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mulder and scully relationship fanfiction search

The pairing is commonly denoted as MSR - Mulder Scully Relationship - in fanfiction headers. This is where the term shipper comes from. The date is set, but what does that mean for Mulder and Scully? Will they find their son, and can alien colonisation be avoided? This is my first X Files fanfic, but. When Mulder has another failed attempt at trying to find Samantha, Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - F. Mulder, D. Scully.

Neither of you listened. You ignored and you pushed your feelings away. Your life wasn't supposed to be like this, Dana. Why am I here? What happened to me? She felt sick to her stomach. How could this have happened? What about my mother? You died in a car accident on your way home from the hospital. A drunk driver swerved into your lane at You died from a broken neck and excessive blood loss.

She couldn't believe it. She wasn't ready to die yet. He gave you signs. You didn't follow them and neither did Fox. The quest- his quest, your quest- it was never about me. It was about you two. You guys were supposed to find each other, not me. You were supposed to find each other. He's going to show you what your life would have ended up like if you had lived; and then he's going to send you back.

Back, so you can fix things. So you can follow the signs. None of this was ever supposed to happen. None of the pain. None of the loss. None of the suffering. It was so strong. Her stomach began to churn. It felt like she was falling weightless through the darkness. Images began to pop into Scully's mind, like a silent movie that was exclusive to her and her only.

They were intense in both their vivid color and the emotional connection that she felt with each scene that played out. She saw her and Mulder kissing. Her and Mulder falling into bed with each other, blissfully happy. What came after that devastated her and left her heart resting in her throat: Mulder was taken right when she found out that they were going to have a baby.

She searched and searched for him, only to find him beaten, abused, cold, and lifeless a few months later. She saw herself sobbing alone at his grave. She saw her mother's reaction when she finally mustered up the courage and the strength to tell her that she was carrying the deceased love of her life's child. The only thing there to keep her going was the fact that he left her with a piece of himself.

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She saw his rotting body in a hospital bed, only breathing because of ventilators that were doing it for him. She saw the scars that marred his body, the nightmares that plagued his conscience. She saw him having to leave them, his family, in order to keep the baby safe. She saw the baby being kidnapped. Its late and they need to get a hotel room.


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Started on my own storyline, finally! Mulder Paving the road: The Chronicles of Ragnarok by Miran-chan reviews Set after the 2nd movie. As draws nearer, there are those who would stop at nothing to see the end of the world through. And then there are those who would stop at nothing to stop them. As of this morning, he has yet to hear a word. Scully does not let her personal life interfere with her work at all. Hell, she was back at work only hours after her own father's funeral.

Perhaps she wanted to make a clean break with you and the Bureau and that in her current state of mind this was the only to do it. She told me of her desire to have some time and space to think about her place with the X-files and to be frank, with Agent Mulder. She was looking forward to the position with the task force and asked to be able to head there directly, foregoing her vacation, to begin. I had to refuse that request due to HR requirements that she take her vacation now.

This is not how Agent Scully would have managed the situation. She knows her mother has lost a daughter and would never put her though any unnecessary pain. What are the facts as we know them now? A few hundred taken from her bank account the day she left town. A few gasoline charges and hotel rooms as well. Nothing after the Sunday she was scheduled to arrive wherever she was going. I don't even see it on the map" Mulder said glancing quickly at the map laid out in front of him.

Skinner turned to Mulder, ignoring the fact that the Lone Gunmen were still in the room. There are still some of them around and I am assuming that they are the ones behind this. You may have become even more important to them now than before.

Think very carefully before making any decisions and remember Agent Scully would always want you to do the right thing. I will check in with you from Arizona" Mulder headed off to his office after making plans to contact the Lone Gunman once he got more information in Bishop. Diana wasn't there when he arrived so he dashed off a note that he would meet her at the airport at 8pm and left. He wanted to stop by Mrs. Scully's before leaving to fill her in on the day's activities and to assure her that Scully would be found safe and sound.

She had made motel reservations for them just outside Bishop and although she would have rather shared a room with Mulder, booked each of them their own room.

She knew if she pushed too hard right now, that Mulder would turn from her instead of to her. She glanced at his note as she pulled out her cell phone and starting dialing. We are heading out to Arizona tonight.

To Bishop to be exact" "Mulder works fast, doesn't he? He won't rest until he finds her" "Well she is safe and sound and waiting for his arrival" "How are the tests going?

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction search

I will see you in person soon enough" Diana sighed. She tried to start up a conversation once or twice but realized quickly that Mulder's mind was busy elsewhere. He was doing what he did best. Taking a pile of seemingly unrelated clues and getting them to come together. It made him a great field agent even if it didn't make for great conversation.

They arrived at their motel during the wee hours of the morning and they both stumbled into their rooms barely muttering 'good night' to the other.

