Moyes and ferguson relationship help

moyes and ferguson relationship help

“He was convinced that they were tied by a relationship of genuine trust. “When he knew that Ferguson had chosen Moyes, the Everton. a six-year contract on the advice of Ferguson but the evidence of their own eyes Moyes looked a safe and sensible line of succession after Ferguson . One unqualified success for Moyes was his relationship with Wayne. Moyes ignored Ferguson's advice over coaching staff When asked whether his relationship with Rooney ended badly, Ferguson said: “No.

Manchester United post-Sir Alex Ferguson: how Moyes struggled to manage the monster

Whatever approach Moyes was employing, it resulted in removing the exciting cutting edge that was the hallmark of Ferguson and replaced it with a blunt instrument. Some will say, with a measure of justification, that the players should have adapted but it is difficult in any walk of life to settle for something inferior when you have sampled success brought by the best.

Moyes has also struggled to get the best out of the injury-troubled Robin van Persie, with constant speculation about their personal relationship denied by the manager. One unqualified success for Moyes was his relationship with Wayne Rooney, still trying his heart out for United and his manager in the final seconds of misery at Goodison Park.

There is irony there, too, in that Moyes and Rooney parted on sour terms when he left Everton as a teenager and was intent on leaving United when he arrived as manager. Moyes handled this stick of dynamite left behind by Ferguson deftly, with Rooney producing outstanding form and also pledging his long-term future to the club.

On the pitch, however, Moyes provided the sort of natural caution that often drew criticism from Everton fans. The cavalier attacking policy of Ferguson was in complete contrast to his successor's approach, which must have come as a culture shock to a very patient Old Trafford gallery.

Add 11 Premier League defeats from 34 games and this has proved the sort of grim evidence that has led the Glazers to cut Moyes adrift, even with a six-year contract. And a VVIP list. Today is a Thursday.

moyes and ferguson relationship help

Word has come that Moyes is furious with some of his fellow diners and has considered cancelling due to stories splashed on websites on Sunday evening and on the front and back pages of the newspapers the following day. He cannot believe how his words have been reported and he is about to say so. Drinks are ordered and Moyes looks at a list of names and he asks, basically, what has happened?

David Moyes: Alex Ferguson 'must take share of blame' at Man Utd - BBC Sport

The consensus is that he has dropped a major bollock. But will not admit it What has happened is the straight reporting of what he said and if he was to look at some of the Sunday newspaper reports — The People, for example — he would have read this paragraph: And the new man in the hottest hot seat is struggling to compute this. It is a message he continues to struggle to understand. Moyes has still not processed it when, come December, he is ambushed by an Everton fan who claims all kinds of things on social media after they share a drink in a Manchester hotel bar.

But this is later. Now, on the first major topic asked of him, Moyes has said the wrong thing and is compounding the mistake by trying to say he has been misrepresented.

David Moyes out of Sir Alex Ferguson's shadow at Manchester United

But will not admit it. These are the noises coming from within Manchester United. Moyes surely recognises his language was, at best, clumsy. And clumsiness is not brilliant when dealing with journalists whose job it is to scrutinise everything. But on the credit side and he deserves a large amountdespite being seriously cheesed off, Moyes is still here and about to sit down and enjoy a good meal and a drink and an honest, expansive chat. Ferguson can be close to players, he probably bounced a few ideas off Roy Keane in his time, but there was only one decision maker.

Ferguson's basic mantra was that no player is ever bigger than the manager, no individual is ever more valuable than the club and, rightly or wrongly, performers of the calibre of Keane, David Beckham, Paul Ince and Ruud van Nistelrooy were moved out as soon as they were perceived to have overstepped the mark or misjudged their own importance. I think Roy [Keane] was coming to the end of his playing career and starting to think he was the manager.

As with David Beckham, I knew the minute a football player started trying to run the club we would all be finished. Real players like a manager who's tough, or can be tough. Brian Kidd, destined to be out of the club before Yorke got his hands on a treble, has let it be known he is not as impressed by the Aston Villa player as his boss seems to be.

moyes and ferguson relationship help

I told Martin [Edwards] and Sir Roland [Smith, then chairman] 'If you don't recognise that I am the best person to judge which players should be bought by the club, I may as well leave now. Or be more clear on the subject. Yet if there is truth in the suggestions that Rooney is not only in for a substantial pay rise, the future captaincy and a say in transfers to boot, then he is clearly on his way to becoming the most influential person at the club and Moyes would appear to be doing things differently.

Despite the reservations some supporters have about rewarding Rooney so generously when he has twice agitated for a move, that is not to say Moyes is wrong in his assessment of the situation or his accommodation of the player.