Mikasa and levi relationship quotes

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mikasa and levi relationship quotes

Mikasa lived with her parents, until a group of slavers killed them and tried to kidnap her. With the help of Relationship Status single. She is so close Mikasa Ackerman's popularity ranking on CharacTour is # out of 5,+ characters. See our Make a Post. text; image; video; quote; review; question; parody; quiz. Oct 30, Forum > Manga board > Levi and Mikasa's Relationship Kenny and Mikasa's father look similar enough to be related, possibly even siblings, and and thus she and Levi are close relatives.:P. Loading editor. , March 25, Quote. Levi AckermanEren and mikasaArminAnime chartANIME STUFFAll AnimeManga & AnimeA.o.T. CharactersAttack on Titan (Jean)Attack On TitanAnime.

Mikasa might be a near-perfect soldier, but the Titans are incredibly large, strong, fast, and unpredictable. Humanity has been losing the war to them for decades.

mikasa and levi relationship quotes

Personality… stoic, loyal, and deadly. Mikasa rarely shows emotion, even around people that she cares about. She seems to have dedicated her whole life to protecting Eren, perhaps in return for saving her when she was a child. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source.

A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over years. Teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a Colossal Titan that appears out of thin air. As the smaller Titans flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is eaten alive.

Eren vows that he will murder every single Titan and take revenge for all of mankind. No need to waste time taking any of your own.

Let me know when he gets home from school. Levi responds his indirect agreement as soon as she utters the last word. I like your version better anyway. Eren's yelp sounds far too ecstatic when Mikasa returns home with Levi for the first time. Levi clears his throat, and the younger boy's expression darkens with the speed of a blown lightbulb. Did you doubt that your sister could actually find someone?

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Go get all your French homework and books already. She commands as to break Eren out of his pathetic slump, and he reluctantly obeys. As soon as Eren dumps a plethora of indefinite contents between them, Levi's firm hands reach for the pile of messily written flashcards, signaling that this is where their lessons will begin. We will see each other every weekday from now on. He voices nonchalantly while shuffling through the stack, sending an occasional, judgmental gaze at his new student's inferior handwriting.

Across the way, sagging shoulders now droop even further against aged cushions. The words dance with little effort off of a trained tongue. He who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears. Mikasa almost smiles at the utter dread upon Eren's face at the complicated phrase, but as soon as all words are translated the air of tension dissipates.

She cannot help but be impressed at the quick attitude recovery from the teenager right as Levi transitions into vocabulary recitations that sound almost melodic. A part of her desires to stay and absorb the sickeningly smooth rolling of R's that tickle at the unseen corners of her mind, but the priority of her own studies haul both feet towards the privacy of another room.

Heureux, triste, peur… The syllables remain foreign as they fade from her earshot, yet from enunciation alone, Mikasa somehow understands that Levi is naming a myriad of emotions. The detached quality she has come to expect of him suddenly scatters, chased away by a deliverance of sentiments that eventually — and gently - collide with the insipid depths of her psyche. Within unembellished walls she attempts to concentrate on descriptions of metabolic processes, but every mention of beta-oxidation and glycolysis is accompanied by a curiosity of how the complex terms would sound in his native language.

It's obvious that you are related.

mikasa and levi relationship quotes

Levi says dully to her as he departs just before dinnertime. He's just as much of a brat as you are. She shuts the door with purposeful harshness, certain that her brother will soon decry her choice of this intolerable tutor to her face. The expression that greets Mikasa when she returns to the living room, however, is far from hostile. I like this guy.

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The grin on Eren's face is almost unfathomable. He's hard to read and pretty crass, but you know he really cares. A lot like how you are, actually.

Words of disagreement threaten to form in her throat, but she knows he's right. Every afternoon the two of them replicate the journey from one end of campus to the apartment, footsteps never quicker or wider than those of the previous day. Gradually, their conversations lengthen, though the sentences are mostly spoken with few inflections supplementing even the most dramatic of narratives. Five days into the early tutoring sessions, Levi admits to her that he prefers the local airfield on weekends, for that is where he can pilot solo voyages as a form of escapism.

