Mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

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mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

I would not presume to tell you where to place your trust. Yet Thranduil is " Mithrandir is fond of the child," Galadriel acknowledged. "All the .. "Eryn Galen has sometimes had strained relations with the Dwarves. They have. They were colleagues and probably friends. Both were counted among the Wise and were members of the White Council. Indeed, Galadriel had wanted Gandalf. When Gandalf delivers the “and some that die deserve life” speech, Jackson trusts McKellan to do it right, and so he does. .. Boromir and Faramir are shown to be an a “daddy loves you more” relationship with their father.

It must have been dreadful. Now, with the advantage of centuries of hindsight, I can look back at the trembling child I was then. I cannot tell you where you will find your courage, Master Pippin, for nobody can do that.

I can only promise you that those who are true of heart will always find their courage when the hour is upon them. I'm a Hobbit from the Shire. I want to go — I do want to go for Frodo's sake. But Hobbits don't deal in hardship and battle. If you want someone to sit by the fireside and smoke, or take you to the Green Dragon for the best brew in all the Shire, or show you where mushrooms grow by Farmer Maggot's fields… But what good are those skills?

I had to hide in a barn under a pile of hay, and then a cow tore a hole in my good coat. My mother was furious. Do you still believe you have no skills that will be useful on our quest? Legolas, his work done, rose to go.

In time, I even learnt to do it without getting caught. I admit I was mistaken. But it will pass.

mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

He is not of a temper to harbour grudges. The wound from the Morgul blade will never fully heal. The Ring throws a web of malice around him. Yet he has great strength as well. Perhaps he will succeed where the most valiant of Men failed.

Certain it is that no Elf could relinquish the weapon once having claimed it. If Frodo cannot do it, there is no hope. He is valiant, although he does not yet see it himself. I believe I will make him a gift of a handful of earth from my own garden. What can I give him better than a light to guide his path? Perhaps the Silmaril will bring better fortune to him than it brought to the kindred of the Eldar. Its vengeance is spent. The Halflings are fortunate. Long have Elves and Men believed them insignificant, but their very simplicity gives them might that older and wiser races lack.

It is testament to the greatness of his heart that he has withstood it this long. He seeks the Ring to do good with it. His home is beset. When Sauron emerges from his fastness to take the cities of Men, it will be Gondor that faces him first.

mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

But the Ring is powerful, and Sauron's deceptions run deep. How much longer will Boromir resist? What would you have me do? He has already guessed what is in Boromir's heart. He is of the kindred of Elros. The Ring can give him power it could give no other Man. He will guard it against the whispers of the Deceiver. I never expected him to flinch from me.

But over both pride and stubbornness Sauron's arts may weave their web.

Gandalf and Galadriel

I have what I need to make arrows, Mithrandir. Would you have had me call myself the Troublemaker? The sound hung in the air and eased the Wizard's heart. They would have need of Elven cheer in the days to come. He tends to have some affection for troublemakers.

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I hope I do not disappoint you. He was delighted that the most legendary of Thranduil's legendary archers thought he had speed and ingenuity. You forget Bilbo Baggins. He dearly loves to talk. He has spent the past weeks filling the Halflings' heads with tales of all their companions. They learnt something of Aragorn on the journey here. Boromir has been teaching Merry and Pippin the rudiments of combat.

Gimli has been teaching them anything they did not already know of drinking too much ale and telling unfortunate stories under its influence. But let me not run away from my point. The Halflings are a little awestruck by you. In Pippin's case, at least, your conversation with him has resolved that problem. He told me that you spoke to him, gave him no counsel, told him stories of things that happened long before he was born, and somehow left him feeling better.

I was happy to reassure him that that is what one must at all times expect of an Elf. It is easier to offer them counsel; they are less frustrating than Elves. The feast will begin soon. A son of the Elven-king cannot be late. She slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow and guided him through the woods. Yet you have not joined in our laments for Mithrandir. I… I cannot sing of it. Her impulse was to trust him. Thranduil was a good king, after all, and a fine warrior. They had their differences, but that was not one of them.

