Octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

Why Lincoln is fatally attracted to Octavia? : The

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

Octavia and Ilian is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Ilian. after he reminds her of how Charles Pike executed Lincoln in the same way. talking, asking Octavia how she became the person she is and saying he. the CW Upfronts where she looked back on the Octavia-Lincoln relationship. “He's a wonderful man and we have a great friendship. That council was 50/50 men and women (if you don't count Jaha's vote that is). No glass Lincoln & Octavia's Relationship. What could have.

They fit over your clothes. Walsh speaks up, "The part that some patients will find stressful is the fact that we'll have several teams in there with us. You'll meet them all ahead of time, but for the best outcome, we have to take a multi-disciplinary approach. As a result, it kind of seems like a circus in there. We'll have two neonatal teams — one for each twin.

We bring a general surgery team in, in case we need backup. We'll also have urology in there to attend to your bladder and urinary system in case we have to do a reconstruction on that.

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We have interventional radiology available in case they need to assist with bleeding control. They can do procedures like balloon catheters through your vessels, if the bleeding is not controlled by the measures I've done beforehand, or if we encounter unexpected bleeding.

Like I said before, this whole thing is very fragile. At any time, things could go south, requiring us to do an emergency hysterectomy once the babies are out.

We can't accurately predict what will actually happen. We can make educated guesses and plan around them. But we always have to consider the contingency plan. It might come down to making a decision to save your life at the expense of future fertility. Because it's not something we have to do.

The standard treatment is full hysterectomy. And that is a perfectly acceptable option if that's what you want. At the same time, we're taking steps to maintain hemostasis, which means we're working on making sure you don't hemorrhage.

Once that's achieved, we basically carefully repair your uterus, and bladder if need-be, then close it up. Once they're out and checked over and after I get to see them, where do they go? Ideally, with an uncomplicated pregnancy we would want them to 'bake' as long as possible, preferably to at least 37 weeks. But, we can't risk you going into labor.

That would constitute an emergency because it could cause severe hemorrhage. So, our consensus is to deliver between 34 and 36 weeks. That's two weeks from now. But, if we don't encounter bleeding, I would be okay with waiting until at least 35 weeks. And 36 weeks on New Year's day.

That way I can be at home for Christmas. You're really not going to like this, O. But I think we should strongly consider admitting you to the antepartum unit at the hospital until you deliver. But I think it would be in the best interest of your health and your babies' health for you to be admitted to the unit as soon as possible. Everything has been going wonderfully, but things could go downhill quickly, and the last thing I want is for you to be at home if that happens.

I continue, "We're talking about multiple 'high risk' conditions all happening to one pregnancy. For any one of them alone, I would probably push for you to stay on the antepartum unit. But you have three: I just hate losing all this control, you know? And I want to make it as easy on you as possible to be there for the next three to four weeks.

We can basically make it like hotel living for you. With a hospital bed. But I can't lose you, okay? Whatever is going to be the safest thing, that's what I would want for you. But it's your decision. Octavia must pick up on it because she starts crying. Tears track down her face as she nods, "Then yeah, I'll do it.

I forget it's not just me that this is happening to. And I'm here for you, no matter what. Every room has sleeping accommodations for partners.

I would recommend bringing your own sheets, though, because the hospital sheets don't fit the guest beds all that well, and they tend to bunch up at night. And both of you should bring your pillows. Hospital pillows aren't comfortable. But as for everything else, you'll have internet, flat screen TV's and HD channels, Blu-ray players, you name it.

Octavia and Lincoln look at each other and nod, "Okay. When do you want me there? As soon as we're done here. I'll make sure they know you're coming. We'll do this, then. So, assuming everything stays 'okay,' when do you think we should schedule the C-section? Lincoln has to be gone for a few days the week before Christmas, so can Bellamy stay with me when he's not there?

And I'm sure he'll love to. And he's loved being able to spend all this time with you. I'm really happy he can be there for you. Get packed for a long stay.

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

Just bring comfy clothes, like PJ's or sweats. You don't have to sit around in a hospital gown all day. I feel like I'm intruding on their private moment. Lincoln kisses her forehead before they separate. As Walsh and I step out of the room, I tell them, "I'll be by the unit this evening after work to check on you, okay?