He declares like the philosophers of old. Give me liberty or give me death. She cites an actual passage of old. Too harsh and direct of a message…I prefer them more subliminal. Oddly, he does not restrain his own brutal honesty. Plus, I'd rather be given l'amour over la mort. To Mikasa's paranoia the second set of words virtually sounds like a request, so she refrains from speaking the rest of the way, and Levi does the same - almost.

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She thinks she hears him murmur to the side when the silence finally becomes awkward. Contrary to her initial doubts, her classmate proves to be just as tough as her — if not more so - towards her brother, and Mikasa finds that she enjoys the way they constantly banter about syntax and conjugations, because Eren somehow learns the most when he is aggravated.

Reproaching phrases of similar structure dominate Levi's speech throughout each tutoring session. And cluttered marks of red — used to correct rather than to reward, like their AE professor does — curate plans of reconstruction upon each of Eren's worksheets, for the meticulous one never misses a single grammatical error or misplaced accent.

On Wednesday evenings, she hands Levi new stacks of papers to run through a copying machine, grudgingly allowing for him to collect her detailed notes as his own. Whenever he returns them the next afternoon he always watches her with a strange gaze, but she has no idea why. Weeks pass by without consequence, other than the inexplicable thumping of her heart every time she finds him waiting for her by the Student Union.

MATH becomes Mikasa's bane of existence come mid-April, as an uncharacteristic misprint within her notes causes her to fail an entire test. In the midst of her hyperventilation the semi-charitable professor allows for a second chance via an original makeup exam, but You must "Ace" it to maintain your top position in the class, he stipulates with an unsolicited tease while setting a date for the week after. Her footsteps home become swifter on that afternoon, forcing Levi — who has slightly shorter legs — to keep up by way of jogging.

There is now little time to waste in order for her to relearn all the information accurately, and thus when they arrive, she barely even greets Eren before diving into the stillness of her room. Two nights of vigorous reviewing later her mind begins to somersault into a chasm of numbers, and Mikasa decides she's entirely too exhausted to conduct the usual politeness routine of seeing Levi to the door.

He can let himself out becomes her last thought of the day before most senses blackout and one cheek flattens against the unfriendly desk surface. Moments later, she thinks that there is the faint farewell of I'm leaving, followed by fingertips lingering against her hairline and a whispered mon amour - but she's unsure.

She is only certain that an eventual coverage of warmth around her torso makes her dream of Levi, for the same temperate heat visits her whenever he is close in proximity these days. I put a blanket over you last night, sis. You looked cold in your sleep. Eren only fuels her slight disappointment the next morning. As the dreaded math exam looms closer, Mikasa finds that her eyelids can no longer sustain themselves even during the day. The morning of her reckoning, she dozes off during Aerodynamics for the first time ever, finally unable to withstand the monotonous Powerpoint colors that provide no relief for her fatigue.

She knows that Levi is watching her and that her transcripts are still the key to Eren's success, but with endless math theories plaguing her mind, she can only succumb. The bell rings to signal the end of class, and Mikasa regains consciousness to the sight of fully-inscribed notebook pages, the weary script of her half immediately followed by the perfection of Levi's, who apparently helped her complete her botched task for the day.

mikasa and levi relationship quotes

You now owe me dinner after tonight's lesson as well, Mademoiselle. He writes at the very end, and she almost crumples up all the precious notes then and there.

Ironically, the motivation burning from that instant is what gets Mikasa through the makeup exam later that afternoon. And when she reads the last question, she sighs with relief that Ace shall remain Ace.

mikasa ackerman quotes

The meal of udon and croquettes she conjures up that night seems substantially more delicious than usual, for thoughts of her salvaged math grade serve as the most ideal seasoning of all.

Mikasa hardly pays mind when Levi does not give his own commentary on her culinary skills, even though he had requested the extra seat at their table. The contents of his bowl are totally consumed, and for her that's all that matters.

He does not hesitate to boast when he recognizes the lack of a prepared dessert. But you don't seem to have most of the ingredients for it. I've always wanted to try that, sis! Can we go buy ingredients right now? Puppylike eyes once again beckon her with their usual radiance. Mikasa wants to tell him that they are already out of their food budget for the week, but the words hesitate to fall in the presence of their volatile guest.

