Relation and relationship

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relation and relationship

A relationship = the sense of being related and usually applies to people. However, the concept of a relationship can be abstracted to all things. The main difference between relation and relationship in DBMS is that relation refers to a table in a relational model based database while. This connection can be defined in terms of a relationship or relation. A relationship is link between two subjects or human beings and is used.

In the case of human beings relationships are special connections that is either bound by blood or marriage or by a unique union. For example Sophie and her mother Jane have a mother-daughter relationship.

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A relation is formally used to identify the link between two groups, countries or elements. For example, Two countries can have great diplomatic relations. The term relation is used formally to identify different connections.

relation and relationship

Relation can be used to show the mutual connection between two different countries. For example, The relations between Britain and US are quite solid.

what is the difference between ( relation ) and ( relationship ) ?

Relations can also indicate people who are related to each other in a specific way. For example, The billionaire invited all her relations to the party, including the distant ones.

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Relation can also be used to identify similarities between two different things. For example, The relation between ether and bitcoin is very imperceptible. What is a Relationship?

relation and relationship

A relationship is a term used informally to identify linkages or various connections between people or item and describes how they are associated. This term can be used to describe several connections listed below: The links that exist between small groups of human beings. It can also describe close ties between people or groups of people and the way they feel and behave towards each other: The Smiths placed great emphasis on close family relationships and always went on holiday together.

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The relationship between the leaders of the two countries has never been closer. Relations Relation also describes the link between people, groups or countries and the way they behave towards each other. In this sense there is very little difference between relations and relationship.

What is the difference between relation and relationship?

For instance, we could also say: Relations between the leaders of the two countries have never been closer. Most of the differences are context specific in this sense.

relation and relationship

For example, we talk about diplomatic relations and race relations, not diplomatic relationships or race relationships: Diplomatic relations between the two countries were broken off over this incident and their ambassadors were sent home.

The need to improve race relations in Inner London boroughs is of paramount importance. Your relations are also members of your family: I invited all my friends and relations to my twenty-first birthday party. Mark Totterdale and Simon Totterdale no relation are both head teachers in Bristol.

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Your blood relations are the people who are related to you by birth, not through marriage. If you say that they are your own flesh and blood, you are emphasizing that they are members of your own family: He's my own flesh and blood.

I can't leave him to fend for himself when he needs my help. Relatives noun - relative adj Note that we also use the term relative to describe members of your family: