Melancholy and sanguine relationship

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melancholy and sanguine relationship

The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. .. The Melancholy-Choleric may have some difficulty in relationships because they . A good relationship between a husband and a wife makes for a happy home. Sanguine individuals tend to marry melancholy ones and cholerics favor. The melancholic spouse can help the sanguine develop reflection, principles But a sanguine can't be beat when it comes to relationships, communication.

Maybe they both play a musical instrument or sing? They may even connect over appearance. Both these personalities tend to care about their appearances. Sanguines love to shop and often have a flamboyant sytle. This commonality often creates a connection where both parties enjoying shopping, a visit to the salon, or mulling over the perfect outfit to wear for a fun outing. The Challenges Once a sanguine is attracted to a melancholy and visa versa, the reality of their differences is certain to settle in.

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A sanguine decides that his or her beloved melancholy is boring. Personalities can reaasure us that we really ARE with the right person. They are just different. A melancholy, although attracted by the happy-go-lucky side of a sanguine, tends to view life from a more serious perspective. Sanguines tend to see everything through rose-colored glasses, yet need to show a quiet sensitivity when necessary.

A melancholy needs to understand that a sanguine needs fun and lively activities to feel good. That means that the melancholy will need to dig deep to participate in some activities that may not necessarily appeal to his or her tastes, but will be sure to make a sanguine giddy.

And, despite being very scheduled, a melancholy who shows spontaneity now and then, is sure to put a smile on the face and in the heart of the sanguine in their life. It is natural to be drawn to our opposite personalities, but over time those differences often lose their allure and become annoying. Here is an outgoing person that loves to be the center of attention.

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He typically is an unorganized person. What problems could this create in a marriage if he weds a melancholy -- a quiet person who wants everything in order? A phlegmatic mate could also present some problems. This mate is even quieter than the melancholy and does not like to be involved in anything.

melancholy and sanguine relationship

A choleric mate would need to be in control and therefore take the attention from the sanguine to himself. Can you see the problems that might arise? How could some of these potential clashes be avoided?

What might the mate of a sanguine do to promote peace in the home? First, realize that there is nothing wrong with being cheerful and optimistic.

Solomon recorded in Proverbs Next, acknowledge that they need lots of attention. Everyone likes to feel that he is important, but the sanguine feels important when he is center stage.

Third, accept the fact your sanguine mate will never be a neat, organized individual. Though he may try for short periods to be neat and tidy, it is not in his nature. Eventually, he will revert to his sloppy habits. This does not mean he cannot become neater; if he really wants to, he can. However, do not expect him to become a perfectionist. A choleric mate always needs to be in control. If this is the man, that is good.

He will lead the household by making decisions and guiding it the best he can. However, if the wife is choleric, problems could arise. One problem comes from not accepting God's commands. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church: The husband, whether he is a choleric who likes control or not, must assume this role if he is to be pleasing to God. With the Bible as a guide, this matter of authority in the home makes for better understanding between mates.

Another conflict that can arise with a choleric mate surrounds his love for controversy. Many times a choleric individual will argue just to argue. Knowing this, a wise spouse can learn to carefully pick the arguments in which he will participate. For peace, the choleric should learn to control his argumentative nature.

Knowing that a choleric mate is by nature very stubborn can also help avoid hurt feelings and conflict in the home. Melancholy individuals are hard to please.

melancholy and sanguine relationship

Sometimes the mate of such a person may feel rejected and that he is unable to do anything right. This leads to depression and resentment that can destroy a marriage. The spouse of a melancholy should understand that his mate, by nature, sets high standards for himself and those around him. Failing to meet those standards is not a sign of weakness or unworthiness.

The perfectionist tendencies of the melancholy tend to irritate those around him. He deeply wants and needs things to be in perfect order for his peace of mind.

melancholy and sanguine relationship

A spouse who knows this can help the marriage by doing his best not to be a slob and keeping things as orderly as possible. Since this individual sets such high standards, he is very critical of those who do not meet them.

Depression is frequent, usually because he himself cannot meet the standards and because no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get everything in perfect order.

Types of Personalities and How They Affect Relationships

If your mate is like this, work with him to set more reasonable standards and do not take his frequent criticism to heart. The last personality type is the phlegmatic. This individual is unlikely to volunteer for anything.

He will not want to socialize except with a few close friends. A mate who loves to go to social gatherings may feel closed off from others.