Ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

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ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

Who is a worthier foe of Batman, the Joker or Ra's al Ghul? of his secret Lazarus Pits to revive Robin and ended up making a lot of Red Hood trouble for Bats. So the short answer is years between Talia Al Ghul escaping the prison and the beginning of the events in The Dark Knight Rises. Ra's al Ghul and Bane then launch a plague attack on Gotham in the In researching this issue, Bane comes to the conclusion that he and Batman share Dr.

Athanasia is the secret daughter of Talia and Bruce and raised by Talia without Bruce or even Damian's knowledge. While Talia allowed Damian to become a hero and work with his father for a time, Talia kept Athanasia a secret from her father and raised her as a member of the League of Assassins.

Athanasia is first seen beside her mother Talia breaking her brother Damian out of prison. She is insulted by Damian's apparent rudeness and wants him to say please before letting him out.

When Warden Dan Turpin tries to arrest them she kills him and the guards. While exiting the building Damian tells his mother to control her 'servant', Athanasia, who then assaults him.

ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

After the fall of Superman's regime Athanasia and the rest of the League come out of hiding. She works alongside her mother and grandfather in a scheme to reclaim the Earth from humans who were destroying it. During a fight with Batman in their secret base in the Amazon Rainforest Athanasia was seemingly killed when El Diablo exploded and Athanasia wasn't shielded by the blast.

ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

She later appeared again alongside her grandfather in Gorilla City as King Solovar's guests. Others[ edit ] Although he fathered children with several women, Ra's al Ghul has only two confirmed marriages. The first was to Sora, [20] [27] whose death set Ra's on the path to becoming the "Demon's Head". The second was to Melisande, [28] [29] Talia's mother. Ra's also appears to have an unnamed sister [31] or half-sister, [32] a female assassin belonging to a group called the "Daughters of Acheron", whose members share the same father.

In Batman and Robin 12, it is revealed that Talia has cloned her son, Damian. Additionally, Nyssa once stated that she has given birth twelve times, [35] opening the possibility of Ra's having many other descendants.

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Involvement with Batman[ edit ] After Talia encounters and falls in love with Batman in Detective Comics MayRa's begins to consider Batman as a possible heir. Ra's first deduces Batman's secret identity when he reasons the Dark Knight has to be rich, and learns only Bruce Wayne has bought the equipment a crime fighter would have; he is then ready to put Batman to a final test.

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Ra's surprises Batman in the Batcaveseemingly to enlist Batman's aid in rescuing both Talia and Dick Graysonthe first Robinboth of whom have apparently been kidnapped.

Batman soon discovers the whole affair is a charade orchestrated by Ra's to test Batman, which he passes. Ra's asks Batman to become his heir, which Batman refuses, appalled by his genocidal plan to "cleanse" the world. This story was later adapted into a two-part story in Batman: Despite being mortal enemies, Ra's al Ghul and Batman maintain some level of respect towards one another.

Similar to The RiddlerRa's admires Batman's intellectual prowess first and foremost, regularly referring to Batman as "Detective" or "The Detective" when speaking to or about him. Despite being aware of Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne since their first meeting, Ra's has never exposed that information to the public or Batman's other foes; something Batman once attributed to Ra's' personal code of honor.

However, Ra's has repeatedly used that knowledge to his own advantage when fomenting plans and contingencies against Batman. In the story "Resurrection Night" in BatmanRa's helps all of Batman's foes to escape from Arkham Asylum and the Gotham State Penitentiary, setting them on a plan to abduct certain individuals across Gotham City who are linked in one form or another to Batman.

ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

Ra's' true intent is to show Batman the folly of his efforts to protect a corrupt society, to his mind, allows criminals to exist and flourish. Ra's eventually uses the Pit while still healthy, both increasing his strength and putting his life at risk, in an attempt to outmatch the Dark Knight. The plan backfires, as Ra's is left writhing in the pit, seemingly destroyed. Other versions[ edit ] Son of the Demon[ edit ] In the graphic novel Son of the Demon, Ra's successfully enlists Batman's aid in defeating a rogue assassin and warlord, Qayin a variation on the spelling of Cainwho has murdered Ra's' then-wife Melisande Talia's mother.

During this storyline, Batman marries Talia and she becomes pregnant. Batman is nearly killed protecting Talia from the assassin's agents. In the end, Talia ends her relationship with Batman, unwilling to put him in danger. She claims to have miscarried and the marriage is dissolved. The child is eventually born and left at an orphanage eventually taking the name Ibn al Xu'ffasch. The only identification provided is Talia's jewel-encrusted necklace, which once belonged to Talia's mother.

Two Elseworlds stories, Kingdom Come and Brotherhood of the Bat, feature two alternate versions of Ibn as an adult, coming to terms with his dual heritage. The recent appearance of the child under the name Damian in an issue of Batman implies that this policy may have changed.

