Phineas and ferb act your age candace jeremy relationship

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phineas and ferb act your age candace jeremy relationship

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro has a huge crush on her neighbor and best friend Vanessa Doofenshmirtz · Jeremy Johnson · Stacy Hirano · Carl Karl . She is also known for fantasizing about their marriage ("Comet Kermillian", "Phineas and Ferb . The episode "Act Your Age" and its song reveals what happens with Phineas. Phineas and Ferb may have been a kids' show, but some of the Like many of the best evil villains, Heinz has an unhealthy relationship with Perry, and throughout the crush between Candace and the cool, sensitive guitarist Jeremy is Although the special "Act Your Age" sees the pair eventually start. 14 (before "Candace Loses Her Head") ("Act Your Age") . to exert an unnecessary amount of effort trying to uphold her relationship with Jeremy.

After touching patches of orange moss, explained by her grandma as having powerful hallucinogenic properties, she becomes delirious and paranoid. Of course, the episode ends with Candace immediately touching some blue moss. The machine starts suggestively squirting "naughty nectar. Their last appearance is in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the Second Dimension.

The worst offender, though, has to be "your sister is a fridge, and you know her light is almost on. Instead, constant references to "rubbers," a slang that our American readers should be familiar with, makes this a particularly hard special to watch through all the stifled giggling. Phineas and Ferb have invented a device that rubberizes their skin.

Act Your Age

As Gretchen explains about how the music and the balloons are to make Phineas and Isabella think about love, Katie asks what if it doesn't work, to which Buford shows them a sign that says "Think About Love". At a car dealership, Doofenshmirtz is looking at sports cars to try out.

phineas and ferb act your age candace jeremy relationship

He tries a red one, but he crashes it. The salesman tells him they have the same model in yellow. In the kitchen, the girls are all cooking the dinner.

phineas and ferb act your age candace jeremy relationship

Baljeet suggests to Buford that he wear the cupid costume, since it worked for him and Mishti Patelbut Buford refuses. Upon hearing about Mishti, Ginger begins to get jealous, but Adyson tells her to let it go. In downtown DanvilleDoofenshmirtz is taking his new sports car and Perry for a wild ride. During this, they latch onto a dumpster. Doofenhsmirtz lets it go at the next turn and the dumpster speeds past the restaurant. Isabella begins to say goodbye to her mother as she gets ready to go to college.

Candice and Jeremy

Her mom gives Isabella her final paycheck and a hug. As Isabella walks away and begins to put her paycheck in her wallet, a photo of Phineas drops out. She picks up the photo then begins to reminisce about all the past summers she spent with Phineas and contemplates What Might Have Been.

Phineas reaches the restaurant, but Vivian tells him he just missed her. She then tells him she knew about Isabella's crush as well. Phineas leaves and does some contemplating of his own in the song about how oblivious he was to Isabella, even though, in hindsight, her attempts at romantic advances were really obvious.

Back in the backyard, Ferb puts a vase of flowers on the table and the girls believe the dinner to be perfect.

They attempt to call Isabella on their cells, but various things hinder them from doing so. They are so distracted that they fail to notice the dumpster from earlier rolling into the backyard and taking the romantic dinner away.

By this point, Doofennshmirtz and Perry are in a plane about to skydive. Doofenshmirtz decides to hit on the cute jump instructor, but she pushes him out of the plane. Perry acknowledges her politely and quickly jumps out before she has the opportunity to push him too.

As they fall, Perry opens both his and Doofenshmirtz's parachutes. Doofenshmirtz decides he has had enough of his mid-life crisis and takes the inator off and drops it. Below, the inator latches onto Lawrencewho, under the effects of the inator, rushes into the kitchen and tells Linda that he is impulsively going to switch his morning tea from Earl Grey to Darjeeling.

Phineas reaches Isabella's old house, but then notices her sitting on one of the steps of his house across the street. He walks over and sits next to her. He in turn admitted that he had a crush on her too, ever since high school.

After sadly contemplating the bad timing of their respective crushes on each other, the two finally came to a conclusion: Phineas decided that he would attend the same college as Isabella, Tri-State State, so they could begin a romantic relationship together. Isabella happily agreed to this, and the two became an official couple with the promise that they would be reunited at the start of the semester in two weeks.

Phineas' feelings for Isabella initially were somewhat unclear, but towards the end of the show's runtime, it is shown that Phineas actually harbored romantic feelings for her.

At a young age, Phineas often seemed oblivious to Isabella's feelings. However, he often showed signs that he liked her as more than a friend, much like she does for him. He sees love from a formulaic point of view, trying to recreate it like one of his projects and not truly understanding what it means. Whenever she hints at her crush to him, he either misinterprets the comment as platonic or gets confused.

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Either way he never gives Isabella what she wants: It's possible the reason why Phineas doesn't pay attention to Isabella's interest in him is because he is too busy with his Big Ideas. Phineas can be seen to believe that Isabella is very cute, to the point of having to recalibrate his "Cute Tracker" to keep it from confusing Isabella for Meap.

Phineas has also shown concern for Isabella's safety and rescued her on occasion.