Medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

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medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

Oookay I just got finished reading medaka box and all I can is I LOVE IT! Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About She is a childhood friend of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, who she strong-arms into Zenkichi is deeply in love with Medaka, though the dynamics of their relationship is different between the. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is a character from the anime Medaka Box. The relationship between Shiranui and Zenkichi is frequently commented on. Medaka Box Season 1 Collection: Andrew Love, Hilary Haag, Shelley What she and her best friend Zenkichi find instead, however, are the first.

In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. However, she is somewhat lacking in practical knowledge, as no one expects her to have the need to understand subjects "below her".

Zenkichi even once describes her as being "so smart she crossed back into stupid". Hitoyoshi Zenkichi is very observant, and his inner monologues provide much of the narration for the series. Zenkichi has been friends with Medaka since they were two, though they apparantly grew apart during middle school. Zenkichi is deeply in love with Medaka, though the dynamics of their relationship is different between the pilot and the actual series.

In the pilot, Zenkichi is unable to admit his feelings though Medaka is aware of themwhile in the main series he openly admits to his friends that he follows Medaka around because he's in love with her.

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Zenkichi is highly determined; despite being only a Normal, he can keep up with Specials and even Abnormals. This guy is awesome like there should be no reason for u not and the fact he went from a normal person to a freaking Badass there's nothing else to say. When she was young she believed that the best geniuses came from a hell-like environment and she grew up hating her great life because of it.

She is a extreme stoic doesn't show her true emotions and likes to study. This weapon is also a one use item, as Myouri does not want to take the time to re-ravel the thread. The Front Six[ edit ] Recognized as the primary members of the Class 13, the Front Six consist of students whose abnormalities became refined and highly developed under the Flask Plan, mostly under the direction of Youka Naze.

Unlike the Plus Six, they are actively involved in the Flask Plan and are the first opponents that Medaka has genuine difficulty attempting to defeat. Because his reflexes allow him to automatically dodge anything, he has never gotten hurt until he fought with Medaka.

His abnormality emerged when he was a child - a car crash killed his family, but his reflexes allowed him to survive unharmed. Since then, he has secretly harbored a desire to be touched, but believes it is impossible because his reflexes instantly prevent contact from others. In the end, Medaka came out victorious because Shigusa's muscles could no longer keep up with his reflexes.

From the day he turned five, Munakata has harboured incredibly powerful homicidal impulses, driving him on to kill anyone and everyone he looks at. Despite this, he knows killing is wrong and learns how to use a vast and diverse arsenal of hidden weapons as a way to keep people at a distance so he would not hurt them. His weapons range from his bare hands to explosives. However, he is not exceptionally skilled at using all his weapons and his true ability lies in his skill at concealing implausible quantities of weapons upon his person to use at will.

Contrary to what is expected, he is even more dangerous when he is unarmed because he gains incredible speed without being weighed down by all his hidden weapons and remains skilled in unarmed combat and assassination techniques.

Hitomi Hitoyoshi

After losing a fight to Zenkichi and finally gaining a friend to relieve his loneliness, his impulses have died down, and he has gained a great deal more control.

His desire to kill is extinguished after he challenges and kills Misogi Kumagawa, who manages to bring himself back to life after regaining his ability "All Fiction. Madoka Yonezawa Japanese ; Cynthia Martinez English Originally a very normal high school girl, Koga desired an abnormal lifestyle and pleaded with Youka Naze to make her life abnormal.

They became "best" friends ever since, and Koga is extremely loyal to Naze and proud of her status as an Abnormal.

As a result of Naze's experiments, Koga gained incredible recovery abilities and had everything unnecessary removed by Naze, though her ability to sense pain was left intact. Akune realizes in his fight against Koga that because she was originally an ordinary human, her super-human strength puts excessive tension on her muscles.

Without her pain system, Koga would have no way of knowing when her muscles were at their limit. To defeat her, Akune utilizes a pinning move that drains all of Koga's energy. She is brutally hurt when Oudo uses his "Unreasonable Taxation" to copy her abilities, though she is saved, and her body is reconstructed by Maguro and Naze. She is the older sister of Medaka and the younger sister of Maguro. While attractive and possessing a strong resemblance to Medaka, she favors concealing her face behind bandages and embeds a knife in her forehead because she dislikes the attention her face attracts.

As Naze, she was once a classmate of Akune. Disgusted with the lack of dissatisfying elements in her life, the burdens of having a loving family and similarly extraordinary abilities, she became extremely stoic and driven to find something to make her miserable in life. Unable to achieve this goal, she ran away and erased her memories to become "Youka Naze".

Naze has little interest in the Flask Plan, using it only to further her scientific experiments on becoming normal. The only thing she truly values is her "best friend" Koga, the only person not to be intimidated by her overwhelming abnormality. Naze's abnormality appears to be analysis, similar to her brother, and an understanding of biology that allows her to remodel her body in short periods of time. Her preferred weapons are syringes.

Despite her disagreeable personality and tendency to complain, she and Koga willingly aid the Student Council after Class 13 is disbanded. Naze volunteers to take the position of Vice-President in order to complete the necessary numbers to counter Kumagawa's challenge and threatens Zenkichi into allowing her to train him for the General Manager's battle. She comes to recognize Kikaijima, Akune, and Zenkichi as people who genuinely care about her and after defeating Shibuki in the Secretary's battle, Naze is able to reconcile with her younger sister.