Diana was asleep within seconds of placing her head on the pillow. Mulder did not have so much luck. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Scully. The events of the past few weeks just replayed in his mind over and over and over again. Mulder knew that sleep was useless at this point and flipped on his constant companion, the television. Not much was on at that late hour but he didn't really care. He just wanted some noise to keep him company.

He began to rummage around the room looking for something to read when he stumbled across a stack of worn out brochures. They were obviously there to inform the motel's occupants of the wide variety of tourist attractions in the area. A museum featuring oddities of the area? No, but he put the brochure in his pocket anyway. For his own future reference. Mulder sighed as he looked down at the last brochure figuring that there was no way he would be so lucky.

But there it was. Where you go to get away from it all. It sounded exactly like a place where Scully would go to escape the stresses of outside living.

Just people there to take care of your every need. He looked at his watch. It was only 5am. Too early to wake up Diana and head out to the Spa.

He reluctantly let himself sleep for an hour or two. He would be on Scully's trail soon enough. She didn't speak to him - only glared. They were riddled with marks where she had been stuck over the past couple of days.

She was still hooked up to a drip as well as a variety of machines that appeared to be monitoring every aspect of her body. You can thank me for that" "Thanks a lot. Have you found what you are looking for yet? But I cannot tell you more than that right now.

The doctors who are sampling your blood are coming up for some practical uses for you. They are also going to want your help. You have got to be kidding. One who has been through a variety of procedures. I believe they are going to try to search your memories for ways to help the cause in the future" "I don't remember anything and even if I did, why do you think I would tell you?

The monitors to which she was attached showed an increase in activity in practically every way. That is, of course, unless he is too busy being occupied by Agent Fowley" Scully eyes widen at that statement and the machines behind her showed the reaction she was trying so hard to not show. Your cooperation will increase his chances for survival. You didn't actually think I would fall for that, did you?

She squinted to make out the small clock sitting by the side of her bed. It told her it was only 7: Mulder burst through the door full of so much energy that even his former partner was amazed. There is a spa with the name of Roaring Brook only 20 minutes from here. That must be the place" Diana sighed realizing that it would probably be awhile before she got any more sleep. He is moving quick even for him. We'll be ready" Diana hung up the phone and headed for the shower. He left the smoke out in one long curl just before he spoke.

Is she willing to help us, tell us what she knows or remembers about her abduction? Are you ready to proceed with the questioning? To make sure we can count on its reliability before we speak to her about her experiences. We will question her the day after tomorrow. The doors and windows were all locked and although the grounds looked as they had been maintained, the place looked like it had not been occupied for a long, long time.

Mulder ignored her light touch and continued walking around the grounds. I just feel it" "Fox what you are feeling is perfectly natural. You are desperately trying to find your partner when it seems to be getting rather obvious that she has set you up on some sort of wild goose chase.

Mulder walked from cottage to cottage checking every door and window looking for something even though he wasn't quite sure what. Every door was locked and every window secure. It seemed like his hunch was proving to be a failure. Mulder was going to give up when he noticed one last cottage set just a bit back from the other ones. It was locked like the others.

He was turning to leave when he spotted it. A small shimmer of gold in the grass by the walkway. He bent over and picked it up. It was a small cross on a broken chain. Mulder clasped the cross in his hand and said a prayer of thanks to a God he rarely believed in.

He carefully slipped it into his pocket and walked back to the car. He was going to mention it to Diana but for some reason stopped. A little voice in his head said "Do you really trust her? She was hoping that Mulder would give up this part of his quest or at least return to DC so he could be spared what would happen to him if he continued. I will meet you for a late lunch. Confident that she could pry any information she needed out of him over lunch, she stretched out on her bed and was quickly asleep.

Mulder did some quick research on the Roaring Brook Spa but only after going to the small jewelry store in town and having not only the cross's chain repaired but the cross itself placed on a longer chain so he could wear it around his neck.

He then called the Lone Gunman and put them on the case of the missing spa - making them promise to get back to him by the next morning with every bit of information they could find on the place. Mulder himself then went to the town hall to get information on the area and on any buildings that may be big enough for the projects creators to operate. He wasn't sure, but he didn't think he and Diana would be leaving the area soon.

He knew he had not been followed but felt nervous just the same. No sane man would try to cross CSM. But then again no one ever said he was sane. As soon as he entered he was greeted by tall muscular figure whose features appeared to be removed from his face. Krycek silently acknowledged the alien rebel before following him into an adjoining room. There was a small gas fire burning in the fireplace providing the only real light in the room.

A man sat near the fire his face mostly hidden from view. They know she cannot be cloned and even though they have been running every test in the book on her and monitoring every bodily function of hers, they have no idea what they have in front of them. They are so wrapped up in it that they don't even notice the hormone tests we have been secretly running" "Their results" "Too early to tell, but I think she may still be able to carry a child to term" " And Mulder?

It has been closed down until further notice. Sounded a bit fishy so I poked around some more. The employer was so worried about his employees being out of work, that he is paying them all full salary until they reopen. I am working on getting a list of employees put together.

