Orihime and ulquiorra relationship goals

orihime and ulquiorra relationship goals

See more ideas about Bleach orihime, Anime art and Ulquiorra and orihime. Bleach - Ulquiorra Cifer x Orihime Inoue - UlquiHime Couple Art, Manga Couple, . Kubo confirmed Ulquiorra did develop feelings of love for Orihime on the Bleach 10th Anniversary Relationships Chart. Aizen just told her that so she would feel like she actually was brought there for a useful purpose, not. Bleach - Ulquiorra Cifer x Orihime Inoue - UlquiHime Couple Art, Manga Ice sckating Ulquiorra And Orihime, Winter Day, Bleach, Relationship Goals, Good.

Currently a one-shot, but may be expanded later. There maybe a few stories after but that's about it i do not won bleach Bleach - Rated: Then why is she conflicted? Then, 2 yrs later, he returns and now she is unsure of everything. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Nothing else matters - just your need to protect someone dear to you. UlquiHime one-shot Bleach - Rated: Inspired by Disney's Tangled. That doesn't mean he doesn't try though. Hime confronts her former captor about what lies in their future.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship goals

Mainly UlquiHime, but also contains some IchiRuki as well! Please Read and Review! Instead, he got a second chance and was sent back in time to do things over. Perhaps this time he'd understand and even more.

UlquiHime Bleach - Rated: Orihime never expected herself to be of interest to one of the largest technology companies in the world, HM Global. The beginnings of an all-out technology war changes her path abruptly and forces her into the hands of people she considers enemies. Everything about this man was cold; his words were short, and his expression was inanimate Heart by Ryhan reviews What if Ulquiorra felt just a little differently about Aizen's plans for Orihime?

All Ulquiorra did to her was capture her, make the Soul Society believe Orihime is a traitor, refuse to let her say goodbye to all her friends, only one friend and if Orihime didn't cooperate, the espada and also Grimmjowwould kill her friends. Not a very good start. Since Orihime's capture, she had to heal Grimmjow and make him an espada again, the one responsible for fatally injuring Rukia and beating Ichigo to a pulp twice and almost killing Rukia again.

He was also responsible for sending his fraccion to severely hurt all her allies in the Soul Society. That was what Ulquiorra reduced her to. After that she was locked up and Ulquiorra was responsible for caring for her. He had completely broken her will and tortured her with hope that her friends will rescue her whom where challenged and completely destroyed by the espada, Nnoitra, Aaroniero, Szayel Aporro and Ulquiorra himself.

When Ulquiorra had killed Ichigo, Orihime had come to the realisation she wouldn't be rescued and was subjected to the torture of Loly and Menoly only to be saved by Grimmjow. This already shows that Grimmjow had taken better care of her than Ulquiorra did. Ulquiorra went to retrieve Orihime from Grimmjow but instead ended up in a caja negaccion. Thanks to Grimmjow and Nnoitra, Ichigo was badly beaten once he was healed by Orihime adding to the knowledge that Ulquiorra himself was stronger than both Nnoitra and Grimmjow meant that Ichigo would have a difficult time defeating Ulquiorra seeing as he got his ass kicked by Nnoitra alone.

When Nnoitra was defeated by Kenpachi and the other captains defeated the espada who were going to kill Orihime's friends, she finally found hope which was taken away when Starrk showed to have the speed to outmatch not only Kenpachi but also a fully restored Ichigo. Orihime was brought back to Aizen and once again, held captive by Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra wasted no time trying to mess up Orihime psychologically. As soon as Ichigo arrived, the fight was quickly in favor of Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra's goal was to get Ichigo fighting at his best before Ulquiorra beat him down. As soon as Ulquiorra released his zanpakuto, it was over, Ulquiorra had basically won but Ulquiorra's goal was to show a completely broken Ichigo to Orihime. That is why Ulquiorra used his segunda etapa and killed Ichigo.

Having broken Orihime, Ulquiorra had finally fulfilled his goal only to have Ichigo's Vasto Lorde transformation beat the snot out of him. When Ichigo returned to his senses, he was fullied healed and greeted with a severely injured Ulquiorra who wouldn't even use reiatsu without vaporizing into dust. Given the history you can easily argue, if Ulquihime is to happen, Orihime will need to take a lot of steps in order to make Ulquihime a reality.