He'll want to know, and you can probably explain it better than I can. I'll see you guys this evening. He picks up on the second ring with a voice that's dripping with sex, "I was just thinking of some really naughty things. I cross my legs over each other and squeeze my thighs together, trying desperately to gain some friction without looking too conspicuous. Remembering the reason I called, I hiss, "Bellamy, you can't say shit like that when I'm at work.

Especially when I'm barely halfway through my day! But I'm not kidding. There are some depraved things going on in my head right now. I'm calling about Octavia. She just wanted me to call you and explain what's going on. I thought you said she was okay! I would bet anything that he is standing up, fuming at the thought of his sister in danger. My voice is calm but stern, "Bellamy Blake. Sit your ass back down and listen to me. I hear him give a dramatic grunt as he reseats himself.

He gives a sigh, "Okay. I'm sitting down now. Now, I'm having her admitted because she's nearing the end of her pregnancy, and as you know, she's got very high risk conditions.

But this way, she's in the immediate vicinity of medical care.

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

She's doing really well right now, but shit can hit the proverbial fan at any point. And I don't want her to be sitting at home if it happens.

But the antepartum unit is like a hotel. And Lincoln is able to stay with her. Which reminds me, we're probably gonna be taking the puppies for a few weeks.

Give Lincoln a call and ask about that, because I forgot to bring it up at the appointment. She'll teach them all her bad habits, I'm sure.

And yeah, of course she'll teach our kids all kinds of terrible things in retaliation. Anyway, back to Octavia. She wants you to come by this evening.

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I get finished with my last appointment here at 5pm. Alex is with Nate, so I was planning on going straight to the hospital after I'm done here. Do you want to just meet me there? I'll see you tonight. I love you, Bell. I text Bellamy to let him know I'm on my way to the hospital, and he texts back saying he'll see me when I get there. I park in one of the designated "Physician" parking spaces and pull up on my phone the chart belonging to a patient I need to visit before I see Octavia.

When I walk onto the unit, I track down the charge nurse, Katie Monroe. She's always the first person I want to talk to, because she's the one who knows what's going on. I hear Katie behind me, "Dr. Griffin, it's good to see you tonight. She's been having some cramping, but we've been monitoring for contractions and fetal heart tones.

Everything is reassuring, so far. How is she settling in? We monitored the twins for about an hour when she first got here. Fetal heart tones were reassuring and she hasn't had any cramping, bleeding, or contractions.

Since you ordered intermittent monitoring, we took them off for now. It's my understanding that the brother arrived about an hour ago. I haven't formally met him, but I hear he's a piece of work. And not at all concerned with the psyche of the rest of the hospital staff. He was upset that she was still waiting on her dinner, so he made it clear to, well, everyone that heads would roll if Mrs. I think their opinions are being influenced by the fact that the man is, and I quote, 'totally bangable.

Apparently the asshole thing isn't too much of a deterrent. Several of the residents have already set sights on him. When I walk back out, I see firsthand what Katie was talking about.

I hear them chatting between each other, rolling my eyes internally at their shameless gawking. As I get closer, I can hear them, and they don't seem to notice at all that I'm there. A short-haired brunette says, "…I know, right?

You can tell that shirt is hiding something sinful. I heard he's already chewed out like, half the staff. Instead I'm amused, and honestly a little proud that he's mine. That only lasts a few seconds before I realize that one of the fetal monitors is indicating a problem, and nobody is doing anything about it. I clear my throat, more pissed with each passing second, "Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure that you idiots should be addressing the non-reassuring fetal heart tones on the monitor in One of them addresses me, "Sorry, Dr.

They've been a little distracted by a patient's brother. Griffin, it won't happen again. Go do your fucking jobs. Women already face difficulty being taken seriously as physicians.

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

In many ways it's still a "Boy's Club," and as a whole, we have to work harder to gain respect in our fields. So I see this shit, and it pisses me off just as much now as it did when I was a medical student and resident myself. Calming myself down, I walk back by the nurse's station to chat with Katie again. I lean against the counter with an exaggerated sigh, "You weren't kidding.

They're sitting around like vultures. You'd think they never saw a hot guy walk through here, before. She shakes her head, "Can't say I've had the pleasure. As the seasons progress, she goes from merely bearing a historical and classical name to becoming a contemporary mythological figure who is defined by herself and her actions rather than by her relationship with her brother, or any other male. I personally also see a visual connection between the two Octavias that gets stronger as Octavia undergoes a hair-style transformation from straight locks to an Octavia-like nodus early in the second season.

