Moyes and ferguson relationship questions

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moyes and ferguson relationship questions

Fergie would have been proud of Moyes' flash of anger but time will tell whether Rooney relationship will be bitter or sweet. By Chris Wheeler. For Moyes and United, even though Ferguson will not have intended The Scot describes how his relationship deteriorated with the Republic. Owen Gibson, David Hytner and James Riach: From his relationship with as Ferguson discusses a range of topics from George Best to the desire of .. Oddly it seems far more of a problem now Moyes has attempted to fix it.

They let me get on with the job. While recognising the interest payments aroused "protective feelings towards the club", he says that "at no stage did it translate into pressure to sell a player or excessive caution on the purchasing front". Ferguson says he considered himself an employee and the thought never entered his head.

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Rooney, who has denied handing in a formal transfer requestallegedly came into Ferguson's office the day after the title-winning victory over Aston Villa and "asked away", with his agent Paul Stretford also calling David Gill.

Ferguson responded that it was "none of his business". Ferguson likes younger people with a bit of devil in them and he smiled to himself when he saw the manner in which Mourinho first announced himself at Chelsea as the "Special One". Ferguson even admits that he went too far in his criticism of Mourinho after United had met his Porto team in the Champions League last first leg in Ferguson had been infuriated at Porto's diving but, in truth, he was more angry about how Keane had got himself sent off.

When Porto knocked United out in the Old Trafford returnFerguson found a way to congratulate Mourinho and they shared a glass of wine, which became something of a post-match tradition. Ferguson writes that he found the wine appalling at Stamford Bridge and he told Roman Abramovich so. The following week, he took delivery of a case of Tignanello from the Russian.

But the chapter veers away from Mourinho, as Ferguson discusses a range of topics from George Best to the desire of Nemanja Vidic to enlist for the Kosovo conflict and his personal transfer errors, chief among them Kieran Richardson, Eric Djemba-Djemba, William Prunier and Ralph Milne.

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There had been expectation that Ferguson would discuss why he did not advance Mourinho as his Old Trafford successor, but there is no mention of the subject in this chapter. Away from the game they can discuss wine and he is a diligent "member of our trade". On matchday things are different. Even then, says Ferguson, he can identify with "the sharp change in him when the whistle blew".

They got on fine to start with, although Wenger would never come for a drink in his office after a match.

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But then came "Pizzagate", when Ferguson had a pizza thrown at him in the tunnel after a match against Arsenal in The rift extended until the Champions League semi-final inwhen United beat Arsenal and Wenger congratulated Ferguson.

Despite their rapprochement Ferguson has a passing dig at Wenger's "softer centre" in his later years, adding insult to injury by saying he felt sorry for him during the mauling at Old Traffordand says he has produced only one "truly homegrown" player in Jack Wilshere. OG Manchester City's success was hard for him to stomach A whole chapter dedicated to Manchester City's title victory details how their Premier League success was difficult for Ferguson to stomach.

His wife, Cathy, told him that the final day of the campaign was the worst day of her life and he was determined to usurp them before retirement. Ferguson says United "absolutely battered" City during their defeat at Old Trafford but insists there was no animosity towards Roberto Mancini. However, Ferguson said Mancini "let himself down" by allowing Carlos Tevez to return to the side after the Bayern Munich incident.

David Moyes: Alex Ferguson 'must take share of blame' at Man Utd

He loved Beckham; he thought of him as a son and had nothing but admiration for the way that he chased his footballing dream; for his stamina, perseverance and desire to prove people wrong. But Ferguson came to believe that Beckham had forgotten what had made him a star and, increasingly, neglected to work as hard on the pitch.

moyes and ferguson relationship questions

Notoriously matters came to a head between the pair when Beckham failed to track back on an Arsenal goal at Old Trafford in February Ferguson kicked a boot at Beckham in the dressing room, it hit him across the brow and, when the player allowed the wound to be photographed the following day, Ferguson made the decision to sell him.

He believed that Beckham felt he had become bigger than him and the club. Ryan Giggs was added to the backroom team to give it an added United presence but that has always looked more of an arranged marriage of convenience than part of a carefully-assembled strategy. There was a sense that Moyes never carried the faith of United's players - that he was a man out of his depth handling the bigger stars who would question his methods and perhaps more pertinently his record than those who followed him at Everton.

Training sessions were understood to be long and tactically laborious, in contrast to the short sharp work of the Ferguson, Rene Meulensteen and Phelan era. Whatever approach Moyes was employing, it resulted in removing the exciting cutting edge that was the hallmark of Ferguson and replaced it with a blunt instrument.

moyes and ferguson relationship questions

Some will say, with a measure of justification, that the players should have adapted but it is difficult in any walk of life to settle for something inferior when you have sampled success brought by the best.

Moyes has also struggled to get the best out of the injury-troubled Robin van Persie, with constant speculation about their personal relationship denied by the manager.

One unqualified success for Moyes was his relationship with Wayne Rooney, still trying his heart out for United and his manager in the final seconds of misery at Goodison Park.

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There is irony there, too, in that Moyes and Rooney parted on sour terms when he left Everton as a teenager and was intent on leaving United when he arrived as manager. Moyes handled this stick of dynamite left behind by Ferguson deftly, with Rooney producing outstanding form and also pledging his long-term future to the club.

Sir Alex Ferguson book: 10 things we learned

On the pitch, however, Moyes provided the sort of natural caution that often drew criticism from Everton fans. The cavalier attacking policy of Ferguson was in complete contrast to his successor's approach, which must have come as a culture shock to a very patient Old Trafford gallery.

Add 11 Premier League defeats from 34 games and this has proved the sort of grim evidence that has led the Glazers to cut Moyes adrift, even with a six-year contract. Moyes gave a year-old Rooney his professional debut in while Everton boss Moyes has not shown a sure enough touch on the pitch or in the markets to provide a compelling case to stay - and the question remains whether a man who has no serious track record of silverware would have the reputation and profile to attract stellar names to Old Trafford without the cushion of Champions League football to fall back on.

There will be sympathy for Moyes.