Thought we could start interviewing them first thing in the morning. I just don't want her to hurt you any more" They finished their lunch talking about the upcoming interviews and how best to record the accounts of all the employees. It was decided that things would move along much quicker if they both did interviews during the day and compared notes in the evening.

Diana volunteered to summarize the information and report back to Skinner with it. Mulder was showing signs of exhaustion by the time they had finished their planning session. Their simple lunch had lasted over 2 hours.

You will need to have your wits about you tomorrow when we talk to the Roaring Brook employees. You don't want to miss anything.

He was pretty tired and it would be nice to relax a bit before having to report into both Skinner and Scully's mother later that night. A couple hours of shuteye sounds pretty good right about now" Mulder paid the check and they drove back to the motel in relative silence. Mulder has a strange feeling that Diana was upset about something but could not put his finger on it. Diana watched him in silence wondering exactly what the next 24 hours would bring for her and her partner.

She unlocked her door deep in thought and walked through, closed it and locked it without even looking up. Diana managed to stifle her screamed but still jumped a mile before turning to face her uninvited guest. Have you lost your touch Di? After the treatment he had given her, he deserved to be cut some slack "Fox is too far gone over that little red-headed bitch to even think about me.

And the funny thing is, he is in totally denial about his feelings towards her. She was disappointed, though, when he refused to take full advantage of her after he was done securing the knots. Night had already fallen by the time Krycek slipped out of Diana's room. He glanced over at Mulder's room happy to see that the lights remained off with only the glow of the television set lighting the room. He jerked up and before he knew it he was on the floor with a foot holding him down.

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction search

Considering I only have one good hand - just another skill I picked up during my days in the FBI" He pulled Mulder to his feet and pushed him into a chair. They are testing her. She is still in one piece. I have been taking good care of her.

Such good care of her in fact that I feel us getting closer. Having both arms free put Krycek at a definite advantage and within seconds he had Mulder face down on the floor. It's not my fault that you have yet to get your act together as far as Scully is concerned.

Krycek just laughed at him. It is you, my friend, who has hurt her not me. To get to him. He also knew that if he joined their project not only would Scully most likely still remain a test subject, she would also most likely never forgive him.

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He felt a small pinch on his arm and blackness overtook him. For the life of him, he thought he could hear Scully speaking quietly to someone. His suit was gone and he found himself wearing nothing more than a pair of scrub pants.

His bare arms ached a bit and when he looked at them, he noticed the several small needle marks. Apparently someone had taken a sample or two of his blood. He had be placed in a chair with both his hands and legs secured so it was obvious that he wasn't going to be moving about anytime soon. But caught his attention most about the room was the large window situated directly in front of him. Almost like a big screen TV. It was a two way mirror looking into an examination room.

mulder and scully relationship fanfiction search

As soon as Mulder realized that he was so close to Scully he began to shout at the top of his lungs trying to get her attention. After a moment or so he stopped realizing Krycek would never make things that easy for him. He then turned his attention to Scully. She sat dressed in a hospital gown in a small chair. There were several large machines in her room. Monitors of some sort there to observe Scully's every reaction. She was not attached to the machine at the moment, only a small IV tube extended from her left arm.

Mulder wondered what they were putting into her. Something to keep her quiet he assumed seeing that Scully was not currently using the restraints that were attached to the railings of her bed and the arms of her chair.

The person she was talking to appeared to be a nurse who was encouraging her to drink some sort of pale beige drink.

Those vitamin shots hurt and she was already feeling enough like a pin cushion. Mulder smiled to himself watching Scully give in to the nurse. It was so good just to see her again. Now all he had to do was figure out what they were doing there and how he would get them out.

The nurse walked over to Scully's IV tube and injected something into it. As it is, with all they have given you, I am surprised you have tried raping me" Scully smiled. Despite being held captive by her, Scully liked this nurse. She treated her with respect as she went about her business.

Most of her captures had not. Krycek asked me to administer to you. He will be checking up on you himself in a few minutes to see if it is working. It was the truth serum that Krycek had told her about before. He had said that he wanted to give it a trial run before the others came to ask her questions about her abduction and who knows what else. Krycek told her it was to guarantee her safety with them, but Scully knew that is was more about covering Krycek's ass than hers.

And if he found out some good information for himself along the way, all the better. The nurse left the room and Scully was left alone. She took advantage of her relative freedom to slowly walk around the room, dragging her IV behind her. To her, the window behind which Mulder was sitting was just a regular window.

The view shown to her an elaborate projection giving the illusion of the outside world. She walked over to the window and looked out of it. He now knew what Krycek's intentions were for him. To show him Scully without letting him touch her or talk to her. To slowly drive him mad. Scully's solitude only lasted a few minutes.

The door to her room opened and in walked Krycek. Krycek walked over to Scully and undid her IV unit from her arm. Scully watched him silently waiting for him to give her an explanation.