Over the course of the series, the Blake siblings reveal their Classical education. One of the best indications of this occurs in season 2, in a moment I will discuss in greater detail below. The antagonist of the season are the Mountain Men, inhabitants of a nuclear bunker that also acts as a museum.

His look, as incredulous as Rick Whittle ever shows, sparks the excuse from Bellamy for his knowledge. He carries his knowledge with a little uneasiness in this moment. And while Bellamy does not offer an interpretation for the name, the reader can. These reapers are one of the many defenses to get inside the Mountain which, in turn, becomes a de facto underworld.

Bellamy has easy access to his references but fails, in each case, to think through their interpretation. In a striking scene from the finale of Season Four, we see what happens when Bellamy tries to use a classical reference with his sister, who is the only other person capable of engaging with him on the same level.

In the finale, characters are in three places: In a moving scene, Bellamy, from the launch site, talks to his sister who is leading those in the bunker. You gave people hope when there was none.

Prometheus got chained to a rock so that eagles could eat his liver. Thanks for ruining my metaphor, O. On the surface of this discussion, Bellamy says that the fire stolen from the gods is what gives hope to the human race. But he says this in a season finale that will see the entire surface of the world irradiated.

The progression of fire to nuclear power is clear: He leans into the walkie-talkie, holding it close and looking earnestly toward the side of the screen. Octavia, on the other hand, looks rather sardonically upward at the center of the screen and takes a moment to think about what he has said before slowly bringing her walkie-talkie up to her mouth from the side. The exchange imitates that between Bellamy and Lincoln. Thanks, in part, to her similar upbringing, including access to the same educational practices from their mother, she proceeds to challenge his comment.

The siblings are also the only figures who receive books as a gift: Bellamy the Iliad and Octavia the Metamorphoses. I cannot explore fully the ramifications of this situation, not least because the show is still ongoing, but I do want to offer a few initial reflections.

Bellamy, at the start of season 3—his roughest season in terms of character arc—receives an edition of the Iliad from his short-lived girlfriend Gina Martin, who has just returned from a salvage run to Mount Weather.

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

The title is not spoken out loud, nor its contents explained. If the viewer turned away from the screen, he or she would never know what was given nor would it matter too much. Got you something, though. You said your mom used to read this to you. The very fact that Mina gives him this book indicates that they have a history of intimacy established between the end of season 2 and the start of 3, a relationship the viewers did not watch begin.

Immediately after this exchange, however, Bellamy puts down the book and does not pick it up again. One way of understanding his frustrating character arc throughout season 3 is that he has forgotten the lessons he could have gained from the Iliad. In contrast, when Octavia receives her book in Season Five it seems that she will try to live according to her unique understanding of the text. The gifting scene is strongly reminiscent of that with Bellamy as one woman hands Blake sibling a classical poem within the first few moments they appear for the first time.

Look what I found. I know Bellamy used to read you the parts about ancient Rome. Thus, in many ways, the story of Season Five will be the story of the Metamorphoses that really takes off after Phaeton scorches the earth in the first book. The dominant plot of the first season is the way in which the Sky people come to earth, establish a camp, and defend themselves against the native inhabitants, the Grounders. Moments before the credits roll on the season finale, after Clarke and her crew have successfully defeated Grounder troops, most of the victorious Delinquents are gassed by mysterious laser-tracking troops.

Then the season ends with a shot of Clarke in a mysterious white room. In the second, Jaha, the former Chancellor of the Ark, also descends and sets off to find a mysterious sanctuary called the City of Light which will form the major plot of season 3.

Below is her first step, mapping out the interior like the explorer her namesake implies. The Delinquents tried to get there in the first episode, but were stymied by the Grounders.

The characters, and most of the audience, had quickly forgotten this minor plot point. Mount Weather is an underworld in many respects, and once Clarke escapes, her primary goal throughout the season is to get the rest of her friends free by descending into it. One of the fascinating tensions in the season, however, is the fact that she must do much of this from the outside. She becomes, then, a sort of guide to the underworld a Hermes or a Charon or a Sibyl as Bellamy must navigate the inside of the mountain all while following her advice.

The President of this particular underworld is, after all, named Dante.