Ra's offers Bruce whom he addresses as "Adversary" a chance at immortality. Ra's has determined that if two people enter the Lazarus Pit, the Pit will merge both life forces, destroying one soul in the process and imbuing the other with youth and immortality without the ensuing madness.

With his only alternatives being a fifty-fifty chance at death in the Pit or being murdered by Ra's' men, Bruce agrees to the process. He survive exposure to the Pit and subsequently uses Ra's' criminal empire to clandestinely set up an international humanitarian network. He also becomes a near-immortal, aging one year for every century. New Age Dawning crossover book considered an Elseworlds storyRa's begins plans for worldwide devastation.

He manipulates the Kingpin to his side by infecting the crime lord's wife Vanessa with terminal disease and promising him the cure in return for his allegiance. Ra's then orders him to press the button on his machines which would send New York City under the ocean.

Ultimately, Spider-Man and Batman interfere and the Kingpin reveals that he knows Ra's' plans and allows the two heroes to board his plane so they can assist him. Defeated, Ra's bows out of the plan gracefully but claims that there is no cure for the disease.

Vanessa convinces her husband that she wishes no further violence, and they leave. Talia soon gives the cure to Batman, who then gives it to Spider-Man, who passes it on to the Kingpin. It is referenced in three Elseworlds storylines: Kingdom Comeits sequel The Kingdomand Brotherhood of the Bat feature two alternate versions of the child as an adult, coming to terms with his dual heritage.

Birth of the Demon[ edit ] The graphic novel Batman: Birth of the Demon by Dennis O'Neil explains how her father met her mother at Woodstock and that she was of Arab descent. Talia's mother later dies of a drug overdose in this story. Bane[ edit ] After Bane enters the League of Assassins, Ra's considers Bane a potential heir to his empire instead of Batman and wants his daughter to marry him.

Talia later rejects the brute, regarding him as merely a cunning animal compared to the more cultured intelligence of his predecessor. After Batman defeats Bane in the Legacy comic seriesRa's agrees that Bane was unworthy of his daughter Detective Comics and Robin 33and calls off their engagement.

Following Legacy, Bane has a nightmare in Batman: Bane of Talia presumed to be deceased betraying him and stabbing him and then embracing Batman. At the end of the story, Talia is pleased at the supposed death of Bane in one of her father's underground sanctums. LexCorp[ edit ] The Talia character was written to begin a new phase of her fictional life near the turn of the century. Although she seemingly supports Luthor, she secretly works to undermine him, anonymously leaking news of his underhanded dealings to Superman.

Talia al Ghul

Death and the Maidens[ edit ] In Batman: Death and the Maidens written by Greg Ruckait is revealed that Ra's al Ghul met a woman by whom he had a daughter named Nyssa during his travels in Russia in the 18th century.

Ra's abandons Nyssa at a crucial time: Seeking vengeance, Nyssa plans to use her considerable wealth and resources to kill Ra's by befriending, kidnapping, and brainwashing Talia, turning her into a weapon to kill their father. To this end, she captures Talia and kills and resurrects her in rapid succession in a Lazarus Pit, leaving Talia virtually broken from the trauma of dying again and again in so short a time as Nyssa asks Talia why her father is 'letting' this happen to her. Rendered apathetic by her time in the camp, unable to feel anything, Nyssa also plans to assassinate Superman with Kryptonite bullets she stole from the Batcavehoping that, by uniting the world in one moment of tragedy, she would manage to rouse herself once more.

While Batman is successful in preventing the assassination of Superman, he is unable to stop Nyssa from killing Ra's. This, in turn, is actually part of a greater plan concocted by Ra's, who wants to ensure that his daughters would accept their destinies as his heirs and take up his genocidal campaign.

Realizing and accepting this, Nyssa and Talia become the heads of The Demon, with Talia disavowing her love for Bruce Wayne as another result of her torture at Nyssa's hands both sisters then consider Batman to be their enemy. Talia from then on became more often Batman's enemy than an ally.

This is revealed to be part of one of half-sister Nyssa 's plans to take over the planet and bring about world peace and equality.

Art by Kenneth Rocafort. He was later revived as a character, and in Under the Hoodhe is discovered by the League of Assassins. Although his body recuperates, Jason's mind is shattered. Seeing no other way to help him, Talia takes Jason down to the Lazarus Pit and throws his body in while her father regenerates himself. Jason is fully revived in body and mind.

Immediately afterward, in order to spare Jason her father's wrath, she aids the boy's escape. Livid at the fact that Batman failed to avenge his Jason's death by killing the Joker and that Batman had done nothing more than imprison him again, Jason pursues his own brand of justice.

