncool and Kelly outright refers to her fellow cheerleaders as geeks though this could be seen as part of the 'cheerleaders are conformist zombies' section of the trope.

Watch Preview Of ‘Wags Atlanta’ Wednesday

The coach was a former high school cheerleader back in her glory days, and now she is stuck teaching very Hollywood Homely cheerleaders. One fatone pregnant with her second child, and one with Braces of Orthodontic Overkill. Earl decides to help them win the championship.

relationship goals football and cheerleader clip

She's so jealous of her Lovable Jock rival Amber that she drops her in the middle of a presentation and makes her fall to the ground hard AND head-first Libby and her minions in Sabrina the Teenage Witcha series in which cheerleaders are treated as Always Chaotic Evil until proven otherwise. An entire episode was based around Sabrina freaking out over her best friend looking to join the squad she gets over it but from her reaction you'd think Valerie had joined a cult.

In an episode of Scrubs when Elliott is being ostracised by the nursing staff, JD has an Imagine Spot of her as a band member, Carla as the Alpha Bitch head cheerleader and the nurses as her Girl Posse.

Lana Lang was a cheerleader in Smallville but quit to 'find her own identity'. Although the cheerleaders were not depicted as malicious or dangerous until much later, and then only in the single episode "Devoted.

Though of course this itself is an example of the trope in that apparently no protagonist should want to be a cheerleader. An episode of Two of a Kind has Ashley wanting to join the cheerleading squad because "Being a cheerleader would make me really really popular" check.

They're rather disgusted at her sister Mary-Kate hanging out with a Gothso they make her spray paint said Goth 's backpack check. She does the deed, but feeling sorry for how Goth feels about her treatment, tells the Alpha Bitch: In black, of course. Jackie from That 70s Show is a cheerleader. While she is selfish and dumb, she's not evil or slutty in fact, she does have two stable boyfriends, and the conflict between Hyde and Kelso happens when she can't really decide between them.

She's eventually kicked off the squad in season 6; when she realizes that she doesn't want to be taken back, it's shown as a part of her personal growth. Kimberly from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is mostly an aversion. Maybe ditzy at times, but not always. She "retired" from it previous to the start of the series, but younger girls trying out tend to look up to her. The cheerleaders on The Middle play this trope straight being pretty but shallow and being stupid mean girls by being so self-centered.

Averted by the Wrestlerettes, a cheerleading group headed by Sue Heck, who is optimistic and nice. A mild example from The Office US: He doesn't actually say anything about cheerleading as such but with his reaction and Pam's, who teases him over it the episode does seem to link 'cheerleader' with 'ditzy'.

Played in The Vampire Diaries as Elena, Bonnie and Caroline all start the show as cheerleaders and all quit for various reasons. Subverted in Unnatural Historythe 'dumb cheerleader' turned out to be incredibly smart, and was dosing the team with the 'fountain of youth' in secret. The reason she pretended to be dumb was so boys would like her. Subverted in Wizards of Waverly Place by Harper, who is nice, fairly smart and not a slut.

Alex who joins the squad can be a bitch and is Book Dumb but doesn't get around. Alex also never wanted to be a cheerleader. Marti gets around quite a bit but is smart and heroic, Alice and Cathy, especially Cathy are bad but not dumb and, by college standards not particularly slutty, although as a supposed conservative Christian Cathy is a hypocrite in that regard. Savannah on the other hand hits none of the buttons being nice, chaste and smart.

Music The Cheer Up, Charlie Daniels song "Pig Tails" is about a guy realizing that his girlfriend's like this she's already a cheerleader, but as far as personality goes.

He notes that she 'used to be sweeter', indicating that she may have been nicer before. In the music video for Lordi 's "Hard Rock Hallelujah" the metalhead girl is bullied and ostracized by a cheerleading squad And then raises them as zombie thralls, which the metalhead girl then leads against the rest of the high school.

