Menstruation and relationship with women

Can A Woman’s Cycle Affect Her Relationships with Men?

menstruation and relationship with women

This study assesses the influence of menstrual cycle phases and hormones on female sexual interest in both a nonclinical sample of volunteers (n = 18) and. The menstrual cycle has long been considered a “woman’s issue”. This seems logical, since only women have a menstrual cycle, but a woman’s cycle can also significantly affect her partner’s life and the dynamics in general between a man and a woman. Pre-menstrual Syndrome. Lifestyle Header image article main fustany lifestyle love relationships how to deal with a woman on her. August 17, AM | by The Fustany Team.

Alamy What is PMS? Let's start at the beginning.

Men can help women deal with their PMS

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologistsup to 85 per cent of menstruating women suffer with one or more premenstrual symptoms. Typically, the hormonal changes occur in the week before the woman starts her period, during which time the symptoms are likely to continue. Avoiding your partner or burying issues that she raises will mean that you never learn how to cope with her menstrual health challenges in a healthy way.

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Refusing to acknowledge it head-on only leads to you feeling persecuted and her feeling isolated or neglected. Whilst there are things she can do to improve her own experience of PMS, you also have the power to take charge of your reaction to it. Communicate effectively Some aspects of PMS are about perspective, your's and her's.

Women's Feelings Towards Their Partners Change During Different Cycle Periods

The women whose partners were less sexually attractive had scores which dropped one point on seven point scale when they moved from their least fertile periods to their most fertile.

On the other hand, those who mated with sexually attractive men were found to have complete opposite scores.

When these women changed from their least fertile to most fertile time periods, their scores jumped by one point.

menstruation and relationship with women

That isn't the case with women who were mated to particularly sexually attractive men. The closeness of their relationships got a boost just prior to ovulation. However, for this experiment, the investigators, this time round, utilized a better-recognized way of gauging relationship satisfaction.

Women's Feelings Towards Their Partners Change During Different Cycle Periods

They also asked the participants to complete a questionnaire which covered a dimension that the first study had not - pickiness. The survey prompted the women to rate their mates in terms of being thoughtless, emotional, childish, moody, and critical.

Those who were paired with not-so-attractive men were more likely to blame their partners for having these negative characteristics and were less likely, once again, to feel close to their partners during high fertility periods, than the women who were more sexually attracted to their men.

It is possible that we evolved to feel drawn to these visible markers because, at least in the part, they proved to be indicators of good genes.

menstruation and relationship with women

Surprise her with flowers and chocolates. Some roses, chocolates or even a night out at her favorite restaurant is capable of making her feel better in no time!

The ultimate key to deal with a woman on her period is simply lots of pampering! Keep track of her menstrual cycle.

Men: here's a guide on how to behave around your partner when she's on her period

This is by far one of the best ways to deal with PMS. Knowing beforehand when to expect your woman's period will help you figure out the reason why she's being so moody and that you should treat her differently and with care.

Help her out with housework. When a woman relaxes more while on her period, she's less likely to feel pain and contractions.

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In order to deal with your woman on her period the right way, make sure to help her out with her daily housework like washing the dishes, helping out with the laundry or even fixing the bed. Don't make her feel unwanted.