Morgan and garcia relationship fanfiction

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morgan and garcia relationship fanfiction

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - P. Garcia, D. Morgan - Chapters: 12 - Words: 19, - Reviews: - Favs: - Follows: Criminal Minds - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 75 - Words : , Morgan and Garcia haven't been getting along very well lately. Rated: Fiction M - English - Friendship/Romance - D. Morgan, P. Garcia - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6, - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 97 - Follows:

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This time, though, Penelope saves herself. A take on The Hangover Sort of. As usual, I don't own a thing. Morgan - Complete Blast from the past by Naidoo reviews For her high school reunion Penelope asks Morgan to come with her. When one of them decides to face their fear and let the other know the depth of their love, the relationship will change forever. Garcia - Complete Closer Than by AstaLaila reviews Sometimes it's harder to believe the things you want to than the things you don't.

Things begin to shift between Penelope and Derek, but some things are causing friction that blocks the way. That's why there's family, friends, and being brave. MorganGarci Criminal Minds - Rated: This is my idea about it. Garcia - Complete Grenade by Leigh59 reviews Overhearing a conversation in the coffee nook Penelope joins in, in doing so she teaches some of the men a new meaning to a word.

Opening their eyes to seeing things from a different perspective. Pushing one of them to act on his true feelings. Can be read alone, but please read the others for references.

Penelope's Pregnant and almost due. And I'm proud member of the latter category. In fact, I should probably get out of here, handsome. Maybe that is what had her so damn cranky lately.

The fact she needed more than a toy between her legs. Yet she knew it was more than just her recent lack of sex that was getting to her. At first when she broke it off with Lynch she was happy, confident and flying high but six months had now gone by without her getting laid. Penelope was seriously stuck with sex on her brain. Her body was always in a state of want and getting herself off wasn't easing the ache enough. Plus, these days, she was also hurting over JJ being in pain and hurting because everyone in the BAU family couldn't keep a romantic relationship going for nothing- which made Penelope sad and made it hard to be hopeful that she'd one day find what she was looking for out there.

Kevin should have been her perfect other half. But he wasn't that at all.

She tried for way too long to turn their sweet friendship into a smoking love affair but, in the end, it couldn't be morphed into something it was never meant to be in the first place. She finally had to admit to herself that it was time to call it quits. She hated to walk away when the biggest problem was that she wasn't turned on by him anymore. Tonight she had argued with Derek just so he might come around to her way of thinking and back her up on the fact that it had been okay to stay with Kevin for all that time if they had an otherwise happy partnership.

morgan and garcia relationship fanfiction

But she knew she was simply fooling herself. Though, sex was not everything in a relationship, it was a part of it.

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And that part that had to be good for things outside of the bedroom to be right too. It might not always be good but it couldn't be steadily and always bad for things to work out between a couple. Of course Derek never had to worry about such problems. Penelope hated how it seemed that Derek always had great sex with people he barely knew or liked- if his bragging was to be believed and she totally did believe it- while she, and half of the free world, could be in love with someone and still have lousy, lackluster lovemaking.

It was so unfair. Of course Derek would never put up with bad sex in his marriage, should he ever have one, because he wouldn't have to. Sex for him always rocked and that was all there was to it. As he walked toward his house she looked at him, dressed in only swim trucks, and felt her gut clench with desire. She nibbled her bottom lip. Even after all these years he still could get her so horny.

If only the rules of friendship allowed a person to fuck their best friend and it not mess up the friendship. Having life work that way would be her idea of heaven on earth. Reid - Complete The Zero Hour reviews When Emily Prentiss fears her life could end any day now she goes to a friend for comfort- and one last night to really live. Going to Alaska changes him even more. Morgan - Complete Inevitable reviews Morgan and Garcia. Being so close could only lead one place and it finally does.

After she is shot he asks her to come to Chicago with him for Christmas. Morgan - Complete God Makes a Way reviews Garcia starts to spend all her free time with Morgan after her boyfriend takes an overseas assignment.

When the pain becomes too much they find comfort in each other. Suddenly just being friends isn't enough anymore. Derek doesn't want to waste another moment that he can share with Penelope. When Derek overhears Penelope talking about him he decides to make major changes in their relationship. Derek realizes he is on the verge of losing Penelope when he finds out she's back in the dating game.

Derek couldn't be happier when he learns Penelope is single again. They share a room during a case. His life could end at any second and all he can think about is her and what they never had. Morgan - Complete Open Your Eyes reviews Penelope gets Derek to help her play cupid for their friends but the tables get turned on them.

Penelope made plans to adopt a baby as a single parent. But then she fears she can't do it by herself. Derek meets a sexy stranger in Chicago in and it changes everything he wants for his life.

But can he keep her or will she leave his life as quickly as she entered? AU Criminal Minds - Rated: Derek is forced to work with the wife he thought he'd never see again.

morgan and garcia relationship fanfiction

Derek decides to break his own rules for a good cause. Holding things inside too long can make a person explode. Penelope helps Derek take care of his nephews for a weekend. Emily can't stop herself from wanting Reid.

morgan and garcia relationship fanfiction

But what does he want? When a phone call goes too far will it ruin their friendship or finally take everything to the next level? His love sneaks up on him until he can no longer ignore what he's feeling. Derek realizes that his happiest moments are spent by Penelope's side. A chance encounter at a coffee shop changes everything one man thought about his future.

Some things are better left to the imagination, she said.