Rachel and ivy relationship memes

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rachel and ivy relationship memes

To kick off this feature I have decided to choose Ivy from the Rachel Morgan series. Ivy is a bisexual living vampire. From the first book of the. And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other. I found Ivy's and Nina's relationship too implausible and like a quick and easy way. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Ivy fixed Rachel and Rachel fixed Ivy, and who gets the prize? Rachel did what she wanted and Ivy picked up the pieces, Ivy did what she wanted and Rachel picked up the pieces.

10 Lesson’s on Love to learn from Ross & Rachel’s Relationship

They understood each and by the end they were working amazing together without the fall out. The scene where they took out the coven it was like the finally they figured it out.

rachel and ivy relationship memes

And then I think about Trent and what he did for her to make her a better person, I come up empty. And I tried to force myself to like Trent so that I could continue reading without gagging.

rachel and ivy relationship memes

But he locked her in cage, put her in a ring to fight to the death 1st attempt to killhunted her down like an animal 2nd attempt, which severely traumatized the women if you've forgottenslammed her head into a tombstone 3rd attemptblackmailed her, killed in front of her, lied, cheated, and a released demon in my hometown Las Vegas, I loved Margaretville that killed thousands of innocents, oh yeah and he abducted his kid from her MOM, it what universe is that okay?

In what universe is any that okay to do someone you love? I mean gosh Nick was nicer to her then Trent. At least he only tried to kill her once with a knife, and when he hit her at least he had the courtesy to use his hand and not a freaking tombstone. I honestly believe the book was rigged because of someone homophobia, around book 6 I could feel the books slowly starting to force feed me the Trent crap.

Despite their constant muck ups, the idea that persistence inevitably wins the hearts of lovers, finally got them together once and for all. They always have and they always will, which pretty much justifies all their crazed out and preposterous moments. Everything comes together in a surprising way Through the years it was a complicated situation between Ross and Rachel.

Ivy and Rachel: Heating up the Hollows' Journal

The two dated other people, got married, then divorced and had a child together. Who should except them to finally reunite?

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It is because great thing come in way you might not see coming. Only when Rachel decides to take her new job in France does she realize that she cannot live without Ross.

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Inspite of her unwillingness to use this, she has slowly learned how to twist a respectable amount of powerful curses in order to fight against more powerful foes and she can even turn other curses against their casters. As a female demon, Rachel can spindle and hold more ley-line than any male demon, and can create a tulpa: Though she doesn't know any elven magic, as a demon she has the latent potential to work it.

Other Skills Edit Aside from her magical repertoire, Rachel is versed in a wide cross-section of skills that she requires for her job as an independant runner.

rachel and ivy relationship memes

One of those is her extensive skills in martial arts, which she learned from her father, her training in the I. With her skill, she is capable of physically holding her own and subdue anything short of a vampire or a demon though on one occassion she managed to fend off a weakend Al, long enough to trap him in a circle with nothing more than physical combat.

Rachel is also a very clever, determined and improvisational witch, having managed to outsmart several powerful people at their own game, such as vampires, demons and elves with her insane plans.

Relationships Edit Ivy Tamwood - Rachel and Ivy share a strong friendship with some sexual tension as a result of Ivy's deep love for Rachel. Ivy is extremely protective of Rachel and will not allow anyone to harm her, even going so far as to attack Piscary to protect her.

Rachel is not attracted to Ivy in that way, but loves her as a friend and considers her a sister in arms. Later in the series, Ivy finds love in a female living vampire named Nina, and both would move the heavens itself to protect each other. Jenks - Jenks is the other of Rachel's partners in the Vampiric Charms firm.

rachel and ivy relationship memes

Jenks, father of 54 children, also sometimes acts as a fatherly or big brother figure for Rachel, at times seriously threatening boyfriends and lovers with bodily harm if they allow any to come to Rachel. Despite his diminutive stature he is an accomplished warrior and they always take him seriously.

rachel and ivy relationship memes