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While driving home drunk, corporate attorney Tobias Beecher accidentally killed . Andrew lands in Oz, Beecher begins to plan his revenge with Keller's help. other Muslims for his relationship with Tricia Ross, Said allows Beecher to sit in a . Keller and Beecher: so loving, so stabby. was introduced on HBO's GLAAD- nominated Oz as psychotic murderer Chris Keller, whose devious. You and Christopher Meloni have an intense on-screen relationship as Tobias Beecher and Chris Keller. Looking back on it now, what about their relationship.

Keller has been married and divorced four times.

Chris Keller

As a young man he spent time in prison where he met and was raped by Aryan leader Vernon Schillinger. Keller is frequently presented as immoral and untrustworthy, manipulating and destroying anyone who tries to get close to him. He has a strong desire for dominance in any relationship and often chooses partners based on how he can treat them and still have them love him.

Despite his sociopathic tendencies, Keller appears to feel genuine love for Tobias Beecher, [1] though he cannot express it and is aware of how despicable his actions can be. He harbors deep self-loathing, once telling Sister Pete that he is "worthless, as bad as they come.

Schillinger arranges for the bisexual Keller to meet Tobias BeecherSchillinger's former sex slavewith the intent of gaining his trust and seducing him. A mutual attraction forms between them, and the two eventually exchange confessions of love. Unbeknownst to Beecher, however, Keller has betrayed him to Schillinger and the Aryans, who beat him so mercilessly that they break both his arms and legs.

Keller complies, but Beecher still rejects him. Keller begins attending counseling sessions with the prison psychiatristSister Peter Marie "Sister Pete" Reimondoas a ploy to win back Beecher's favor. During the meetings, Keller first tries to make her feel ineffective as a psychiatrist; then through various sexual provocations, forces her to question her commitments as a nun. When Sister Pete discovers that his confessions are insincere, she turns her back on him.

In the season premiere, Keller is shot in the shoulder. The shooter kills two inmates and one guard, and set the alarm before Keller got hit. The shooter then kills himself. Sister Pete, upon hearing that Keller desires to see Beecher after his discharge from the hospital ward, tells Beecher that Keller is "a manipulative, sociopathic liar. Mad with fear and grief, Beecher believes false rumors claiming that Keller is responsible for the kidnappings. An attempt on Keller's life in retaliation ends their brief reunion, and the two spend the rest of the season attempting ways to hurt one another.

Beecher delves into promiscuity, and Keller kills Beecher's lovers, including inmate Mondo Browneto discredit the new manager of Em City, Martin Querns. Ryan O'Reily tells him that it's "time for an upgrade" and gets Beecher hooked on heroin. Sister Pete becomes concerned about his drug abuse and arranges for Beecher's mother to visit. Schillinger forces Beecher into a "makeover. Beecher tells Sister Pete that he doesn't want to be a victim and that he's tired of hating himself.

Schillinger decides that Beecher isn't working out. There's a new guy in town: Schillinger gives Beecher a confederate T-shirt to wear and kicks him out of the pod. The glass flies into Schillinger's eye. Beecher is thrown in the hole.

After smashing his glasses, Beecher emerges from the hole a changed man, and a little bit crazy. When Schillinger goes into the gym, Beecher knocks him down with a weight, then ties his hands with a rope, and defecates on his face. He lands back in the hole. Beecher is let out of the hole. He promises Schillinger that he will never make parole.

Beecher and Bob Rebadow are thrown into James Robson's cell. That night, Robson demands that Beecher perform oral sex on him, and Beecher bites off the tip of his penis. This "incident" lands Beecher in the hole -- again. Beecher grows a wacked beard. As Schillinger's parole hearing nears, Beecher taunts his nemesis mercilessly in an attempt to ruin Schillinger's quest for freedom. Diane turns him in and he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Beecher gets a new roommate: Chris Keller, who appears to hate the Aryans as much as he does.

Beecher doesn't know that Keller is working with Schillinger. Beecher's nightmares about running down Cathy Rockwell become more frequent. Keller is conveniently there to comfort him. Keller begins gaining Beecher's trust and they begin spending more time together, watching TV, playing chess, and wrestling.

Beecher's ex-wife commits suicide.

Beecher confesses to Sister Pete that he thinks he is in love with Chris Keller. Keller suggests that they try to cover up the swastika "tattoo. Beecher refuses because he is clean now. At Keller's suggestion, Beecher arranges a visit with his kids, who he hasn't seen since he was sent to Oz.

Beecher shaves off his beard first. With Keller in the hole, Tobias becomes depressed. He finds the jar of "moonshine" and gets drunk. He then begins buying booze from the Latinos. Kareem Said tries to intervene, but Beecher shouts out one of his crazy "nursery rhymes" and tells him to go away.

Tobias Beecher

When Officer Wittlesey finds him drunk and hung-over, he is sent to the infirmary. Schillinger, delighted in Beecher's condition, taunts him. Keller gets out of the hole and tells Beecher that he thought things over and that doesn't want anything to do with Beecher.

Officer Metzger takes Beecher to the gym, where he finds Keller and Schillinger. Metzger locks Beecher in the gym. Keller knew Schillinger from another prison and Keller owed Schillinger a favor.

When Schillinger kisses Keller, Beecher flies into a rage. Beecher can't hold them both off, and they break both his arms and legs. With Beecher laid up in the infirmary, Keller has time to lean on Beecher's bed and reflect on what he has done. Season 3 Two months later, Beecher's bones have healed and he returns to Em City.

Keller apologizes, but Toby doesn't trust him. If Keller is serious, then he'll tell McManus what really happened to Beecher. Keller confesses his part in setting up Beecher and is immediately taken into protective custody.

