Nami and zoro relationship quotes

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nami and zoro relationship quotes

When Zoro finds out Sabo considers his rifle to be his girlfriend, he openly When Nami makes a snide comment about Sabo's relationship with his gun, Sabo. 54 quotes have been tagged as one-piece: Eiichiro Oda: 'Inherited Will, The Destiny of the Age, and tags: history, humanity, nico-robin, one-piece, onepiece. FUCK YEAH ONE PIECE One Piece Quotes, One Piece World, Nico Robin, One. More information cry for some reason. Their relationship is so amazing, it's.

While they have yet to meet Zoro, anyone who has read One Piece knows that putting Zoro in charge of directions is a sure way to get killed. Later in Shells Town, when Sabo and Luffy discover everyone's reactions to hearing the names of Zoro and Captain Morgan, they say the names repeatedly for some cheap laughs. When Zoro finds out Sabo considers his rifle to be his girlfriend, he openly wonders if Sabo's actually the rational one between him and Luffy, and that was after seeing a bit of Luffy's personality.

I'd have to be crazy to join those two lunatics.

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After the battle with the Marines we have this gem: Hey, don't judge me and my relationship with my girlfriend! You're the one who can't commit himself to just one sword and has to use three, sword-swinger. Zoro and Sabo take down the bird that had carried off Luffy in the original story, and thus, they now have meat on board, but Sabo refuses to let Luffy eat it until it is cooked, and they can't cook it since starting a fire on their ship would be incredibly stupid, despite Luffy's protests that they're surrounded by water, to which Sabo insists they won't cook it until they make land.

Which results in Luffy creatively using his arms and paddles as a motor to really speed up their travels. Never underestimate Luffy when he's hungry. When Luffy declares to Buggy that he's going to be Pirate King, we get this amusing exchange: But I did hear a good one the other day. Two pirates meet at a tavern and one of them says to the other, 'I know a sailor with a wooden leg named Smith' and the other pirate says, 'Really, what's the name of his other leg!?

I don't get it. Then why are you laughing?

nami and zoro relationship quotes

You're supposed to laugh at them! Starts off with Sabo, Luffy and Zoro deliberately get Buggy's name wrong repeatedly to piss him off. Needless to say, Buggy flat-out loses his temper. Buggy separates his upper body from his legs and Luffy kicks him in the ballslike in the original. Only this time, Buggy lets out a shriek that's so high-pitched that no one but Chou-Chou can hear it. Sabo actually falls for or at least pretends to Usopp's lie of having 80 million men.

At least until Bonnie fires off a round. Usopp immediately takes a liking to Bonnie Anne: This is not just a rifle.

nami and zoro relationship quotes

She's my partner and my girlfriend and if she wanted to take your head off As you can see Can I hold her? That's a bold thing to ask someone you just met. Good grief there's two of them. When Nami makes a snide comment about Sabo's relationship with his gun, Sabo tells her she's jealous. Look Nami, you're cute 'n' all but in my eyes, Bonnie will always be the prettiest girl in the room.

The author invokes the Hilarious in Hindsight trope when he mentions at the end of the chapter that the whole scene they were talking to Kuro, he was adjusting his glasses every time he was fighting the urge to kill.

Rereading that scene knowing that fact does make it a bit more amusing. Sabo falls asleep along with Onion, Carrot, Pepper and Jango during this version's hypnotism scene.

nami and zoro relationship quotes

But Nami finds that Luffy and Zoro share a similar poor sense of direction. Usopp said the pirates were north. So I ran in the direction that felt coldest. What the hell were you thinking leaving me in that muck? It was either one of us get stuck or both of us. What are you even doing here? Luffy proudly motions to Zoro See?

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In this version the battle with the Black Cat Pirates becomes public knowledge and the Syrup villagers call for the Marines to collect the surviving pirates. Nami and Zoro grow concerned about Usopp's attachment for Bonnie and stage an intervention where they insist that Bonnie is just a gun.

But the intervention fails when Usopp walks in on Sabo 'polishing' his rifle's revolving cartridges in an extremely intimate manner. She's not just a gun Sabo makes a deal with Zeff to work at the Baratie along with Luffy. I'm new to this whole restaurant-business but for future reference It may be the single weirdest relationship that I've ever seen Sabo ends up taking his waiter duties very seriously and when Don Krieg shows up he treats him like a regular customer.

