Maine mendoza and alden relationship test

Alden Richards finally reacts to leaked photos of Maine Mendoza & Arjo Atayde

maine mendoza and alden relationship test

Posts about Maine Mendoza written by unicohombre. Alden gave Maine five gifts representing the letters in her name. have sent die hard fans into a frenzy finally seeing the duo taking their relationship to the next level. .. That was to test Maine's fortitude to her character as the snobbish Yaya Dub when shown that her. Actor Alden Richards gave few words about the rumored relationship of Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde. - It can be remembered that some. Maine Mendoza hopes fans give her freedom certain fans' obsession about her real relationship with Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza recently . Arsenal, Man City double header tests Liverpool's new tag as title favourites.

Do you still remember the good ol' days?

maine mendoza and alden relationship test

Back when things are so not complicated? Still worth remembering up to this time.

maine mendoza and alden relationship test

Telling me I am not supposed to feel that way because I am "rich and famous". Telling me I have no right to be sad and hurt because I have everything a person could ask for. Judging, blaming and getting mad at me for expressing what I truly feel just because you do not agree and it is inconvenient for you. Dictating me what I should feel and should not feel.

It's Official: Maine Finally Said 'Yes' To Alden!

Those who say I do not have to feel happy but I am blessed and I must thank them and they are because "I do not have them". And I have the Lord and the people who helped and supported me along the way to thank for that. I just could not take how some people feel so entitled in so many things, not just career, ultimate personal life.

Sometimes I ask myself, who really did me? Is God or them? Do they own my entire life to dictate me in almost everything? How much should you love the person? Will you try to control according to your wishes? Because you think that's right? Because you think he'll be happy? To say that he is very good looking is an understatement but more significantly, he is a man of substance regarded by many as kind, God-fearing and a gentleman personified.

He is highly successful in his craft and one of the best young actors around.

Maine Mendoza Finally Reveals Real Relationship Status With Alden Richards

The last time Richard had a girlfriend was in high school. Very little is known about his previous girlfriends. He likes a girl who is simple and unpretentious and shies away from someone who is high maintenance, loud and vociferous.

His previous showbiz crushes reflect his weakness for va va voom girls, the alluring type that makes men weak at the knees.

Maine Mendoza's Fans React To Her Relationship With Juancho Trivino

Needless to say, Richard is in an enviable position in terms of choices for a partner. The ocean is teeming with all sorts of fishes, beautiful, colourful, attractive, young and old species alike. The selection is vast and wide and all he has to do is to take a pick. The Array Photo credit: Anne Curtis — Richard has been vocal about his admiration for Anne, a half-Filipino and half-Australian actress.

maine mendoza and alden relationship test

No doubt Anne is a looker with a hot body to boot. As Anne is in a serious relationship with a non-showbiz guy, she is out of the equation for now.

Joey de Leon, RELATIONSHIP sa pagitan ng Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza ay natatangi sa PAGMAMAHAL

Sam is currently off the market being in a relationship with an athlete. Patricia Tumulak — she is a beauty queen, model and noon time show TV host. She rocked the AlDub boat when rumours floated that Richard was courting Patring in real life. She vehemently denied the rumours and is a strong supporter of AlDub. Patricia is currently being paired with one of her co-hosts in Eat Bulaga. Despite the denials it is quite obvious that Patricia fits the bill based on the profile of girls that Richard has been attracted to in the past.

Julie Anne San Jose — is a young actress and singer previously linked to Richard.

Maine Mendoza – Musings of a Solo Mum

They were close friends for a while until they had some sort of a falling out. In an interview inJulie Anne reluctantly admitted that she had a crush on Richard. This caused a huge brouhaha to the AlDub nation. The director later on retracted his statement and claimed that it was only said in jest.

However as they say, when there is smoke, there is fire.

maine mendoza and alden relationship test

Her winning the Miss Universe pageant is a testament that Pia is beauty and brains not to mention that svelte figure that beauty queens are made of. Maine Mendoza — from a virtual unknown, Maine came to prominence via her Dubsmash videos. Her charm is inexplicable probably having the elusive X factor is the best way to describe her appeal in a nutshell.