Beecher gets some oh-so-sweet revenge against the aryan hack. He slashes Metzger's face and throat with his fingernails. Stir-crazy from being in protective custody, Keller returns to Em City and gets the cold shoulder from Toby. While stacking boxes in the store-room, Keller is stabbed in the back twice and is sent to the infirmary. Keller returns to Em City, where Toby confesses to him that he was the one who killed Metzger and that he was the one who stabbed Keller in the store room.

Keller is moved out and Andrew is moved into Beecher's pod. Beecher and Andrew become friends when Beecher helps Andrew get through withdrawal. Unfortunately, he is clean for a very short time. When Andrew refuses to accept Vern's lifestyle, Vern slaps him and Andrew is thrown into the hole. Vern declares Andrew dead and has Officer Lopresti give him heroin.

Andrew ODs and dies in the hole. Beecher's plan was a success, but at what price? McManus and Murphy have their eye on Beecher. Beecher begins regularly praying to God. Already on rocky ground with the other Muslims for his relationship with Tricia Ross, Said allows Beecher to sit in a Muslim prayer study and the Muslims cast him out. Said moves into Beecher's pod -- much to Keller's surprise -- as Muslim control shifts to Hamid Khan. Said teaches Beecher that in order for God to forgive him, he must forgive first.

Toby forgives Chris, but when Keller tries to get physical, Beecher balks. Beecher forgives Schillinger and asks that Schillinger forgive him for his part in Andrew's death. Beecher offers to use private investigators to find Schillinger's other son. Keller gets the knife away from Schillinger and stabs him, coming to Toby's rescue. Said moves back into Arif's pod.

Beecher and Keller's Love and Hate Relationship

Schillinger tells Keller, Beecher, Hoyt, Pancamo, Stanislofsky and Rebadow that Adebisi is up to something and that they have to stick together, "bound by the one thing that joins us all: Season 4 The prison is in lockdown due to racial tensions. Beecher and Father Ray have a chat. Ray tells him that the only way that there will be peace between him and Schillinger is to show him that he forgives him. Keller does not approve. Beecher asks his father to have the investigators at his law firm look for Vern Schillinger's other son, Hank.

His father tells Toby that he is proud of him. While Beecher never does anything to Andy and in fact helps him cope with his withdrawal from drugs, he leads Schillinger to believe that he is going to bed Andy, since Andy now likes him. Moved by Beecher's kindness, Andy renounces his father and everything he believes in. Schillinger then arranges to have his own son killed, by having him thrown in solitary and asking a prison guard to deliver heroin to him in the hole, knowing he'd break from his sobriety and OD on the drug.

Beecher isn't as satisfied, despite having gotten revenge, and he feels guilty for his part in Andy's death.

At this point, Beecher is cellmates with former Muslim leader Kareem Saidwho convinces Beecher to resolve his guilt by asking for forgiveness from Keller and Schillinger. Beecher finally forgives Keller who saves him from Schillinger's attack. Season 4 Edit Beecher tries to resolve his guilt with Schillinger further by having a private investigator at his father's law firm discover his younger son Hank.

Schillinger, however, thinks Beecher was trying to turn Hank against him like on Beecher did when he "corrupted" Andy, and orders Hank to kidnap both of Beecher's children. Hank Schillinger severs the hand of Beecher's son and mails it to Beecher in Oz.

OZ: Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller

Hank kills Beecher's son before ultimately releasing his daughter. Schillinger also pays another prisoner to tell Beecher that Keller is responsible for the kidnapping. Enraged, Beecher tries to kill Keller thus opening a rift between the two lovers.

When Beecher learns the truth, he tries to apologize to Keller, but Keller casts him aside. Beecher has sex with inmates Nate Shemin and Mondo Browneas he needs to 'feel something'.

Upon learning that Hank Schillinger has been acquitted due to a legal technicality, he approaches Chucky Pancamo in order to commission a hit on Hank Schillinger. Beecher has second thoughts shortly afterward, but when he goes to Pancamo to cancel the hit he is informed that it is too late; Hank Schillinger is already dead.

Keller later has Shemin and Browne killed in a plot to undermine the authority of Emerald City's new manager, Martin Querns. When Schillinger learns of Hank's death, he plots revenge — all chance of which is lost after Keller falsely confesses to having hired the hitman.

Keller does so to make himself Schillinger's target instead of Beecher, and not long afterwards he is transferred to another facility. Beecher and Schillinger then are involved in a victim-attacker interaction programs led by Sister Peter Mariewho is trying to help Beecher fight his inner conflicts. With Keller in Massachusetts for confessing to Hank's murder, Beecher is up for parole and falls in love with his attorney, Katherine McClain.

McClain does what she can for Beecher and Beecher is granted parole. Beechers parole was only a dream. His parole is denied. As the interaction sessions continue, Chucky Pancamo informs Beecher that Agent Pierce Taylor has implicated him in the murder of Hank Schillinger, and that the elder Schillinger will come after the Italians for protecting him.

Sure enough, the Italians and Aryans go to war. Shortly after, Keller is released from Massachusetts custody. Keller's return to Oz is not easy, however; Taylor now has evidence implicating him in a series of murders, and a guilty verdict will send him to death row. Keller is isolated from the general population, and thus from Beecher.

In an interaction session, Schillinger denies any involvement in Beecher's rape. Beecher then attacks him. Afterwards, convicted rapists Franklin Winthrop and Adam Guenzel arrive in Oz, the latter being a friend of Beecher's family.

Winthrop is immediately raped by the Aryans; Beecher, fearing for Guenzel's safety, recruits the Italians to protect him. When Robson attempts to rape Guenzel, Frank Urbano saves him.