Of course Ulquiorra would need to be alive. Ulquiorra has done nothing but psychologically torture Orihime and the rest of the arrancars despite having different goals aided in that torture by beating the strongest of her friends and harming Orihime herself Szayel Aporro, Aaroniero, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Starrk, Loly, Menoly,Tesla and Zommari Onto why I support this, it makes sense.

Ulquiorra was an emotionless espada. There was no emotion to be found in him. That changed when he met Orihime. He did have an interest in her which was shown in the Arrancar Civil war, while the rogue arrancars were attacking the Shinigami, Ulquiorra spent time decifering Orihime's powers and decided to have her captured. While Orihime's powers were great, they were also useless to Aizen. The only thing it served him was healing Grimmjow and as Aizen reveals later, he never needed the espada in the first place.

Orihime was just used to split up the captains. This is where it gets interesting.

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When Ulquiorra was entrusted with Orihime's life, his psychological torture was actually an attempt to remove her friends from her mind, more specifically Ichigo. Ichigo was the interest of Orihime and if Ulquiorra wanted to get with Orihime he had to take care of Ichigo. It was a territorial thing. When Aizen left with the 3 strongest espada and their fraccion, Ulquiorra fought Ichigo.

Throughout the fight, Ulquiorra wanted to show Orihime that he was stronger than Ichigo. Orihime wasn't present during the first fight where Ichigo was killed, but this time, Ulquiorra can demonstrate why Ichigo is not the one.

Ulquiorra was using his superior power to break Ichigo and wasn't happy when he didn't budge. Now when Loly and Menoly entered the picture, Ichigo was furious and wanted to break his fight with Ulquiorra to save Orihime. Ichigo used his getsuga tenshou which would have also killed Orihime if it hit her, not to mention Loly threatened to rip out Orihime's eyes if he came any closer which Ichigo completely ignored.

That showed how careless Ichigo was. Ulquiorra had deflected the getsuga teshou saving Orihime and Loly. When Loly mentioned it to Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra replied "I did not block his attack for saving the likes of you. This meant Ulquiorra could kill Orihime while they were alone long before Ichigo arrived. Aizen's goal was to get Ichigo to fight Ulquiorra and if Orihime was dead, it wouldn't have made a difference, a fight was on its way regardless. Why did Ulquiorra not kill Orihime and want to break Ichigo?

Because Ulquiorra was infatuated by Orihime.

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Of course being a hollow and highly loyal to Aizen meant he didn't know how to demonstrate it and couldn't prove himself to Orihime if he wanted to. When Ichigo had transformed and beaten Ulquiorra in front of Orihime, Ulquiorra had lost his will to live.

It is basically the nihilistic equivalent of 'I lost the one person I care about. I want to die' and this is a bit ironic. Ulquiorra tried so hard to break Ichigo but he was the one who was broken at the end. The final thing Ulquiorra did was snap Ichigo out of his hollowfication before he killed Uryu who was going to get killed by Ichigo. It would have been traumatic for Orihime if her friend was killed by another one her friends because she couldn't defend herself from Ulquiorra in the first place.

It was some sort of empathy for Orihime and Ulquiorra saved her from that fate. When Ulquiorra began to evaporate, he finally understood the meaning of a heart. You could also see for the first time, Ulquiorra had a bit of emotion in his eyes. They changed from his segunda etapa green eyes that resemble that of a demon to his normal eyes he has as an arrancar. When Ulquiorra reached out to Orihime and asked her if she was scared and she replied no. Ulquiorra withdrew his hand but unexpectedly, Orihime tried to reach out to Ulquiorra perhaps hinting that Orihime felt something for Ulquiorra.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship goals

Does this remind you of a classical fairy tale? One where there was a princess locked up in a castle guarded by a dragon and a knight in shining armor slays the dragon and rescues the princess. There are parallels to that story and this one. For instance, if the dragon wants to kill the knight, why doesn't the dragon kill the princess?

This is the same as why didn't Ulquiorra kill Orihime. Here is something to note. The knights job is to save the princess but Ichigo's getsuga tenshou and going after Orihime when Loly attacked wasn't exactly protecting Orihime. Loly stated that if Ichigo came any closer, she would rip Orihime's eyes out and Loly was directly behind Orihime. The getsuga tenshou would have killed Orihime and may or may not have killed Loly.