Nanny and bananas relationship help

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nanny and bananas relationship help

Terry Pratchett — 'Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling 'banana', but didn't know how you stopped.'. Program Description: If you're thinking of hiring a nanny, then this is the also offer tips on how to create a positive, long-term relationship with your employee. Program Website: 18/ Parenting education; Parent support; Help finding child care. If anything, I identify with babysitters and nannies even more now that I have a child of my own. seem designed to set up an antagonistic attitude toward “the help. admonished me for buying a banana for her child from a street cart. damage one of the most important relationships they will ever have.

By Friday afternoon, when most of the week's work is done, I am sure she has a couple of hours free for personal time, but I don't mind because she is basically running the house during the week. I would suggest a polite but direct and honest conversation with your nanny; you aren't paying her to do personal shopping from 9 to 3.

How would she justify her payment for that time? Is she only insurance for the days when your kids are sick and home from school? If that doesn't pan out, perhaps you could consider a different FT nanny who knows up front that doing household work is part of the bargain from Day 1; or switch to an afternoon-only person.

When my daughter was a baby she did the usual nanny duties but she also did cooking, delicious Jamaican food and anything else you asked her to prepare cleaning, laundry, going to the supermarket.

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My daughter is now a teenager but Because my nanny is such a part of the family, she still comes in once a week to do housekeeping. I'm sorry that you are going through this but it seems you are being taken advantage of. In my experience nannies look down on housework and see it as not their profession.

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But your needs are changing and you need fewer hours of childcare now while you still have other household needs. It's pretty simple really in terms of options: Everyone navigates it at some point and you will too. Listen to your gut and decide what makes your life easiest and then arrange that.

I can tell you she had no issues doing mostly anything we asked her to do around the house to help out. She is not a cook, but she was happy to shop for food for us, take or pick up dry cleaning, return library books, take shoes to be repaired, wash, hang up and fold the whole family's laundry, make kids food or do simple prep cook for the household adult food like washing and destemming, chopping fruits and vegetables.

She even cleaned our bathrooms a couple of times. She was and still is only occasionally on her phone and she only does errands for herself if they are en route to things she is doing for us like buying food for herself if she's already shopping for us.

It would absolutely not be acceptable to me to pay someone to sit in my house and do nothing productive for my household or go out and only do errands for herself.

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Your child may be feeling accumulated hatred and resentments towards his sibling, and may also be feeling jealousy, unworthiness, unloved, victimized, unvalued, or discarded Unhelpful parenting strategies Group punishments, taking away toys or privileges, comparisons, and labeling. Being a judge without hearing or seeing the whole story. Helpful parent strategies Notice generous, loving, caring, behavior and point it out to the children in specific language. Avoid labels and comparisons.

Love each child best. Encourage accomplishments and efforts of each child. Avoid punishments of any kind to anybody. Give a lot of individual attention and time to each child. How you deal with sibling rivalry determines how the children treat each other. If you punish them, they will punish each other. If your approach is to work on solving the problem in a mutually respectful way, they will also take the same approach.

And remember, you do not have to maintain equality at all times. What is definitely forseeable is that soon enough one couple's child will need care while the other family is away. Would it be standard to keep paying regular wages to the nanny i. Or does it mean the vacationing family pays their normal weekly wages while the family whose child is being cared for pays wages for single child care which is higher? Should we insist the nanny take vacation or simply pay her an extra two weeks salary?

I would just like it to be a fair situation for everyone while not making childcare needlessly expensive. Thanks for the input! Of course there are many ways to make arrangements, depending on what is agreeable to all parties.

It's been a long time since we had a share, but If she wanted to take a longer vacation, she did so without pay. Our agreement was that for vacation time as opposed to sick daysshe would try to coordinate her vacation with ours. We never had a problem with her not using all of the days.

nanny and bananas relationship help

One thing you could do would be to set one or two vacation weeks, when the sitter would be paid but would not come, for example Christmas week. Those in your share who needed time during the vacation week could then pay the sitter extra for that time if she wanted to work then. In our arrangement, we each paid a regular weekly amount, whether or not we used the time. I also at times had more informal shares, where I was the primary employer and a second child came on a less regular basis.

In that case, the second family paid as needed, and I covered the single child cost and vacation pay at all other times. Cynthia By far, the easiest and in my opinion, fairest arrangement is to decide what each person the share will pay the nanny each week, and each person should pay this amount regardless of whether a a parent is on vacation b the nanny is on vacation c a child is sick, etc.

If you think about it, you still get paid even if your boss takes vacation, so this is really the fair way to do it. Scheduling nanny vacation with four parents in the share could get really hairy, so if your nanny says she doesn't want to take any vacation, I wouldn't object if I were you!!

I would expect she would want an occasional day off or long weekend, though, and you should simply try to get her to give you as much notice as possible when she does. I'm having an unbelievably difficult time trying to find someone to share the nanny who cares for my son. She is very generous with her love, extremely good at keeping him challenged and learning in very fun ways and quite conscientious about all aspects of his well-being. She has taken all the safety classes and has excellent references.

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Please comment with alternatives other that the high priced agencies I'm a single parent and the prices most agencies charge for networking are out of my league.

We had a babysitter and a kid-friendly home, but moved to Albany when our son was nearly two. When looking for an age-appropriate child to join our son and sitter, it almost seemed like trying to get a date to the prom in May -- everybody was already hooked up! We got lots of call from folks with newborns, but not much for the toddler set. We persevered with ads in this distribution list as well as Bananas.

After we pretty much gave up, a family called from our Bananas ad. I would encourage you to keep posting your ads. It just may take some weeks, if you have the time to spare, that is. Once you do find someone, I would encourage you to give it a trial run.

nanny and bananas relationship help