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Played with unnerving calm by Raymond J. Barry, Dante just wants to maintain order among his people and make oil paintings, which you can see staining his hand in the picture below. In the first place, they have not adapted to the radiation, and if they leave the mountain they will die unless they wear a protective suit.

The Mountain Men plot is fairly simple: This creates a constant need for Grounders and their blood, which leads to Project Cerberus in which the Mountain Men have experimented on the Grounders and found a way to turn them into Reapers, drug-addicted and crazed warriors who raid their own camps.

Clarke learns about the first experiment and teams up with the commander of the Grounders, a woman named Lexa played by Alycia Debnam Careyto form an alliance dedicated to taking down the Mountain. In the final episode, Clarke must decide what to do with the lives of the remaining inhabitants of the mountain, a decision that will earn her the name Wanheda: Similarly, Mount Weather is an underworld because the bunker is a repository for art and literature. It exists on the tension between mausoleum and museum.

It tells the story of the past. The characters who we see walk through it are not like Odysseus or Aeneas talking to the dead, nor are they like Virgil guiding Dante.

octavia and lincoln relationship with a man

They are in an underworld without a guide. But as occurs so often in Thethe loss of classical knowledge does not preclude classical engagement by its characters.

The dramatic irony stems from the fact that the show is aware of its classical engagement but its characters often are not. If the characters knew the patterns, they would be better off, but at what cost?

They are experiencing the giddy throes of first love, which proceeds unabated despite the warnings the art around them provides. Because they lack the cultural awareness of the narratives, their doomed love achieves novel levels of tragedy. Ok ok, where are you taking me anyway? Does the concept of surprise mean something different in space? I hate them actually.

But he, having no context for this sculpture and being infatuated with Maya, does not even take it in. The statue represents Aphrodite caught in a moment of unawareness. She does not know she is being looked at in this moment of casually undoing her sandal.

The viewer, likewise, is reminded that we are watching a television show in which the characters are unaware of us. With our knowledge of Aphrodite, we recognize her looking on these young lovers even while we are aware that love in ancient Greek narratives is most often tragic. Her presence, then, offers viewers a deeper appreciation of the scene but such awareness is not necessary for understanding the situation.

Classical references offer interpretative resonances, they do not provide superiority. Francesca blames her lust on the text. When Maya says that the painting of the scene she chooses it without, apparently, thinking about what it is about.

She and Jasper are doomed. However, the show challenges the viewer to consider the following. Would it have been better for the two lovers to have lived according to the warnings from the art around them? Or is it better to live out the doomed love story? This question plays out over the long term since Maya does not say what the painting is called. We see the camera swoop around the arts depository. As Jasper looks around, his face is hidden by that of a replica of the Discobolus.

This generates a sense of destruction that will be echoed in his increasing suicidal tendencies over the next two seasons. A bust looks down at Octavia looking at Jasper looking at the painting. Around them, classical sculptures frame the shattered Discobolus. It is a scene that reflects on cultural heritage, individual destruction, and the important question of what gives an object value. None of these objects has any monetary value. Instead, it is entirely cultural. But with the understanding of that culture being increasingly challenged and threatened, we are left without a strong sense of its importance.

Here again is the challenging ambivalence of The When Octavia sits down next to the bereaved Jasper, he tells her, and the audience, what the painting represents.

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An entire season has lapsed, but the show gives us this reference in order to permit us to rethink our feelings about the previous season. This was her favorite. Represents the second circle of Hell, which is pretty ironic if you think about it.

On the surface, it means that it is ironic Maya is dead and Jasper is in a version of Hell but they are not together as the lovers in the second circle were together. But does he even know what the second circle of Hell is about? The irony is therefore recognized by the reader that Jasper does not take in the whole meaning.

Dante Wallace considers his duty to protect history, and the repository is crucial for this. But so are the lessons learned from art. It is this difference of approach that causes the ultimate conflict between him and his son, Cage. He has given him some Sky blood which allows them to be outside for a few minutes.

The 100 & Classical (under)worlds

What will it take to stay? Bone marrow…all that they have. This is our world. We are the keepers of history. Dante recognizes the temptation in this moment and he turns away from it. The origin of that temptation literally comes from a siren. The mastermind behind this bone marrow transfer is Dr. Lorelei Tsing Rekha Sharma. Her science represents a siren-seduction which Dante is barely able to reject.

His rejection, however, leads his son Cage to mutiny.