Nariko and kai relationship goals

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nariko and kai relationship goals

Shen went and had a word with a small girl called Kai; Nariko's sister. . A couple of hours later, Nariko was summoned to 'The Pit'. . by which block deflected which attack and it took her some time to achieve this goal. People easily dismiss Nariko as a female Kratos but her being a woman brings so much to the role - especially with her relationship with Kai. With the help of Nariko and the Heavenly Sword and Kai and her crossbow, they The couple they helped earlier when they arrived at Loki's village sold him out. .. resources and infrastructure as legitimate military targets—the conflict was.

nariko and kai relationship goals

Nariko reached behind her and removed the sword from her back. She grasped the handle with both hands.

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It had been a while since she had one she had to use both hands for. What had she done? The sword fused with Nariko and she could feel its power. But, she had now signed her own death certificate. How do you like them apples? Nariko leapt off of the cliff with skill. Well, I did not see that coming. Bohan took Shen and the rest of the clan as his hostages and headed back to his kingdom. Meanwhile, Nariko was regaining consciousness only to be confronted by Kai force-feeding her worms and dead birds.

You jumped off the cliff, Shen was taken by Bohan and I completed my colouring book without going outside the lines. Where is Shen now?

nariko and kai relationship goals

But if you sugar coat it, you get away with it. Nariko finally came to a watery clearing. It was calm and peaceful, except for Shen hanging dead above her and a rather fishy looking woman called Whiptail. She laid him on the floor and placed both her hands on his chest. She zapped Shen with magical powers that the sword had bestowed upon her and he came back to life with a kick. I need to take care of this talking Salmon! Shen fled the area.

nariko and kai relationship goals

Oh, what did you do that for? Because he is my dad. Nariko was creased up with laughter at her own joke. Whiptail was not amused. The pair began to fight.

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But for some bizarre reason Nariko ran off without taking the sword. Whilst the fight was going on, Shen had made his way out of the clearing and was now facing death at the hands of some oncoming minions. The arrows flew and glided through the air piercing one soldier after another. She had certainly improved. Shen was saved again. But there was no time for reunions. Kai ran off to find Nariko. But that would not be easy. Roach was about 7ft tall, 8ft in diameter and with a crusty face.

This was not going well. But, after serving nearly 3 days in jail, Nariko was found by Kai and she ordered her to find the sword before it was too late. Think Gladiator but with less tigers. Here the crowds cheered, all baying for blood. Bohan first ordered her to fight the clan she had saved on several occasions. Is that it Bohan? Oh, well if you want more, I can supply more. Note to self; Keep quiet.

He bounced and rolled all over the place and Nariko struggled without The Heavenly Sword. But, luckily for her, Kai had done her job. She threw Nariko the powerful sword and the battle was over quicker than Usain Bolt running m. So Bohan released four more into the arena. Um…Roach, go and fight her. What is 47 multiplied by ? Do you want some cake?

nariko and kai relationship goals

He sat down on the floor and had no interest in continuing the fight. Bohan was not best pleased. Nariko and Kai fled the arena and were on the run again. But, unbeknownst to them, they were being followed by Flying Fox. He had several knives attached to his back.

These performed no real function other than to attract a mate, like a peacock. That never worked though on account of the fact that he was emaciated, ugly, weird and most importantly of all, had a pony tail! But Flying Fox was fast. He snatched Kai and disappeared. Now normally Nariko would have been grateful for the peace and quiet, but it was only fair that she rescue her sister like Kai rescued her.

So onwards she fought. The enemies seemed to be getting more and more plentiful, still all identical, so Nariko naturally suspected cloning.

Flying Fox

It was the only logical explanation. She finally found Kai, hanging by the neck over a massive canyon. On the platform next to Kai, Flying Fox stood there laughing. Nariko raged forward, swung left, swung right, swung down the middle, but all attacks were dodged.

This was one quick Fox. Much faster than Megan. William Tell eat your heart out. Nariko rescued Kai and carried her all the way home.

What happened to Kai? Flying Fox hung her. Just then a Raven flew over their heads. It followed me all the way home SHEN: Which means the enemy will be here soon. Tell Bohan we are here and we are ready to fight. The raven flew back in the direction from which they had come. They were outnumbered Steve The Bookmaker was watching with interest. As the year of the Firehorse began years ago, Nariko was born. No one knew that firstborn child would be a daughter instead of a son.

Disappointed in having a daughter, Shen sent Nariko to live far away, in the forest. Prophet Takashi took this opportunity to train her to become a warrior in secrecy.

As Nariko wakes up, she finds that she is in front of a campfire. The person who fished her out is Kai. They decide to travel north to find their brother. As they traveled, Nariko learned about Kai's mother.

Her mother was strong and funny. One day, Flying Fox came. When her mother saw him, she hid Kai in a cave. He had come to get Kai. Fox and his men killed her people and mother. Before they reached the fishing village in the dead marsh, General Whiptail's soldiers killed many villagers. With the help of Nariko and the Heavenly Sword and Kai and her crossbowthey helped some of the villagers and got directions to their brother.

But when they reached the hut that their brother, Loki, should have lived in, they learned that he left a year ago for the northeast. He wanted to become a blacksmith for a foreign king. Whiptail overhears this and orders her soldiers to kill them. When Nariko and Kai kill her, they are informed that Whiptail already told the villagers that whoever tells Bohan of Loki's whereabouts will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

But when Nariko and Kai reached the fortress in the northeast, Bohan's soldiers were already coming. The effects of the Heavenly Sword start to show in Nariko. It is slowly draining her soul, trying to kill its bearer.

From deduction, they find out that the king Loki is trying to work for is none other than Bohan and the fortress in the northeast is Bohan's as well. They see Shen getting dragged to a cage and that Bohan lied to them about Shen and their people. In the fortress, they find and rescue Takashi and the other clan members.

They learn that Kyo, the person who bullies the sisters, rode to Bohan's army after the sisters left but dies fighting them. They told Shen about their brother and that he is the chosen one. Shen said that he was doing the right thing when he impregnated many women. He learned the errors of his ways and his daughters forgave him.

As Shen was about to die, Nariko used the Heavenly Sword's power to bring him back but the effects start to get worse. Nariko and Kai arrive to Bohan's blacksmith forge but are too late.

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The couple they helped earlier when they arrived at Loki's village sold him out. There were others after them but since they were the first, they get the gold.

nariko and kai relationship goals

Nariko and Kai rescue Loki and killed Bohan's son. He does the same to Kai. During a difficult battle, Kai, who was just unconscious and badly wounded, killed the real Flying Fox. Kai stops Nariko before she could use the sword's healing power. The sisters spend three days traveling back to their homeland, all while Bohan's army follows on their trail. Nariko fainted when they arrive home.

She tells Shen that his son is dead and Bohan is coming. When Bohan's army arrives, Nariko learns that Kyo, who is supposed to be dead, is alive. He was the one who told Bohan where the Heavenly Sword was. He did it because he knows that Bohan was always coming and once the sword is given to him, the clan will be free.

She refuses so Bohan commands his army to rain arrows on them.