Log horizon shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

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log horizon shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

Novel Quote ” Ever since the day Shiroe saved Akatsuki, she had because nothing was happening with any updates from log horizon so i. Minori confessed to Shiroe and got rejected, and Shiroe mentions he has someone else in mind. Akatsuki/Shiroe has gotten heavily pushed in the new volumes. It's about how they develop through the problems, trials, and. This is the character sheet for the light novel and anime Log Horizon. Whenever possible, the entries below use the spellings used in the books, rather than the.

There are a few minor exceptions: Henrietta is trying to hide her real name of Umeko, and I doubt that Crusty is using his real name. Akatsuki is unable or unwilling to break out of the role as she also falls for Shiroe. To me this speaks of a young woman with problems she was dealing with through gaming.

So whatever those problems are, they are probably festering away behind the shell. This is the final reason that the harem elements of the festival arc annoyed me: Akatsuki has enough problems snaring Shiroe without having to contend with rivals.

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The Finale I will briefly mention that the final episode would be unforgiveable without the announcement of the second season of Log Horizon. The finale deliberately introduces new elements that will be major plot arcs, and doing so without a follow-up coming would have incited screams of rage across the internet. As it is, the finale established just how much story is left in Log Horizon and had me cheering at the announcement. The Verdict Despite that one weak patch Log Horizon Season 1 remains one of the best anime ofand is likely to be a strong contender for the best anime of Thoroughly recommended, and thoroughly rewatchable.

The final point is that whilst I initially disliked the opening credits, I do quite like them now. So here is the OP in all its spoileriffic glory: The West Wind Brigade is a running gag in the 2nd half, and always good for a laugh.

Log Horizon Fun Facts | Confession

A socially awkward engineering graduate student who has been playing Elder Tale for almost eight years, Shiroe was the strategist of the long-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party, an informal non-guild group of elite players who completed high level group quests known as Raids.

Shiroe had strong reservations about joining guilds until, in the aftermath of the Apocalypse and the ensuing despair, he decided to create a place for himself and his friends, leading to the establishment of Log Horizon. Shiroe organizes Akiba's Round Table council after executing a highly complex plan to seize control of the Guild Building in Akiba, giving him control over the players' and guilds' assets, as well as allowing him to imprison criminal guilds in their headquarters by denying them access to the building.

His main class is "Guardian", allowing him to use heavy armor and weapons along with powerful defense spells to protect him and his companions as well as various trap spells to deal intense damage, while his secondary class is "Border Patrol". He calls himself an "open pervert", claiming that unlike some men he doesn't hide his perverted nature from others and is very proud of that fact. He has a tendency to get on Akatsuki's bad side with his perverted comments and a running gag is their confrontations usually ending with him getting a knee to the face, before she asks Shiroe for permission to do so.

In the real world, he worked as a salaryman. Her secondary class is "Tracker", which enhances her assassin skills with stealth and detecting abilities.

She was initially acquainted with Shiroe after having partied with him to complete quests prior to the Apocalypse, albeit using a male avatar. With Shiroe's help she changes her avatar's gender to avoid complications. Despite appearing to be a pre-teen, she is a college student like Shiroe.

log horizon shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

After Shiroe helps her, she starts referring to him as her "Lord" and joins his party, claiming that it is out of gratitude but it is later shown that she is infatuated with him. She has a violent relationship with Naotsugu because of his "open pervertedness" and usually resorts to pre-emptive violence to stop his perverted comments before they can be spoken.

His subclass is chef, which allows him to make delicious foods using ingredients, which is quite a reprieve from the tasteless pre-made food that is offered in Elder Tale, and ends up being an important plot point.

Before the Apocalypse he was part of a guild called "The Cat Food Guild", which was composed solely of cat people. It disbanded after their house caved in due to bad weather. His class is "Samurai", a tank class capable of using heavy armor and weaponry and casting special spells to increase his performance that must be used with caution due to their long cooldown time, as well as using techniques that, while flashy, do little damage and are solely meant to pull the attention of enemies away from his allies.

When Tohya and his sister first met Shiroe, Tohya immediately started pestering him with questions on how to gain skills. He views Shiroe as a role model due to not only his strength and knowledge, but also his cool and kind personality. While Minori is shy and gentle, Tohya is very brash but it is clear he greatly cares for his sister.

When Tohya and his sister were trapped in the unethical guild Hamelin, he often wondered what Shiroe would do in that situation. After they were rescued by Shiroe and his friends, Tohya joins Log Horizon with his sister and now tries to emulate Shiroe when faced with challenges.

In the real world, Tohya was struck by a car in an accident which left him near dead. He was able to recover, however the accident left his lower body completely paralyzed.

However, if grouped with an excellent team, just like Naotsugu and Akatsuki, the Enchanter's vast repertoire of crowd control skills can be fully utilized, thus turning it into a very fearsome character, as the unlucky player killers in Episode 2 can attest to. Shiroe's vast knowledge of the Elder Tale game helped a lot of people out, as he reveals in Episode 3.

Then he finds out that they mostly want him for his extensive knowledge of various parts of the game, and is one reason why he shunned being in a guild.

Akatsuki & Shiroe Relations – Comparing anime and light novels

The sole exception was DTP, who wanted him just because they want to have fun adventuring together, which he seems to like. This massive storehouse of in-game knowledge also has a practical use during battles. Given the name Full Control Encounter, Shiroe can can predict the remaining MP, items, available skills, skills on cooldown, etc.

He's this among the Landers as well. Historical documents lists him as a year-old Archmage. It's mentioned very briefly in season 2, episode 12 that Akihabara itself only exists because of a raid he was a part of which created it.

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Has this reputation among the general PC population. Hence the nickname "Villain in Glasses". Shiroe is a master strategist who leads Log Horizon to gain the reputation of a legendary guild. The guild's strength lies in their ability to work together in perfect coordination in accordance with Shiroe's exceptional planning skill.

log horizon shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

While boredom drives other players to PKing, he decides to assist a guild that's missing a member. Got Me Doing It: Adjusts his glasses so much that it rubs off onto characters who don't even have glasses.

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Hero with Bad Publicity: While his skill with planning is acknowledged by veterans in Akihabara, Shiroe's reputation among the general adventurer population isn't that good, where the perception that he's an In-Universe Magnificent Bastard overrides whatever good intentions he might have had during a particular event.

It gets so bad that, by Book 5 and the later episodes of the anime, Minori makes it her responsibility to salvage Shiroe's reputation. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good.

For all his vast knowledge and skill, he can't dance. At Eastal's ball, Henrietta had to use her bard skills to prevent him from embarrassing himself. In episode 9 of season 2, he sees his past self sitting on a park bench alone at night while in the spirit world.

He mentions that he was fairly intelligent for someone his age, but that also meant he distanced himself from other people. Sometimes accidentally, and sometimes deliberately because he couldn't, or didn't want to relate to them. He then realizes that he's still doing it in the game, and despite others trying to help him, he's still not fully trusting them or sharing his feelings about various things to them.

log horizon shiroe and akatsuki relationship problems

Shiroe was formerly the head tactician of Debauchery Tea Party. After being trapped in the game he acts as de-facto leader of his party and eventually becomes the leader of his own guild.

Episode 9 of season 2 shows that he was one in real life as he sees his past self sitting on a park bench at night to help him get over his troubles.

The City of Akihabara

He also starts to realize that he's still pushing people away, and decides that he needs to trust his friends and companions more. Acts like one towards Reynesia in order to deliberately cause her to hate him so Krusty can help her out. As a Scribe, he can create magical contracts using special ingredients. The more powerful the ingredients, the more powerful the contract.