Love and relationship tips facebook advertising

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love and relationship tips facebook advertising

So here are tips from Facebook on how companies can advertise to the Single people love “experiences” so it's wise to sell them on the idea of travel or new I don't remove this sweatshirt until I'm back in a relationship. Before we jump into publishing content and boosting posts with advertising, Before you share it with others, Facebook will give you four tips for building .. your content and may choose to like your Page to continue the relationship. .. Take note of people who “love” your content -- they are likely good brand evangelists. We added design tips spanning elements of copywriting, visual For Agencies, we address managing Facebook Ads more quickly and with better results. . to buy your product, give out their email address, or establish any relationship. . When you see other people talking about how much they love a.

You can pick a post that has already generated tons of shares, click-throughs, and interactions. In other words, you know it works. Now, simply boost it to reach thousands of new people. You can choose to promote it to people who already like your page, or reach out to new people.

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The beauty of a boosted post is that you already know it produces results. Not every advert needs to be focused on sales. In fact, studies show that we tend to tune out blatant adverts. Instead, look for other ways to obtain value from your advert.

One option is promoting an event. As an e commerce owner, events are a fantastic way to grow brand awareness. Perhaps you could host a product launch event in your area. If you own a fashion store, you could host a catwalk event, or sponsor a clothing event. If you run a jewelry shop, you could host a workshop in your local area.

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Then use a Facebook event to build awareness for it. Strengthen your brand identity instead This is another great way to advertise without actually selling anything. Take North Face, for example. They are an outdoor and adventure store. Yet, their adverts focus on strengthening their brand identity rather than directly selling.

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In the long-run, they will build their customer base, and strengthen their brand loyalty with this form of advertising. Rather than using the simple box format, Facebook now let you create a personal call-to-action.

Yet, it will drastically increase your click-through-rate. You can also enter your own custom call-to-action. This will actively drive your customers to click, and boost your potential sales. Targeting Facebook has the unique ability to offer niche advertising. It records the demographic and location data of most of its users. It also collects their interests, hobbies, and jobs. All of which are super useful for ecommerce owners.

However, there are some even more powerful ways to target your adverts. Here are a few simple ideas.

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Target your website visitors Many shop owners instinctively use Facebook ads to reach out to new customers. You just need to remind them!

Using Facebook adverts, you can remind them about your website, and strengthen your brand identity in their mind. You place it on your website, so Facebook can gather information about who visits your site. Now, Facebook will target users who have already been on your website. Target Life Events Certain businesses thrive on selling products and services to people who are going through particular life situations.

For example, a moving company obviously targets people who are transitioning from one residence to another. A funeral home seeks to connect with people who've had a death in the family or who are dealing with terminally ill loved ones.

A wedding planner targets people who are engaged or in serious relationships. Well, Facebook has done it once again. With timelines, Facebook knows what's going on with its users. Whether that's getting a new job, starting a new relationship, moving to a new country, or having a baby, Facebook relays that information to advertisers and allows them to display appropriate ads.

love and relationship tips facebook advertising

As an advertiser, don't ignore the advantage of life events targeting. It's a feature that very few advertisers attempt to use, but one that can produce phenomenal results. Geography Makes a Major Difference While local businesses will obviously want to target certain geographical areas, ecommerce businesses and national brands should find this feature valuable as well.

love and relationship tips facebook advertising

Using Facebook's location information, you can target countries, states, cities, zip codes, and even individual neighborhoods. This comes in handy if you sell seasonal or regional products. For example, a beachwear company advertising bikinis has to be careful about which areas it targets based on the time of year. A February advertisement aimed at Miami residents will be much more effective than one delivered to a group of New Yorkers.

Without differentiating your target audience based on geography, the same ad would be shown to both groups. Give Remarketing a Try After you've run a few different campaigns and familiarized yourself with the different targeting features, you may want to try Facebook remarketing.

It's cost-effective and feature-rich.

love and relationship tips facebook advertising

Target Advertisers — Page Owners and all type of businesses. Perfect if you are selling a desktop application. Use Facebook Seasonal And Events Targeting to reach audience that has engaged with content related to the mega sporting event.

They are most likely to interact with your app, if their friend is already doing it. Target Advertisers — Any business that is looking for a very unique set of people.

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