I already brought everything. Before her heart is able to divulge concern Levi declares with a shrug, allowing the plastic bag containing heavy cream, extra eggs, and blowtorch to appear in his hands like magic. She can only flush as Eren's howls of excitement echo in their limited space, but she follows them back into the kitchen nonetheless, not wanting to miss the imminent spectacle.

There is marvel, scolding — as Eren almost causes a downright fire - even hints of laughter when the three of them eventually crisp the surface of the confections together. And Mikasa thinks for a moment that this must be what family feels like. But once Levi reprimands against Eren's preferred blowtorch temperature for the twentieth time, the youth audibly grumbles. He states his usual counsel.

mikasa and levi relationship quotes

Befriend those who would be quick to criticize you. She cannot help but wonder who he is actually speaking to, but the curiosity vanishes as soon as Levi indifferently spoons a sample of their creation into her mouth.

The saccharine mixture of crunch and custard feels like pure heaven against her taste buds, and as the tip of her tongue swirls outward to collect any leftover sweetness, she notices how his eyes possess a vague hunger while pursuing every shift of her lips. Just have some of your own if you want it so badly. She dares to point out. Thin eyes, evidently caught off-guard, glance behind him at an ecstatic Eren, who is thoroughly relishing every bite of his share and grinning back at them both.

There is that same hiss to the side before he stuffs his own mouth, and she isn't sure what to make of the moment. Levi volunteers to clean up after, scrubbing countertops and pots until they are practically mirrors to his attentive visage.

Leaning against the kitchen entryway, Mikasa observes his strange compulsion towards removing even the slightest hints of stains, now understanding why his tie is always so terribly pristine. The words are still a struggle to utter when she finally — reluctantly - escorts him out for the evening.

Levi corrects, turning to face her with a casual glance just as he crosses the threshold. You might as well learn some words, too. You couldn't help Eren yourself, after all… Merci beaucoup. Mikasa slams the door as she delivers the more complex variety of the phrase, once again incensed by his ongoing assumptions of her incompetence. Her thoughts race through the years of toil just to keep Eren and herself sheltered and educated, as well as all the lecture notes she has already sacrificed as repayment for this particular predicament.

Her own pride permits neither room nor patience in her heart for such arrogance, she finally decides. His apology sounds from behind the wood just as she stomps away. She almost halts, but no forgiveness follows. The next morning Mikasa receives her first ever confession letter, a nervous scribble of poetry from someone who evidently does not major in literature.

mikasa and levi relationship quotes

But the words from Jean Kirschstein, who sits close to her in PHYSare nonetheless endearing, so when she gets to the request of joint afternoon tea at the end, she feels convinced enough to accept. I am not walking home with you today. She announces to Levi later in the middle of diagramming boundary layers and vortexes, also marking the first time she speaks to him since their clash.

Just knock and Eren will let you in. Is this because of what I said last night? He questions flatly, arms folded a bit tighter than usual. No, it's because I have a date. The silence that ensues between them is somehow deafening. Eren does not hesitate to interrogate when she returns the same evening, and Mikasa perceives the same question in the blue eyes neighboring his greens.

She smiles in victory after tossing out part of her own limited French vocabulary, choosing to neglect the awkward conversations and nervous laughter that had taken place earlier in between sips of tea.

The flash of discontent she detects from Levi is oddly savory. He still waits for her the few walks thereafter, but any exchanges of dialogue are strained at best, and they no longer stride side-by-side past viridian lawns and bricked buildings. Back at home the lessons continue just outside of a locked door, yet she makes the conscious choice to immerse in textbooks and the musical utopia budding from her headphones instead. Each evening, Levi lets himself out.

The subsequent Tuesday, Jean makes the random decision to pick her up after AE When his hand daringly reaches for hers Mikasa does not reject it, and they wander into the hallway in a feigned play of two lovebirds, with the eyes of a single crow staring down their departure.

Thankfully, giving Jean the blessing of her touch also helps him remain oblivious to any noises around them, for a clear provocation soon takes place. I guess I'll just walk to your place by myself from now on.