Rangiku and gin relationship marketing

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rangiku and gin relationship marketing

Gin: Rangiku you do better without me, you know. Matsumoto: That is not .. Kira: You will now have twice the relationship pain. Hisagi: And. With regards to Gin and Rangiku's relationship, the anime does not significantly deviate from the manga. I do not recall all the details of every. These two have easily one if the most confusing and complex relationships throughout . As stated before, Gin and Rangiku's relationship is the definition of “it's.

I think the most likely thing would be for Gin to flee. Once he made sure Aizen was taken care of, of course. So he could flee, and join the many shinigami in self-imposed exile. Perhaps I should look up the Visored.

rangiku and gin relationship marketing

They know a thing or two about making it in the human world. Of course they may not want to help me. He flees with Matsumoto. Slightly less likely - but still possible - would be for Gin to flee with Matsumoto.

She arrived just as he died, after all, so presumably she would have arrived at about the time he was about to high-tail it out of there. Perhaps this time she would insist that he not simply disappear - that he take her with him.

Rangiku…you do better without me, you know. That is not for you to decide!

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I did watch a lot of Kurosaki videos. He is arrested by Soul Society. Perhaps even by Matsumoto, who would after all be the first person on the scene. Why did you have handcuffs on you?! He is executed by Soul Society.

Something I noticed about Gin and Rangiku...

I mean, Soul Society did try to execute Rukia simply for transferring her powers. Central is working on it while we speak.

I am going to live a long and happy life. He ends up in prison with Aizen.

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Or perhaps Soul Society has had enough of execution and would simply imprison Gin. In the same prison as Aizen, perhaps. Although normally only one of us was tied up.

Only 19, years, days to go… 6. Kurotsuchi went from here to captain, huh? Well, in that case, wait for me, Izuru! First up to the plate, Rangiku Matsumoto! One of the many defining components of Rangiku's character other than her breasts is her love of Alcohol, specifically Sake. This trait is extremely toned down in the anime, and when she is drunk, it's mainly played for laughs.

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