Meet and greet ideas for elementary school

meet and greet ideas for elementary school

May 16, The start of a new school year is a key time for any parent group. Starting your meeting with an informal exercise can set everyone at ease and be fun. At Heights Elementary in Sharon, Mass., one meeting began with each or other administrator, this is a perfect opportunity to host a meet and greet in. Jul 17, Greet the children, saying "Hola, amigos" and introduce yourself, giving Cynthia de Leon, Yolanda Heredia, Manatee Elementary School, Naples, Florida . What obstacles do you have and how can you meet your goals?. 49 items Get ready for back to school with these printables, activities, and teaching advice. Our icebreakers Meeting Your Students. Use these resources to.

We learn some very interesting things about one another. This activity reveals commonalities and creates lively conversation! Each student is given a sticker to put on his or her hand upon entering the classroom, but students aren't told what the sticker is for until the time is right! Be sure there is a partner matching sticker for every student. Ask students to find their partners and interview them name, grade, hobbies, etc.

Each interviewer is responsible for introducing each interviewee to the rest of the class. You might find that students find it less threatening when someone else shares information about them than when they are asked to share about themselves.

The bags should contain pencils, name tags, and other items students will need to help get the class organized. Also include a letter introducing yourself, telling of hobbies, etc. The students then empty their bags and decorate the Me Bags with pictures from magazines or drawings that represent themselves. You shoulld already have completed a sample Me Bag with pictures and drawings representing yourself.

meet and greet ideas for elementary school

Students love to hear about their teacher! Then students share their Me Bags to help class members get to know one another. That afternoon, the students take their decorated Me Bags home and put inside any special or important objects. You might share a few items from your bag as examples.

The students keep their objects secret until the next morning when they share with the class. They're very excited to tell about the special things they placed in their bags and why they are special! From this bag can stem some neat writing assignments or coloring activities, depending on kids' ages.

Before preparing or distributing any food in the classroom, make sure you are aware of children's allergies or dietary restrictions and caution children about choking hazards. Bring in Skittles, one of your students' favorite candies for sure! Tell the kids to take as many as they want.

Most are pretty apprehensive -- after all, it's the first day of school! You should take some too. Next, pick out some fun music. For each Skittle they took the students must say one thing about themselves while moving to the music. You demonstrate first, of course.

Each color of candy represents a category students must speak about.

The activity is a real icebreaker, and the kids love it! After that, they feel comfortable, and the class is no longer quiet. During the first circle time activity, have a roll of toilet paper on hand! Explain to the children that they will need this for the next activity.

Keeping Morning Meeting Greetings Fresh and Fun | Responsive Classroom

Tell students that you're going to pass around the roll. Invite students to take as much as they want.

meet and greet ideas for elementary school

One middle school-high school math teacher invites students to "take as much as you need to complete the job. After everyone has had a good laugh over the amount of paper they took, explain how the game works. For every piece of toilet paper the students ripped off, they must tell the class one thing about themselves. Some realize they took quite a bit of toilet paper, but with a little prompting and probing from the teacher, they will find things to share. In the math teacher's class, students have to say what their favorite thing about math is when they get to the last piece.

This activity provides a nice way to find out about students' personalities, families, likes, and dislikes -- and the students really love it!

Have students cut out paper dolls.

Favorite First Day of School Activities!

Each doll is 2 feet tall, and all are alike in the beginning. Then students "dress" their dolls by coloring or making clothes out of fabric, wallpaper, etc. Tell them to leave the face portion blank.

meet and greet ideas for elementary school

While students dress their dolls, I use the digital camera to take pictures of all of them. We crop the pictures so that we see only faces, blow them up to fit the paper dolls, and students glue their faces to the dolls. We laminate them and hang them in the entrance to the classroom across from each child's coat cubby. It is a colorful display, helps kids find thier cubbies, and appears to be a quiet class standing in line.

Students and parents love them! At the end of the year, students take their dolls home. Make cutouts of apples. Cut each apple in a zigzag, like a puzzle piece. Place one side of the piece on each desk in the room.

Classroom Activities to Help Students Make Friends

As the children line up to come into the classroom, give each of them one half of an apple puzzle. The children find their desks by matching the piece they are holding with the rest of the puzzle on a desk. You might find it easier to write a number on the back of each piece; the numbers will help you locate the correct matching apple if a child is having difficulty finding his or her spot. This activity has the children sitting in desks randomly and not with friends.

We pose seven questions students can answer about themselves: What are three things you are good at? What do you like most about your family? What do your friends like about you? Next week, switch to other greetings of the same types. When students find their match, they greet each other. Students sit with their matching partner in the order of an equation, visible to the rest of the circle. Doing the Wave Students stand with one arm extended toward the classmate on either side of them and with palms touching or palms facing but not touching.

You both then raise your arms in a wavelike motion. Sara turns to the student on her left and they greet each other in the same way, with the same motions. Continue in this way so that the wave makes its way around the circle.

meet and greet ideas for elementary school

I want students to have fun, but when we do bouncy, loud greetings, they tend to get silly and forget to take the act of greeting seriously. It helps to focus on engagement rather than entertainment or frivolity. Second, the best learning comes from engagement, which can take the form of deep concentration, even fascination, as well as playfulness and laughter.

So instead trying to make greetings entertaining for students, look for those that will engage them. Here are a couple to try. Spider Web Holding a ball of yarn, a student greets someone across the circle and gently rolls the ball to that person while firmly holding on to the end of the yarn.

The student who receives the ball of yarn greets another student across the circle and rolls the ball to that student, making sure to hold onto the unraveling strand with one hand. This continues until everyone has been greeted and the yarn has created a web across the circle.

To unravel the web, students greet each other in reverse order until the ball of yarn is wound up again. Flightly Flight Give the first greeter a paper airplane. The student being greeted waits until the airplane lands and then retrieves it. Remind students that only the person being greeted retrieves the airplane. He returns the greeting: Repeat until everyone has been greeted.

How can I keep up? One way to gather new greetings is to ask colleagues to share ones their students enjoy.