The Elven-king was as strongly opposed to the Enemy as she was herself. Will you journey on with the Fellowship? I sense that Eryn Galen is soon to face the full force of Dol Guldur. Every instinct I have tells me my place is with my father and my realm in this time. One more bow added to the hundreds my Elven-lord has at his service will make little difference.

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For Eryn Galen that is not Mirkwood. For an end to the evil that spews from the Necromancer's fortress. Are they to be trusted? But I trust my companions to fight the corruption of the Ring to the very end. Nobody can ask more of them than that. But not even he would escape its influence if once he used it. I hope he has understood that. Would you still trust him?

Question: Did Mithrandir (Gandalf) and Galadriel have a relationship at one point?

I trust him, as much as I trust any of my companions. They have improved in recent years. For my recent arguments with Gimli I am as much to blame as he is. I let my mind linger on old grievances at the cost of present peace.

We have both gained wisdom. Now that I know his heart I can forgive anything he said to offend me. I trust he will be gracious enough to forgive me as well. Imladris, TA December "My brother should have been here in my stead. The Halflings were gathered by the fireside plaguing Bilbo to tell them a story. Mithrandir was closeted with Lord Elrond, Gimli was doing whatever Dwarves did after dinner when they didn't have caves to skulk in, and Aragorn was out walking with Arwen.

Therefore Boromir must have been addressing him. Boromir laughed with no mirth. He wanted to come here in my stead — that would have suited us both! Faramir has always been fascinated by Elves and their ways. Gandalf has been filling his head with stories all his life.

mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

He would have known how to speak to Elves and what to say… and I would have been happier if I had stayed in Gondor, among Men. Why did you not stay in Gondor, then, and send your brother to Imladris? Your father is King of the Woodland Realm. You must know what it is to do what you must, even when you would rather be… elsewhere.

Your brother is younger than you are. Your brother must be a wise man indeed. He suspected that it had been discovered. I do not…" Boromir paused to drink some more wine. Legolas rather thought he had had too much. I do not imagine he will be pleased.

mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

But Faramir… I think Faramir would approve. As far as the Valar were concerned, Galadriel was still in disgrace, and they would not have wanted her advice. Thank you for the answer!

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It's a conjecture of course, but I think it's a strong one. Each would have almost certainly been aware that the other carried one, and this gives them a stronger connection that Galadriel would not have had with e. Dec 14 '14 at Bear in mind that Gandalf was entrusted with Narya on arrival at the Havens before Saruman made his especial study. And somehow it's about the Lady Galadriel again While I'd originally agreed with the answer by Ernst W.

Adams another Tolkienite I regard very highly and his sentiment that Elvish marriages were unshakeable something I still stand by and that Gandalf and Galadriel were merely friends and comrades in arms. However, upon reading Thomas' answer I had a bit of a change of heart, which I'll try to lay out here. And while this may be an unpopular opinion I'll try to provide sources where Thomas hadn't.

I believe there was some form of intimate relationship between the two. It was certainly platonic due to Tolkien's religious beliefs and the fact that adultery was a sin and would not happen, but whether that would've been different had Tolkien had different views is anyone's guess.

The two Galadriel and Gandalf certainly shared a close bond. As Darth Satan User says they likely spent a large amount of time together as Olorin frequently visited the Gardens of Lorien and there spent time with the Elves who'd returned from the Halls of Mandos, and Galadriel had spent time there before the March of the Noldor.

It's possible that Olorin had encountered Galadriel, especially given her fame as one of the most beautiful elf-maids, given: Unfinished tales Given that Olorin "loved the Elves, he walked among them unseen, or in form as one of them, and they did not know whence came the fair visions or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts.

mithrandir and galadriel relationship trust

Even without interactions in Valinor, the two clearly have a close connection in Middle-earth. The two "shared the joys and burdens of bearing two of the Elvenrings".