It's pretty much every high school goth kid's fantasy. Taylor Swift 's You belong with me has the girlfriend of the boy that the narrator likes as a cheerleader and a nasty, selfish bitch Taylor herself is part of a cheerleading squad in her "Shake It Off" video. Newspaper Comics Discussed by Jason in FoxTrot where he claims Paige has a better chance of making the squad because she's from his perspective stupid. Granted, he was just saying that to get under her skin; Paige herself actually doesn't fit this trope.

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She's slightly nicer than fellow cheerleader Katiebut she'll happily throw insults at people she doesn't like. Professional Wrestling Cheerleader Melissa debuted in the role of a valet and was a straight example, as far as "cheerleaders are mean" goes. She remained mean but later let up on attempting to lead cheers. Her signature move was following Kevin Sullivan 's tree of woe shoulder charge with an elbow to the groin of the still-treed opponent.

However, they invoked the Free Bird rule to allow Benjamin to wrestle and the group later turned. The group's goal was to root out all the undesirable females from the company and beat men to prove the right women themselves should be treated as equals.

Miss December, cheer leading pig tail enthusiast and temper tantrum thrower, when she does not get her way at least. WWE had a lovely example in the Spirit Squad, five cheerleaders invoking the Free Bird Rule and not even having the grace to acknowledge it.

The gimmick seems to have stunted the careers of all involved not named Dykstra or Dolph Ziggler. However, Kenny, Mikey and Johnny decided to embrace their association with the gimmick in and even managed to defeat representatives from The Flood at Chikara 's King Of Trios.

Theater Legally Blonde The Musical loves this trope and plays with it in a really confusing way: Serena is a cheerleader and a sorority member, but sorority girls are supposed to be the good ones here. Yet she's slutty, but not the sluttiest Delta-Nu.

And she knows how to use her sex-appeal, but is also willing to teach other non-cheerleader women to gain confidence by doing the same.

relationship goals football and cheerleader clip

Video Games Bully plays this straight. Not only is Mandy Wiles, the team captain and Alpha Bitcha jerk, but the other three girls Pinky, Christy and Angie on the squad are much nastier while in uniform than when they're not. Sandy in Maniac Mansion seems to fall under the "dumb and pretty" version of the trope — her major purpose in the game is to be the helpless victim kidnapped by the mad scientist and his family, thus motivating her cool boyfriend and his highly-varied friends to ride to the rescue.

In Psychonautsthe romance story of the Black Velvetopia stage is eventually revealed to be an overly romanticized version of Edgar's memories of his former cheerleader girlfriend who dumped him for the head male cheerleader. At the end of the stage, Edgar realizes that Lana and Dean were stupid and shallow individuals who aren't worth obsessing over and thus banishes them to the deepest pits of his memories.

She's quite feisty though unlike many examples, she's actually The Heroine of the story. Web Animation Although another episode has her claim "I'm off duty!

The Most Popular Girls in School: Trisha Cappelletti and Trisha 2 avert this by being some of the nicest characters in the show, despite both being rather ditzy Woman Children. Web Video Mostly averted by Roxy in The Out Crowd who used to be a cheerleader and is both nice and at least average in her intelligence. She did have an affair with a professor but it's implied that it wasn't part of a pattern and that she had strong feelings for him Western Animation In the Made-for-TV animated filmGroove Squadit's both averted and played straight — It's averted with the Chrissy, Ping and Mac the titular "Groove Squad"who, while cheerleaders, are very kind and friendly.

Star Nightingale, the Groove Squad's main rival at their high school, seems to be the only truly mean-spirited cheerleader on their squad—her dad's the main villain in the movie, and Star's arguably just as evil as he is if not more evil. They seem more "easily manipulated" than straight-up "evil. Partially subverted in that while she can act dumb and be mean on occasion, she also gets some Character Development as a Lovable Alpha Bitch and a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Also, she doesn't Really Gets Around that much, since she only has eyes for Ulrichwho couldn't be less interested. The cheerleaders of Danny Phantom as Paulina.

Brittany in Dariawho is blonde, busty and totally dense. Thoughtless and over-candid, especially to Daria, but not nasty. Kick Buttowski gives us true demonic cheerleaders.