In order to stall him from killing Batman, Talia agrees to finance Jason and aid him in his training, so that he can then become the second Red Hood.

In this new timeline, this story was changed, whereby Red Hood and the Outlaws 2 shows that, shortly after Jason Todd's return from the dead, Talia al Ghul, out of her love for Batman, takes him to a secret cult of warrior monks called the All Caste to train in becoming a skilled assassin.

Batman and Son[ edit ] The concept of Talia and Batman having a child from Son of the Demon is reinterpreted into continuity in the story Batman and Sonwritten by Grant Morrison. Their son is grown in an artificial womb and named Damian. He is raised and trained in the League of Assassins. Talia introduces him to Batman as part of a grand scheme involving ninja Man-Bats and the kidnapping of the British Prime Minister's wife.

Morrison said he relied on his shaky memories of Son of the Demon before writing so he "messed up a lot of the details" such as Talia drugging Batman before sex. Tomasi in the title Robin Rises Omega where Batman admits that he fell in love and followed his heart.

They arrive at Wayne Manor just in time to save Commissioner James Gordon from being killed by assorted booby traps created by the Black Glove. This is referenced in issue 39 of the old She offers to join forces with Gordon to save Batman.

She and Gordon arrive too late, however, and are informed by Robin that Batman went missing and may be dead following a battle with Doctor Hurt.

Furious that her love may be dead, she sends out her ninja Man-Bats to murder Jezebel Jetwho plays a major role in trying to kill Batman. Soon after it is revealed Batman did not die, but survives only to be captured by Darkseid during the Final Crisis and then apparently murdered by the New God. Following Batman's apparent death, Talia apparently decides to leave Damian in the hands of his adopted brother Dick Graysonwho later takes on the role of Batman, and selects Damian to succeed Tim Drake as Robin.

ras al ghul and bane relationship problems

In Final Crisisshe is placed on the new Society's inner circle by Libra. Despite Talia's interaction with the new Society she still behaves lovingly and almost devoted to Batman. It is revealed in Gotham City Sirens 2 that Talia has trained Catwoman to resist even the most intense psychological coercion to reveal Bruce Wayne 's secret identity. Following an operation in which Damian's spine is replaced, it is revealed that Talia inserts an implant into his spine that allows her or anyone she chooses, including Deathstroketo control Damian's body remotely.

She intends to use this device to force Damian to kill Dick Grayson, whom she perceives as holding her son back from his potential.

She is too much of a perfectionist to love her son after he has defied her in such a manner, and is no longer welcome in the House of al Ghul. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings.

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March In Batman Incorporatedwritten by Grant Morrison, Talia is revealed to be the mastermind behind the Leviathana shadowy organization formed to oppose Bruce's " Batman Incorporated " project. Talia says Batman must choose between saving Gotham from suicide or saving their son Damian from a death sentence. He embraces and kisses her mid-battle, not knowing that her lips were covered with poison, and he apologizes for not being able to love her the way she wants and admits defeat.

Talia asks Batman to beg for the antidote but he does not respond. Jason Todd arrives at the Batcave and offers Talia the Oroboro trigger, a device that would trigger the destruction of seven cities and that she claims would provide a new source of energy for the world.

When she attempts to activate the device, Jason reveals that he has double-crossed her and that the weapons the device would trigger had already been disarmed. Talia is then shot and killed by Spyral agent Kathy Kaneburied, and her body later disappears from the grave site along with that of Damian. Batman continues his pursuit for Ra's and to reclaim his son's body. Ra's flees with the bodies afterwards.

After defeating Ra's in combat as Batman intends to reclaim his son's body, their battle is intervened by Darkseid 's elite member Glorious Godfrey and some Parademons.

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Ra's manages to get his daughter's body from the Parademons in the sky, but falls into the gorge of Nanda Parbat along with Talia's body, while Batman tries to retrieve his son's body from Godfrey. She kills a nearby Tibetan to eat their food. She tries to escape in the Lu'un Darga's unknown lair of the inner core with the heart of the Lazarus Pit. In their battle, Talia unsuccessfully convinces Damian.

She explains that Ra's and his al Ghul family wage war against the ancient immortals of the Lu'un Darga claiming to be guardians of the Lazarus Pit. While Ra's sought to bring power and balance of life to Earth, the Lu'un Darga then tried to take back all life and cleanse Earth entirely because they would bring their own destruction to see Earth and the heart of the Lazarus Pit. Talia also tells him he is being used as a pawn of Ra's to steal the Lu'un Darga's power.

The mysterious robed figure was revealed to be Den Darga, who thanked Damian's inadvertently for bringing the relic and attempts to bring about the end of life on Earth. While Den Darga destroys al Ghul Island by causing it to sink, he attempts to cleanse Talia and Damian's souls, but the clones of Damian insulate him and sacrifice their lives.