She displays both Yandere and Tsundere traits, such as threatening Zenkichi while offering him help and being gruff when she offers to become the Vice-President.

Kana Asumi Japanese ; Meg McDonald English A small masked boy who is usually seen around Oudo, Yukuhashi's abnormality is to feel the emotions of other people so strongly that it is as though he is reading their minds.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

The downside to this power is he is so in tune to others' emotions that he even feels their fatigue and pain. Because he could not control his own powers, he was being driven almost insane by the constant babble of the thoughts of all the people and machines around him.

His abnormality is considered the polar opposite of Oudo; while Oudo can be thought of as a transmitter of electromagnetic waves, Yukuhashi is a receiver for electromagnetic waves. Upon meeting Oudo, all he heard in his head was silence due to Oudo's overwhelming projection of himself; because he had finally found peace and quiet, Yukuhashi has stuck to Oudo ever since.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

Because his ability allows him to feel his opponent's feelings, Yukuhashi prefers not to physically fight and resorts to mental manipulation and tactics to win.

He takes a special interest in Medaka right from the start and wishes for her to be his wife. His abnormality can be described as mind-control because he is able to send electromagnetic waves into his opponent's brain.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

With this ability he has able to force other to obey his commands, which he usually limits to making people bow in his presence. Despite the extraordinary extent of his powers, he has been unable to control them and they have warped his sense of self.

Oudo's abnormality manifests as two distinct abilities involving his ability to emit electromagnetic waves. The first is described as "Weighted Words", which allow him to transmit electromagnetic waves to seize control of the physical actions of others by issuing a spoken command and brainwashing others from physical contact.

His second ability is known as "Unreasonable Taxation," allowing him to completely steal another person's abnormality, completely taking it by copying the electromagnetic wave patterns of another person.

While they were brought together as the original foundation for the Flask Plan, Naze notes that their inherent attitudes mean that they have little interest in actually furthering the plan's completion.

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However, they elect to help stall the Student Council and their allies to stall for time during Oudo and Naze's plan to brainwash Medaka. Unzen remarks that Itoshima, along with Hyakuchou, is particularly exceptional among the Plus Six and not the type that should be challenged lightly. Because of their implied strength, it is suggested that either Itoshima or Hyakuchou is the leader of the Plus Six.

Her abnormality appears to allow others to pierce into her body without harming her. Unzen notes that Hyakuchou and Itoshima are exceptional members of the Plus Six and cautions against making the first move against them. Hyakuchou's abilities seem to be related to using an archery bow. She speaks with a Kansai accent. He feels disgusted being near normals and would think nothing but of getting rid of them.

He is capable of melting iron with his fingers.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship quiz

She regards normals, or ordinary people, as trash. Class [ edit ] Once the Flask Plan was destroyed, the Headmaster put his own personal version of the Flask Plan into action. Selecting students with negative outlooks and corresponding abnormalities, Class was born. The class consists entirely of Minuses: More unusually and specifically, they actually seem to enjoy being that way, hence are usually smiling and appear to have masochistic tendencies.

Centered around Misogi Kumagawa, their stated aim is to create an entirely equal society where nobody would possess any distinguishing special abilities, though they lack any sort of direction as to how to achieve the goal. Though most members seem borderline homicidal and willing to use underhanded means, they are actually mostly good-hearted individuals. Zenkichi regards her as his best friend; he is apparently the only person who can get along with her and somewhat control her.

Even though she is the smallest of the main characters, Shiranui has a very large appetite and is constantly seen eating. She has a knack for finding clandestine information with ease, knowing about most things that would seem to be vague details, and is unusually perceptive. Normally, she is a very cheerful girl but she is shown to have a dark side and is brutally tactless. Shiranui harbors a hidden resentment against Medaka and claims she has no friends and, unlike the other abnormals, does not desire them.

Because of the antagonism that exists between them, Medaka initially asks Shiranui to become the Vice President of the Student Council, though Shiranui refuses. While she prefers to remaining on the sidelines observing and is extraordinarily capable of removing herself from any danger, Shiranui elects to join Class after encountering Kumagawa. Furthermore, Zenkichi was able to utilize his own terror to "feel Kumagawa's disgusting existence" through his skin, even if his opponent kept silent. Without his brain needing to process visual information, Zenkichi can become stronger and faster, which has been referred to as his "Artificial War God Mode.

Instead of becoming paralyzed, he trembles even more in order to perform a powerful, ground quaking stomp. Abnormalities Zenkichi with Parasite Seeing activated.

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During his near death, Zenkichi's eyesight was restored after Kumagawa blinded him with All Fiction by Ajimu, who passed on her ability Parasite Seeing to him.

Zenkichi's now enhanced vision grants him the ability to see what others see through their own eyes. This also allows him to see how others view the world and understand how they think.

When he activates Parasite Seeing, Zenkichi's eyes turn red, with glowing pupils. Zenkichi's personal skill, created by Hanten.

Devil Style nullifies any coincidence; the skill prevents the whims of fate from interfering with a battle. Ajimu states that this ability is the opposite of a conventional main character; it degrades the hero, as they are usually just really lucky.

Ajimu labels Devil Style as an ability that will render all the main characters that came before Zenkichi relics of the past.