Moyes and ferguson relationship problems

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moyes and ferguson relationship problems

TEETHING PROBLEMS: Moyes has suggested Woodward does not "And I think him and Sir Alex Ferguson had such a good relationship. The same can be said of Ferguson's successor David Moyes, who all he endured a distant relationship with former Red Devils boss Moyes. Former Manchester Former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson hoped David Moyes, right, would prove a success at Old Trafford. (Martin Rickett/PA.

They got on fine to start with, although Wenger would never come for a drink in his office after a match.

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But then came "Pizzagate", when Ferguson had a pizza thrown at him in the tunnel after a match against Arsenal in The rift extended until the Champions League semi-final inwhen United beat Arsenal and Wenger congratulated Ferguson. Despite their rapprochement Ferguson has a passing dig at Wenger's "softer centre" in his later years, adding insult to injury by saying he felt sorry for him during the mauling at Old Traffordand says he has produced only one "truly homegrown" player in Jack Wilshere.

OG Manchester City's success was hard for him to stomach A whole chapter dedicated to Manchester City's title victory details how their Premier League success was difficult for Ferguson to stomach. His wife, Cathy, told him that the final day of the campaign was the worst day of her life and he was determined to usurp them before retirement. Ferguson says United "absolutely battered" City during their defeat at Old Trafford but insists there was no animosity towards Roberto Mancini.

moyes and ferguson relationship problems

However, Ferguson said Mancini "let himself down" by allowing Carlos Tevez to return to the side after the Bayern Munich incident. He loved Beckham; he thought of him as a son and had nothing but admiration for the way that he chased his footballing dream; for his stamina, perseverance and desire to prove people wrong.

David Moyes hits out at Man United chief Ed Woodward: You need to understand football

But Ferguson came to believe that Beckham had forgotten what had made him a star and, increasingly, neglected to work as hard on the pitch. Notoriously matters came to a head between the pair when Beckham failed to track back on an Arsenal goal at Old Trafford in February Ferguson kicked a boot at Beckham in the dressing room, it hit him across the brow and, when the player allowed the wound to be photographed the following day, Ferguson made the decision to sell him.

He believed that Beckham felt he had become bigger than him and the club. Ferguson writes that Beckham had his head turned by celebrity; that he made the conscious decision to pursue fame away from the field. He tells the story of how the Beckham camp tipped off dozens of photographers about one of the player's new haircuts which turned out to be the shaven head and how Beckham refused to remove his beanie hat before the big unveil, which infuriated Ferguson.

moyes and ferguson relationship problems

He also writes that there was no "footballing reason" for Beckham to go to Los Angeles. Ferguson does not mention Beckham's wife, Victoria, in the chapter of the book that he devotes to the player. There is no anger from Ferguson, merely dejection that Beckham squandered the chance to become of United's most enduring legends. DH He found handling the media difficult in his later years Ferguson's way of dealing with the media was to put his "Alex Ferguson face on".

He pines for the good relationships he had with reporters in his early years in Scotland and admits, without irony, "there was an intensity and volatility about the modern media I found difficult". His distaste for the "young reporters who dressed more casually" is plain and he says that by the end he found it hard to have any relationship with the press. His seven-year ban on talking to the BBC is glossed over in a page.

In the end, he says, they "agreed to differ" but his point was made.

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Reformers go in there 6 feet 2 inches tall and come out 5 feet 4 inches. OG Ruud was rude Ruud van Nistelrooy left United in acrimonious circumstances inthe final straw, according to Ferguson, being when the Dutchman swore at him on the bench after not being selected during the Carling Cup final against Wigan. Ferguson claims he did not anticipate selling the forward to Real Madrid but his behaviour during his last year at the club forced his hand.

moyes and ferguson relationship problems

However, Van Nistelrooy made a phone call to Ferguson out of the blue in January to apologise for his behaviour. It was that bitter dispute, over Ferguson's right to a share in the horse's stud fees, that led directly to the Glazer takeover. It is dealt with in a couple of paragraphs, with Ferguson admitting it was "awkward" but at no point interfered with his management of the club.

Yet it would be simplistic to regard Moyes's upbringing as privileged. It was quite the opposite, in fact; as a child looking on at his father's determined work with amateur and college football teams, Moyes took on board the core beliefs he has exhibited to this day. It was all planning. And my mum was washing the strips. She used to moan because it got too much at times for the washing machine in the house.

We'd end up taking the bags to the laundrette in Whiteinch on the Sunday after the game. David's brother, Kenny, is a football agent with high-profile clients such as Charlie Adam and David himself on his books, while their cousin, Dessie Brown, is the general manager of Coleraine. Moyes's playing career took him from a year-old at Celtic Boys Club to turn out just 24 times for the senior team.

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There, he struck up a close friendship which remains to this day with Ian McCall, himself once regarded as Scotland's brightest young manager. Ferguson, after all, was a massive advocate of the centre for training coaches three decades ago. We maybe don't appreciate that as much in Scotland but when you go to England and around his company, you can tell how respected he is and how he is one of the top men down there.

He has allied old-school beliefs with a lot of new thinking.

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In the coaching sessions I have watched at Everton, he was hands-on with some very advanced stuff. He is always forward-thinking, which is the way with any great manager. Malky Mackay, once a bank clerk in Glasgow city centre, is the latest to gain plaudits on account of Cardiff City's promotion to the Premier League.