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The chapter ends with Nami stealing the Going Merry like in the original. But she doesn't realize that Bonnie Anne is still in Sabo's bunk. Everyone that has read to this point knows that the poor thief is screwed when Sabo finds out. Sabo discovers that Nami accidentally kidnapped Bonnie Anne and screams so loudly and angrily that he unlocks Conqueror Haki.

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His outburst ends up knocking out a number of cooks and Krieg Pirates. Even Zeff notices it. I haven't felt rage like that since the Grand Line. Sabo and Usopp go after Nami and the Merry and pass Mihawk along the way.

Sabo has no idea who Mihawk is. Who was that guy? He's probably a swordsman from the Grand Line. I'm not really concerned with that sort of stuff so it makes no difference to me. Fortunately, Mihawk is distracted by the Krieg Pirates and doesn't sink their boat and murder them.

Nami discovers that she accidentally kidnapped Bonnie Anne. The chapter opens with Bonnie Anne giving Nami a hard time about accidentally kidnapping her. Nami rants and complains to herself which results in her finally realizing that the others have driven her around the bend.

Examples are during the Thriller Bark ArcZoro refused to do something stupid like address Franky as "Bro", or Franky's later joke technique "Pirates Docking 6" where after they disassembled, Zoro felt stupid for agreeing to do it in the first place. In the Dressrosa ArcZoro was embarrassed when he had Wicca with him when traveling through town, as trying to communicate with her made the people around them think Zoro was "talking to himself" as they could not see Wicca due to her small size though it was revealed at the end of that arc that Dressrosa's citizens were secretly aware of the dwarves ' existence.

nami and zoro relationship quotes

Also during anime-only events in the Post-Enies Lobby Arcwhen Zoro was forced to help take care of children, he intended to make sure that the crew or any of the town's residents that knew him personally did not find out about this embarrassing situation. Zoro does have rare moments of responding violently in these situations, such as choking Chopper during Aqua Laguna for mentioning to Luffy and Nami the embarrassing story of how Zoro got stuck in the chimney of a house which Luffy laughed about though Luffy was also in a similar situation earlier.

For example, when Nico Robin was violently electrocuted by EnelZoro was extremely ferocious at him, reminding the God that his target is a woman. Though he rarely shows hesitation in cutting down foes, Zoro allowed Urashima's men to capture Kikuexplaining that he does not want to cut "half naked" men. Honor and Loyalty Edit He has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning.

Zoro follows the samurai philosophy and doctrine of Bushidosuch as the code of honor and integrity where he strictly fight fair and square honestly by consistently refuses to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Zoro would strike the attacker from behind, and Zoro himself considers a scar on the back to be a swordsman's greatest shame.

He is also very loyal as he will stand by Luffy's decisions regardless of whether he personally agrees or not, stepping in only to point out the seriousness of a situation where it has been overlooked by his crewmates most notably when they wanted to bring Usopp back into the crew after Usopp challenged Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry and lost, even willing to quit the crew himself if Luffy just brushed the incident off because it betrayed his strong values in loyalty.

Zoro values loyalty highly and will not easily forgive fellow crewmates if they break ties with the crew, first seen when Nami took the Going Merry. Zoro was furious and stated that he never trusted Nami in the first place. When this happened again with Robin and Usopp, Zoro was wary of Robin, questioning whether should they treat Robin as friend or a foe, and after Enies LobbyZoro did not accept Usopp wanting to rejoin the crew saying he stepped on Luffy's pride.

nami and zoro relationship quotes

Furthermore, he wouldn't allow the sniper back unless he got down on knees and apologized for his disrespect to Luffy. This dislike for leaving crewmembers was shown once again in Zou ; this time over Zoro's long-standing rival Sanji. Zoro was angry that Sanji had gone without an apology or a "thank you for everything", calling Sanji an "idiot" for messing around with Big Mom when they were already facing Kaido.

This cold attitude towards crewmates received negative attention from the crew and will provoke certain crewmembers mainly Nami to yell at him. Kindness Edit Zoro has a very kind heart, shown as he was willing to risk his life for the sake of a little girl he did not know shortly after his introduction and when Charlos shot an innocent man, Zoro carried the victim to a hospital despite being total strangers.

When fighting weaker or innocent people, he does try to hold back when fighting and use the dull side of his swords in order not to seriously injure them though as pointed out by Namihis monstrous strength still manage to cause great damage.

Another aspect of his kindness is he strongly detests evil men with extreme cruelty towards the innocent, as shown when Charlos shot Hatchan, Zoro was silently wrathful, as he fully intended to cut down the World Noble if it weren't for Luffy.